Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Secrets Out

Olalla glared at the blonde in disgust and she pursed her lips ready to give Ava an earful. Fernando couldn't tell whether his wife were really showing her true colors or whether she was faking it.
"Ava, care to enlighten by explaining to me as to why you were all over my husband?" Olalla raged. Fernando flinched at her anger and then looked to Ava beside him who shook from nervousness. It was nostalgia all again for her, like the time Israel had caught Ava self harming in the bathroom and he demanded an explanation immediately but this time it was different. She was caught seeing a married man. When Ava didn't speak, Olalla became impatient. "I'm waiting," she called, sighing in irritation.

"I-I was thanking him, for all he's done this week. He's been very helpful and I, um I got caught up in the moment."

"Oh really?" Olalla asked letting out an shrill cry. "Liar!" She shouted, the laugh completely vanished now. Fernando shook his head. He'd just about had enough.

"Leave her out of this Olalla, it's not her fault. If it's anyone's, it is mine, I'm the one to blame."

"No Fernando don't-" Ava tried to pull him back but he pushed her away and turned to face her.

"I'm not gonna let you take the fall for this."

"Aw Fernando, always such a gentleman. I can see why you fell for him Ava, isn't he such a darling?-"

"Don't touch her." Fernando snarled as Olalla just about came near to Ava.

"Ooh, protective are we?"

"I don't trust you." He confessed.

"What ever happened to the love Fernando? We were so great together and then she came along, ruining everything."

"That she, has a name." Ava spat.

"She feisty, I can see why you like her Fer."

"I don't like her." He paused looking right at his wife. "I love her." The smile that appeared on Olalla's face before Fernando had declared his love for Ava had vanished as those three words took a beating. She swallowed hard while her heart stung.

"You love her? She's what, 6 years younger than you, she's nothing but a child-"

"A child?" Fernando snarled. "She's been through things you can't even imagine. I've never known such a brave person who'd stand up for their parents and sacrifice themselves to save them. She's shown me the light when everything went dark and I could no longer go on. She gave me hope where I could finally stand up for myself, she gave me strength to carry on, to prove myself to those who looked down upon me. Ava gave me love unlike no other where I could properly feel appreciated. I have more of a connection with her than what I did have with you. I trust her with my life. She never gave up on me, she was always there to support me when I struggled through the bad times. She'd pull me back up again when I failed so no Olalla, I can guarantee you, Ava is not a child."

Fernando heard sniffling coming from next to him and when he looked, he saw Ava close to tears as she looked at him with so much love. She couldn't believe he'd said such nice things about her. Olalla rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips. "Not everyone can have their happy moments Fernando." She said. Fernando went still as he gawped at Olalla. "You remember the court case don't you?"

"Court case? Fernando, what is she talking about?"

Olalla broke out into laughter. "You mean you didn't tell her?"

"Tell me what?"

"If you won't tell her, I will." She warned.

"Are you threatening me?" Fernando asked outstanding. Olalla just ignored him.

"Fernando g-"

"No!" He snapped at his wife. Olalla closed her mouth immediately and Fernando studied himself before he was about to explain. "I fought custody for Nora and Leo and I lost." Ava inspected his eyes to see whether he were telling the truth but she found it impossible to tell.

"He's lying." Olalla told Ava. She looked to her husband with a smirk and Fernando only glared back.

"What did you do?" Ava asked him. He wouldn't bare to look at the girl. It pained Fernando to tell her the truth.

"I gave up full custody when I asked for a divorce."

"What? Please tell me you're joking," When Fernando shook his head in shame, Ava looked at him appallingly. "How could you do something like that? Are you insane?"

"Because I believed her," The male Spaniard yelled. "Olalla always gets what she wants and it seemed like a good idea at the time."

"That still doesn't give you the right to leave them, you're their father,"

"It's not like I'm around half of the time anyway," Fernando said hollowly. "I play professional football, some days I'm here, some days I'm not. She told me I'd be able to see them whenever I had a break and it sounded like a fair deal so I agreed."

"Well I can't let you do this, it's wrong. Olalla, please you can’t do this," Ava begged. "They can’t grow up without a father."

"Oh, it's too late now. The case finalized a month ago."

"Seriously? By who? I'll go and see this person myself if I have to, to rearrange this pathetic settlement."

"Oh that won't be necessary Ava, you see, he won't be around for a very long time." Olalla smirked again. She emphasized the word 'long' as if she was hinting something to her and Ava soon figured it out. Ava realised that in return for helping William, Olalla offered him to help her by securing the deal she had made with Fernando. She manipulated her husband to get what she wanted, just like Fernando had said perfectly.

"I can make the decisions around here now, so really, Fernando can see Nora and Leo whenever he likes." Olalla said, folding her arms across her chest. "But only on one condition."

"Which is what?" Fernando asked.

"You choose us and you can say goodbye to blondie here."

“Well you can forget that, she’s not going anywhere,” Fernando said firmly. Ava took one small step back, and then another staring at Olalla, to Fernando and then down to the floor. She bit her lip and fought back the tears that were trying to escape again. Fernando glanced back to Ava and his face became intense. “Don’t you dare,” he growled at her. She looked at him sadly.

"Do you remember back at the lake house, when I told you something important?" She asked. Fernando knitted his eyebrows as he thought back.

"You said in the end, I'd have to choose between the one of you."

"I was wrong, you don't have to choose at all because I'm gonna make this easier for you." Ava took her bag from Fernando and slung it around her shoulder. His face pained when he came to terms on what she was doing.

"No! Wait-Ava you can't" He cried out desperately.

"We were unlucky and as much as it pains me, I have to let you go."

"“I can’t lose you, Ava. Please, don’t do this, don't go.”

"Go with your family and be happy. Keep strong Fernando and don't lose your faith. Always believe in yourself because I'll always believe in you." Ava's voice cracked as tears spilled from her eyes and she walked past him and then past Olalla who had an smug expression on her face like she'd won first prize in a competition. That's how she had treated Fernando, like he was some sort of prize. Ava honestly felt sad for him. Turning back, she scowled at the brunette.

"I only have one last thing to say to you Olalla and it's that you’re a manipulative bitch who only thinks she's the most perfect woman by putting everyone down because it’s the only way you can feel good about yourself and I know you envy me; I pity you because I am the person you want be most but you aren't and you never will be; You and I both know why, you just can't accept the fact that Fernando is happy at last and you don't appeal to the idea of him loving someone else, well newsflash for you, he is and he does and I know no matter what, he'll always love me whether I'm gone or not." Ava finished and she took a deep breath before she turned to Fernando who looked speechless. "This isn't the last of me, I can guarantee that." She whispered to him and he smiled warmly despite feeling a little hurt.

Ava stumbled out of the hospital room and hobbled off down the hall. She sighed in relief as the heavy weight lifted off her shoulders. Ava didn't have to lie or hide anymore. She didn't have to pretend. As she came nearer to the end, she spotted two people who gleamed happily at her, waiting for her patiently. Ava smiled instantly while the tears still stung her eyes. Knowing she had lost someone she loved but still had the people around that appreciated her was more than enough for now.
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