Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations


Fernando arrived at the hospital shortly after he had visited home on his way back from another training session. Olalla's suspicions were getting worse which worried the female Spaniard. Today he was left shocked to see that his wife had made all the family a fancy dinner but for the fourth time that week, Fernando told Olalla he was going straight to the hospital yet again. She sulked into an unhappy mood as she watched him leave. Olalla eventually sat at the dining table eating her dinner along with Nora and Leo and she sighed. Olalla just about had enough of Fernando. It irritated her how he'd spend more time at the hospital rather than be at home with the three of them and he knew exactly why. Because of her Olalla scolded in her mind.

She glanced at the kids who were eating soundly across from her. Leo played around with his food and he looked up to his mother with a pout on his face. "Mama, don't want to eat."

"You have to eat something Leo." Olalla scowled.

"Ava." His sweet voice mumbled. Leo's fidgeting caused Nora to stop herself eating and soon she had caught on to her brothers behavior.

"Quiero papá." Nora muttered.

"Both of you enough! Continue your eating now por favor." Olalla warned them but she sighed in annoyance when they still didn't comprehend. This was their fathers fault and she knew she couldn't win against them. Olalla didn't want to give them the satisfactory either. "Está bien, we'll go to the hospital."

The children both grinned and ran off together to fetch their coats while the anger still burned within their mother.


A few days earlier, Ava had awakened from her peaceful slumber in the early hours of the morning. When she finally came through, Latoya heard Ava mumbling Fernando's name. The brunette rang the footballer straight away and the Spaniard arrived at the hospital within minutes. Fernando had scolded Ava and told her how stupid she was for being so careless.

Today Ava was being released and she couldn't have been more happy to leave. Fernando sat by Ava's side and held her hand as the doctor came in for her final injection before she could go. Ava hated needles and she glared at the doctor who appeared in the room carrying the syringe. Dr.Cameron inserted the needle into her arm and Ava looked away in disgust. Fernando laughed silently and Ava glanced across to him.

"Not funny Nando, I generally do hate needles."

"Well luckily enough for you, this is your last one." Dr.Cameron informed her as he smiled generously at Ava before removing the needle from her arm. The last thing for him to do was to check Ava's file and then she could go.

"It seems you are ready to leave, so the only thing I advise you to do now is to take it steady until everything fully heals," Ava nodded understandably. "You will need to come back in four days time so we can change your stitches but for now, you're free to go." He smiled. Ava sighed in relief and said her goodbyes to Dr.Cameron as he left the room leaving Ava and Fernando alone.

Ava jumped up from where she sat and Fernando walked till he was stood in front of her. He gazed down at her with so much affection and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I could have lost you."

""I know," Ava whispered. "I was selfish and I was angry; I'm sorry I didn't listen to you when I should have, I'm sorry I left on my own when I perfectly knew the dangers but I'm mostly sorry for hurting you because I knew you'd never forgive me for it."

"Is that honestly what you think?" Ava let out a shaky breath before she nodded in reply to Fernando's question. His shoulders slumped and he gently cupped her cheeks as she started to weep.

"Ava, I could never do something like that, not to you especially. Of course I was mad but that was because you got yourself severely injured. If it's anything, I'm mostly proud of you."

Ava's head tilted and her eyes looked down to the floor. She blushed slightly in embarrassment and she could tell Fernando was grinning. His left hand lifted her chin up so she was staring deep into his eyes. Fernando pressed his lips delicately against hers and she instantly smiled into the kiss. Ava winded her arms around his neck and buried her fingers into his hair. Fernando's hands made their way to Ava's hips and he gripped them tightly, pulling her into him.

Before the kiss got rougher, Ava pulled away but leaned her head against Fernando's while she tried to contain her breath. It had been so long since they'd shared the love for each other, to feel one another once again.

"¿Qué han hecho para mí?" Fernando groaned and Ava smiled in return.

"Why don't we leave her and finish this off somewhere else." The blonde muttered seductively.
Fernando smirked and gave out a laugh.

"Su lugar o mina." Ava whispered against his lips causing Fernando to let out a small moan.

"We can't Ava, your injuries."

"That wouldn't stop you now though would it?"

Fernando was about to agree and give in to Ava until the sound of a door closing with a bang startled them both, making them break apart. When they turned to see who'd entered the room, they were shocked to see Olalla standing in front of them with a furious look on her face. Ava's eyes suddenly went to the floor while Fernando's eyes widened in shock.
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¿Qué han hecho para mí? - What have you done to me?
su lugar o mina - your place or mine?

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