Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

New Home

It didn't take long for Fernando to drive himself and Ava back to the house. The airport was only 20 minutes away. During the car journey, Ava and Fernando spoke about all kinds of things. He asked her about her flight, her interests, the things she enjoys doing in her time and overall, her life in Spain. In just under an hour, he had learnt very much about her. Ava thought it was best to not mention Israel seeing as the Spaniard could get restless and may ask a lot of questions.

It was getting late and Ava was starting to get hungry. She hadn't eaten since the flight. She was soon enough pleased when they finally arrived at the house. As Ava got out of the Audi car, she was in awe looking up at the house. She had never seen a house so big and wonderful. Compared to the Torres house she lived in, this one was far bigger. Fernando thought this was amusing as he watched in wonder as he fetched her belongings from the trunk and then stood next to her.

"So, what do you think?" Fernando asked bringing Ava slightly of out of her gaze. His voice startled her as she jumped a little to the left.

"Oh,'s lovely." Ava replied. She looked from the house and then to Fernando next to her. She didn't see how close they were until she looked up. Ava jumped back in embarrassment and quickly apologized. Before Fernando could speak, the front door of the house opened and Olalla appeared. She walked up to them both and gave Ava a fake smile; she looked at her husband.

"Good, you're back. I missed you." Olalla stated. She gave Fernando a quick kiss before standing next to him and turned to acknowledge the girl beside her. Olalla's eyes lingered over her body. Ava could feel Olalla judging her and this made her uncomfortable. Fernando gave his wife a sort of stern look and nudged her to stop immediately.

"You must be Ava. We've heard so much about you. So nice to have you here." Olalla said. For some odd reason though, Ava didn't believe her when she said it was nice to have her there. She didn't like the tone in her voice either. Fernando knew this must have been awkward for Ava as she looked uneasy. 'She was fine until you barged in' Fernando thought looking down at his wife. He was about to speak again but Olalla caught him off.

"Shall we go inside? I made dinner, although I'm not sure whether we'll have enough-" she finished her statement aiming it at Ava a little.

"Olalla!" Fernando hissed.

Ava shook to the side in awkwardness as the couple continued to bicker. Eventually Olalla gave out a heavy sigh and made herself back into the house. Pretending as if nothing happened, Fernando picked up Ava's bag and led her inside the building.


After Fernando showed Ava her room, the family sat down to eat. The kids were already tucked up in bed so they couldn't be disturbed. There was a strange silence brewing around the table while they all ate. Olalla was the one to break it.

"So, how old are you Ava?" Olalla asked. Ava looked at the older woman and then to Fernando.

"I'm twenty but I turn 21 in November." The girl replied.

"Perhaps we should do something then. After all, it will be your 21st." Fernando remarked.

"Maybe." Ava responded, giving him a smile. Olalla noticed the look they both shared. A burst of anger was about to shoot through her; she ignored it.

"Any boyfriends?" Olalla's next question caught Ava off guard. It made her slightly irritated but she answered none the less.

"No. I haven't dated since I was sixteen," she stated. Olalla gave her a simple 'Oh'.

"I hear you were in foster care. It must have been terrible. I mean, having been with different families and not knowing your real family. It's such a shame. They've missed out on so much."

"Olalla!" Fernando hissed at his wife for the second time today. Sadness plunged within Ava. Whenever someone mentioned her real family, Ava got emotional. It was too much for her to handle. Knowing that her parents didn't love her enough to keep her really upset the woman.

"Can I be excused?" Ava asked politely. She didn't want to run off like a cry baby but Ava just wanted to leave the table before she broke down into tears. Fernando gave the blonde a sorrowful look of regret and nodded for her to leave. He watched her walk out the room before turning to look at his wife.

"I cannot believe you! Why did you have to go and do that?" Fernando fumed. He felt disgusted with Olalla's behavior especially since she had the nerve to bring up Ava's parents. His wife had no right to judge her like that. "I hope you're satisfied with yourself. She's not even been here a day and she's already gone off crying. Who has to pick up the pieces? Me as per usual." Fernando was beyond infuriated. He collected his own dish and Ava's before leaving Olalla on her own in the dining room. Fernando placed the dishes into the sink then made his way upstairs to check on Ava. As he came near towards her bedroom door, he heard her faint voice talking. She sounded upset. Fernando realized she was on the phone to someone, he just didn't know who. He continued to listen against the door until he heard a familiar name.

"Israel, everything's fine, I promise. I guess I'm only homesick." Silence took over the room but then Ava sighed and gave out a sweet laugh. "I miss you too Israel. I'll see you soon, bye." Ava ended the conversation and sat down on her bed. She no longer felt hungry and she was exhausted from her flight. Most of all, Ava just wanted someone to comfort her. Fernando still standing outside her door, had heard too much from the phone call. Thoughts were spinning in his mind. He felt a peculiar force push through him and he knew exactly what it was.

♠ ♠ ♠

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