Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations


It had been 3 days since Olalla left for her Spa week. Fernando was rather relentless on the idea of her leaving but she acknowledged her husband that he'd have both the nanny and Ava to help him out with the children. Unfortunately for him, the kids weren't the last of his troubles, Ava was.

Every time the two would be near to one another, Fernando fount it hard to control himself. It was like someone had put a spell on him. Half of him wanted to forget about the arguments he had with Olalla, while the other half wanted to let out his feelings for the other girl. Fernando knew he was stepping on boundaries but right now, he couldn't care less.

Ava woke up the next morning and made her way downstairs for breakfast. It was a Friday. She wore a sleeveless black silk blouse and a navy tipped cardigan with denim shorts. As she made her way to the kitchen, she spotted how quiet the house was. Nora and Leo were both usually up by now but not even a sound from them came from anywhere. However, she did notice the white Nike trainers that were laying against the wall near the front door to the house. They were Fernando's.

Over the last few days, Ava had detected there was an odd atmosphere while Olalla was away. Herself and Fernando grew much closer with the time they'd spent together. She learnt to trust him more by telling him everything about her life. In return, Fernando had showed her the city, mostly around West London. He'd taken Ava out for lunch and bought her extra appliances for her room. Ava noticed that the Spaniard was a lot carefree around her. He was a happier person.

Giving a sigh and silently praying he wasn't in the kitchen, Ava pushed the door open and walked through. Rather much to her despair, there Fernando was sitting at the kitchen island eating his breakfast. He sensed her presence in the room and when he looked up from reading the newspaper, there she was standing in front of him.

"Buenos días Fernando." Ava greeted him. A cheery smile appeared on Fernando's face.

"Buenos días Ava, ¿Cómo estás?" Fernando asked.

"Estoy bien," she replied while fetching herself a plate from one of the kitchen cupboards. Ava decided she wanted to make pancakes. For the amount of time she'd been in England, either Fernando or Olalla made her breakfast which only made the girl feel guiltier. Ava fetched the ingredients and started to make the pancake mixture. While she was busy whisking the batter up, Ava didn't pay any notice to Fernando who was now moving towards her. When he came beside her, she felt him near by but continued with what she was doing. She could still sense him watching her so she stopped and turned to look up at the Spaniard.

"Si?" Ava asked raising her right eyebrow at him. Fernando gave out a small laugh.

"Lo siento, I was only admiring your cooking skills." Ava merely laughed too.

"You are a terrible liar Mr. Torres."

"Oh! You got me," he joked and Ava smiled. "No listen, I was wondering if you wanted to come to the match tomorrow?" Fernando requested. "It would mean a lot to me."

"Me encantaría," she answered in admiration.

"Bueno." Fernando murmured.

The pair in no way broke their gaze after the conversation was finished. No one spoke a word as their eyes continued to stare at one another. Fernando walked closer until he was right in front of her. His eyes gazed down softly and then interlocked his hands with hers. Ava examined their hands and her eyes quickly shot up in alarm. "What are you doing?" she gave out a shaky breath. Ava had never been this close with Fernando before and it was starting to make her nervous. However, Ava couldn't help but like the feeling. It was wrong, but it felt right.

"I don't know," he whispered. "I find myself attached-I cannot resist you. Eres hermosa." Fernando confessed. His confession left Ava gob smacked. She honestly didn't know what to say back to him. Ava had never been told she was beautiful before. Not even by the guys she'd dated before. The anticipation ran wild through Fernando's body while Ava closed her eyes and shed out a few tears. Fernando didn't mean to upset her by his actions. He couldn't help the way he felt either.

His hands gently grasped Ava's chin and then cupped both of her cheeks; he stared down lovingly at her face for a few seconds then stepped the rest of the distance to close the space between them. He leaned down and firmly pressed his lips onto hers. Sparks ran through both of their bodies and Ava gave out a small whimper. Sadly for the pair, they didn't hear the front door open and someone was heading straight towards them. Ava was about to return the kiss until her moment was interrupted as someone had just walked straight through into the kitchen.
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Translation: (Buenos días - Good morning!)
(Estoy bien - I'm fine)
(Me encantaría - I would love to)
(Bueno - Good)
(Eres hermosa - You are beautiful)