Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Match Day part 1

It was the weekend, which not only meant a football match was taking place, but Olalla's spa week was coming to an end and she'd be returning back to the house soon. Ava had to admit, without the female Spaniard around, things were a lot more settled for the family. The only problem nagging Ava was the kiss between her and Fernando. It was like her mind was a tape and it kept playing the kiss over and over again. The way he looked at her, the sneaky glances they shared when no one else was around. The tension was thick as a knife. Still, this didn't stop the pair. Both of them were both like magnets. Fernando was south and Ava was north. They'd simply attract to one another. The only thing getting in the way were the interruptions.

On match day, Ava helped the nanny, Olivia dress Fernando's two children the next morning. Both of the girls would be taking them to see their father play at the Swansea vs Chelsea match and Nora was being fussy about the clothes Olivia had chosen for her to wear. Luckily for the girls, Nora obeyed their commands until when she did not want to wear her new navy blue pea coat Olivia gave her. Leo however, fully co-operated and didn't complain for once.

"Nora, you have to wear your coat. It's cold outside," said Olivia.

"No, yo no quiero." Nora stomped her feet and crossed her arms. Ava sighed and looked down at the girl.

"¿Nora si le doñt hacer exactamente como me dicen, no va al juego de hoy."

Nora huffed at Olivia and a small pout set on her chubby face. "No quiero." The little girl whined. Leo thought the situation was amusing as he let out a small squeal and giggled breaking the awkward tension. Olivia's shoulders slumped and she looked to Ava beside her who was biting her lip trying to conger up an idea. She knelt down in front of Nora who looked back at the blonde with her soft brown curious eyes.

"Hey sweetheart, I know you don't want to wear your new coat today but it's really cold outside." Nora looked down and fiddled with her fingers. "You don't want to get sick do you?" Ava asked to which Nora shook her head. "We want you to be warm si?" Nora nodded her head and Ava tapped her nose. "Come on Angelita, I'll even give you my owl teddy to sleep with tonight. You wouldn't want to make Mr. Owl unhappy now would you?" a tiny smile appeared on Nora's face and she held out both of her arms. Olivia grinned and grabbed the coat; she passed it to Ava and helped Nora put it on. "Now, you look pretty si?" Ava said finishing up the last button. Nora nodded and twirled around showing off herself off in her new coat while smiling widely.

"I don't know how you did it but oh my lord, you're brilliant. Gracias." The nanny gleamed at Ava in appraisal who waved it off as nothing. They both gave each other a side hug. Footsteps were heard coming from the staircase and Ava looked back to see Fernando appearing down them carrying a black Nike duffel bag. He smiled once he saw Ava and disappeared into the dining room. For some odd reason, Ava thought on following him. She looked back at the girl behind her who was packing items into a necessity bag.

"Olivia, once you've finished packing, could you take the bags out towards the car? I just gotta make a quick phone call." Ava instructed. Olivia payed no attention to her lie; she simply nodded and gave the girl a smile.

"I'll also help the kids in to the car if you'd like," she replied. Ava nodded, muttered a thank you and left the hallway making her way to the dining room. She entered the room and spotted Fernando who had her back to her; he was writing something on the table.

"Come to wish me good luck?" Fernando asked as he felt Ava's presence and approached her. She sweetly smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe, but you don't need luck. Just go out there and shine. Play your heart out."

"Always." Fernando purely smiled and nodded. He felt stronger by the support she was giving him. "Oh, before I forget." His eyes widened in alarm. "I want you to have this, it's a little gift I got a week ago and I was meant to give it the day you arrived but I thought now would be more of a appropriate time." He handed Ava a purple square gift box that was wrapped with a black ribbon on top. She took the box in her hands and looked down at it. Somewhat cautious, she looked up at Fernando before untying the bow.

To her relief, Ava wondered what was inside as she picked up the soft blue material out the box which Fernando took away from her so she could quickly investigate the item. She let out a small gasp; Ava bit her lip and opened the neatly folded top. The white no.9 stuck out with the words 'T O R R E S' printed boldly on the back. Fernando smirked at her reaction. "What do you think Ava?"

"I-I honestly, wow this is amazing. Aw, I love it!" The girl said, beaming largely. Ava took steps closer to him closing the distance between them. "Thank you Fernando."

In one swift motion she pressed her lips against Fernando's own taking him by surprise. The box fell from his hands and soon he returned the kiss, savouring the feeling of her lips on his. One of her hands made its way up his chest and to the back of his neck tugging at the long blonde strands. Ava pulled him closer to her while Fernando's hands gripped at her waist. Their bodies molded together as one. The kiss became more heated and passionate; Fernando took the lead and pushed Ava up against the wall; he began tracing kisses down her neck, causing Ava to roll her eyes and let out a tiny whimper. Their breathing became heavier as Fernando attacked her lips again interlocking his left hand with hers. Ava broke the kiss desperately gasping for air and opened her eyes to see him staring back at her. A shiver ran down her spine feeling Fernando's right hand touching the flesh of her skin just under her shirt.

"Que sentía increíble," he mumbled against Ava's lips tenderly kissing her again but slowly.

"Realmente sabe cómo hacer que una mujer sienta apreciado." Ava mumbled back and Fernando pulled away. He grinned down at her and his grip on Ava's hip lightened softly, letting her go.

"I'll see you at the game," she whispered before pecking Fernando once more and left the room with her jersey, leaving the Spaniard grinning to himself.

"Tal embromar," he muttered.
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Translations: "No, yo no quiero (No I don't want to)
Nora si le doñt hacer exactamente como me dicen, no va al juego de hoy (Nora if you don't do exactly as I say, you are not going to the game today)
No quiero - (I don't want to)
que sentía increíble - (That felt incredible)
realmente sabe cómo hacer que una mujer sienta apreciado - (you really know how to make a woman feel appreciated)
Tal embromar - (Such a tease)

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