Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations


The next morning, Ava woke up feeling the warmth of the sun shining on her face. She sat upright, stretched her arms and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She glanced at the clock on her vanity desk and noticed it read 9:42am. Ava wished she could stay in her warm cosy bed all day, but unfortunately she had things to do.

The faintest smell of home made pancakes and cooked bacon hit her nose. When she looked to her left bedside table and noticed the tray of breakfast waiting there. She reached for the note that was leaning against the glass cup that contained fresh orange juice and examined what was written. 'Before I leave for training, I wanted to make you breakfast. I apologize if my cooking isn't ideal as I was in a rush. I hope you enjoy, Fernando x' Ava smiled at his fairly neat handwriting. None the less it was an adorable gesture from the Spaniard so Ava tucked into the delicious food.


After she ate, Ava decided to have a quick shower. Taking a towel out of one of the draws and choosing some clean clothes out of her wardrobe, she left for the en suite bathroom. Ava washed her body over with Lavender soap and shortly after rinsed her hair with herbal essences shampoo. It didn't take her long to dry off and get herself dressed. As she walked back into the bedroom, she noticed Olalla standing in front of the set of draws looking at her photo frames.

"Can I help you?" Ava asked. Olalla jumped up in surprise.

"I was only checking to see if you were up, I noticed you've also unpacked si?" Ava simply nodded while taking out her hair dryer and straighteners from her large cosmetics bag.

"Fernando made you breakfast, how sweet-"

"If that's why you are here Olalla, you may as well leave." The blonde swiftly turned around to face the brunette. Ava didn't mean to snap at the Spaniard, but it was just the way the older woman presumed Ava was after her husband.

"No no, I didn't mean it like that." The brunette sighed before continuing. "I haven't exactly gave you the best welcome have I?" Olalla confessed. Ava bit her lip. "Last night, lo siento. What I said was unpleasant and I had no intentions of being rude." Ava took a moment to register what the brunette had just said. She knew the brunette was honestly sorry for her behavior.

"Acepto tus disculpas, gracias." Ava replied and then gave the Spaniard a smile who kindly returned it back. Olalla felt a huge relief off her shoulders. She felt better now that she confronted Ava.

"Hey listen, how do you feel about going shopping?" The woman requested. Ava stopped brushing her hair to look back at Olalla.

"That sounds fun," she answered gently. Her list of things to do would have to wait till later.


Olalla and Ava both sat in the back of a restaurant due to the paparazzi who had been following them for the past hour. They had been to numerous shops and bought plenty of clothes each. It was enjoyable for the pair to get to know each other. Ava learned that Olalla was a laid back mother who spent most of her time with her kids at home. She had friends here and there who she'd occasionally see but because she was so busy with Nora and Leo, she didn't have a lot of time. Olalla also mentioned the arguments she'd been having with Fernando and admitted that the couple had become distant since Leo's birth.

"I don't know what happened." Olalla explained. "We were so happy at first and now it's difficult." Ava sipped her tea while listening to Olalla's troubles. Personally Ava didn't know what to say; she hadn't been in a relationship since she was sixteen. She could only offer Olalla a bit of comfort. "Ah, enough of me, what's happening with you and Fernando's brother?" the female Spaniard asked raising her left eyebrow at Ava who nearly spluttered out her drink.

"Me and Israel are nothing more than friends," she insisted, causing Olalla to roll her eyes but she didn't press any further.

"You both seem so close, that's all I'm saying." The brunette muttered. "We should be getting back by now anyway, I have to get ready for later."

"Why where are you going?" Ava simply asked her.

"Oh! I'm leaving for a spa week with my girls." Olalla said happily. "I cannot wait."

Ava didn't seem too fond of the idea. She felt Olalla was being kinda selfish for abandoning her family to satisfy her needs. It wasn't fair on Fernando, Nora or Leo. For now though, Ava didn't say anything other than giving the woman a false smile.


By the time Olalla and Ava arrived back home, Fernando had finished training and was back at the house himself. He was rather shocked to see his wife and Ava laughing when they appeared through the door. Nora was painting on her coloring table while Fernando was feeding Leo who was being fussy about the food he was being fed. Before he had time to speak to his wife, she had already disappeared up the stairs leaving Ava to fend for herself.

Fernando couldn't help but feel mesmerized by her presence. He caught himself staring at her beautiful figure. Her blonde hair shined in the light and the heels she wore provided her more height to stand taller. The navy striped dress she wore hugged her curves perfectly and Ava sensed him gazing at her which caused her to look down in embarrassment; she looked elsewhere but to him. The attention he was giving him caused her to bite her lip. She flicked her eyes up towards to meet his brown ones and watched him eye her. His gaze trailed up her long legs. They both knew this was wrong, but the intense look he showed faintly gave her a bit of confidence. A small smirk landed on her features, her eyes still matching his. The blonde finally strutted away while heading upstairs to her room leaving the handsome Spaniard stunned. He smiled and looked back in astonishment.
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Translation: "Acepto tus disculpas gracias." (I accept your apology, thank you)