Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Nora's Confession

"Papi!!" A young girl shrieked.

Ava broke the kiss and quickly pushed Fernando away from her. She gave him a horrifying look before turning round to face the little girl who was grinning at them. Luckily enough, due to Nora's height, she hadn't seen her father kissing Ava and nor was she old enough to understand what he was doing in the first place. Sure she'd known what kissing was because she'd seen her mother kiss her father lots of times before.

"Hey sweetheart, d-did you have fun at the store?" Fernando stuttered behind Ava who was currently still trying to contain her breathing.

"Si, I bought more paints and the shop lady gave me a lollipop." Nora replied. Ava smiled down at her. She noticed the sticky red blotch around Nora's mouth from where she'd been licking the lolly. She was too adorable for words.

"Nora why don't we go and clean yourself up? Then we can try out your new paints. How about that?" Ava asked to which the little girl started jumping up and down nodding her head.

"We can paint a pretty picture for papá." The little girl giggled and Ava smiled at her once more before taking her hand. Fernando spoke just as they were about to leave the kitchen.

"Ava! What about your breakfast?" he asked the blonde. She turned round to face him, no sign of emotion on her face.

"I'm not hungry."

The pair shared an intense look as his eyes stared deep into hers; she looked down for a moment and soon left the room leaving the Spaniard to close his eyes; he lent against the counter and let out a massive sigh.

"Puta!" Fernando hissed.


For a two year old, Nora was pretty intelligent. She loved to bake with her mother and she also liked to draw. She had numerous pictures on her bedroom wall that she had drawn. Most of them being flowers. Ava was currently showing her how to draw a big sunflower. She sketched it out neatly onto the paper before giving it Nora to paint. While Nora was busy, Ava was painting her a rainbow with her name under it to stick on her bedroom door. Nora found it quite amusing when Ava got paint on her face by accident. She let out a small giggle. Ava didn't know what the small girl was laughing at until she noticed a red blotch in her hair.

"Oh, so you think this is funny huh?" Ava joked. Dipping one of her fingers in the blue paint, Ava pressed on Nora's nose leaving a small dot making the girl squeal in surprise. Nora jumped up and ran at Ava with a paintbrush. Seeing this as a sign to get up and run, Ava sat up and shot for the door. Unfortunately, Nora had already got there before Ava. The pair laughed and Nora held her arms out signalling Ava to pick her up. Ava insisted and placed the girl on her hip. She carried Nora back to the colouring table and gently sat her on her lap.

"My papá really likes you." Nora confessed looking up at the woman. Her arms gripped onto Ava's shoulders so she wouldn't fall off.

"Yeah, he's great."

"I like you too Ava."

"I like you too Nora. I mean who can't? You're simply adorable." Ava pinched Nora's cheeks and the girl cried out in laughter. She bit her lip, a habit she had clearly learned off her father.

"I wish my mamá was more like you. You're really kind and fun."

Ava couldn't believe what the girl was saying. From what she could tell, Nora was being serious and she couldn't help but feel slightly emotional. The fact that a two year old said she was fun and thought she was kind made her heart melt. She loved kids so much.

"What? Why? Nora there's nothing wrong with your mother. She's nice...when necessary-" She whispered. "And she spends time with you. She loves you and it's not like she hurts you or anything." Ava confirmed. She looked down at the girl and noticed her bottom lip started trembling; Ava's smile vanished as Nora's eyed glazed over with tears as she let out a small whimper. Ava didn't mean to upset her. Her worse thought had just come true.

"Shh, mirar a mí el ángel." Nora's brown eyes glossed with tears looking up at Ava's green ones.

"She told me not to say a word to papá a-and, if I did she would punish me." Nora mumbled as she broke down in Ava's arms. Ava wrapped her arms around Nora to give her comfort. Ava promised Nora she wouldn't let her mother harm her any more. Not while she was staying with them. "Why did you kiss my papá?" Nora asked out so suddenly. Ava's eyes widened at the small girls question and cursed herself in her mind. She closed her eyes and gently pulled Nora out of her grasp; she opened her eyes and looked back down at her.

"I thought you didn't see that?" Ava's eyebrows knitted in suspicion. Nora grinned back at the blonde, her eyes glinted and the tears on her cheeks glistened.

"I won't tell. My mamá does the same thing with William." Nora replied before climbing herself off Ava's lap, leaving the woman stunned in her seat. Nora had confessed two things in one day. Ava was left shocked and her throat went dry.

'Who's William?' She wondered.
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