Sequel: Bittersweet
Status: Completed! 8.09.12

Sweet Temptations

Match Day part 2

Ava sat next to Olivia in the stands who held Leo in her lap while she had Nora on hers. They had really good seats to see the match which wasn't starting for another 2 minutes and already, Leo was starting to get anxious. The stadium was packed and there were plenty of enthusiasm all around the pair. "I noticed Fernando gave you the jersey at last." Olivia said looking at the blue top slightly peeking out from under Ava's jacket.

"How did you-"

"I was with him the day he bought it. I chose the gift box," she said, grinning.

Ava had come close with Olivia over the last few hours. She realised that they had plenty in common and that they were around the same age. Olivia had been working for the Torres family for 2 years now and there was not a day where she hated being their nanny. Ava learned that Olivia grew up in Sheffield with her mother and younger brother Tim. Her father was a drunk. She studied childcare at school and moved on to university where she continued on with it. Olivia loved working with kids. She had babysat for the Gerrard family in Liverpool and that's how she came to know Fernando and Olalla. They offered her a part time job and she took it without question. Now here she was.

Cheers erupted around the stadium as both teams entered and made their way onto the pitch. Nora started bopping up and down, happily clapping when Ava pointed her father out. She could feel the little girls excitement. This was her first proper match she'd been to see live, the rest of the games she'd watched were with Jose or if he was at work, it was Israel who accompanied her.

Fernando was merely a few meters away and when he looked into the stands, he saw Ava waving along with his daughter. From what he could tell, she was shouting 'daddy'. He quickly blew a kiss to them before the referee blew the whistle to start the game.


20 minutes into the match, Nora had become thirsty. Ava picked out a carton of apple juice from the necessity bag and gave it for her to drink. "Gracias." The little girl thanked Ava who kissed her head in return. She also got Leo a carton out just in case he needed one throughout the match. Fernando was lucky to have such beautiful kids. Nora was exactly like her mother and Leo resembled his father, especially in looks. Fernando had always been protective of his kids and Ava understood why. He wasn't after fame or fortune, Fernando simply wanted to have a normal family. He didn't want them in magazines or to have them in the spotlight. He wanted his children to be happy no matter what. Even if it meant to live a normal life just like an ordinary person, because that's who he was and Ava respected him a lot for it.

27th minute in and the score was still nil-nil. Neither Swansea or Chelsea had scored. Both Nora and Ava eyes were on the ball at all times, patiently waiting for someone to score. Mostly Ramires from Chelsea had taken shots but they kept getting blocked. A minute later, Brianslav Ivanovic of Chelsea, attempted a shot with his right foot from outside the box: it ended up too high. Ava sighed along with the rest of the fans behind her. The blues were getting closer but not close enough. Another minute in, this time again Juan Mata passed the ball to Fernando from an angle, he was on side. He kicked the ball from the centre of the box and the ball went into the bottom left corner of the goal. Applause and cheers erupted through the stadium. Fernando scored and what a beauty it was.

Nora bounced off Ava's lap and began jumping up and down waving her arms in the air in front of her. Ava sat up and cheered for the footballer. Olivia who was beside Ava, was bouncing Leo on her hip. He was grinning and clapping for his father. Ava knew how much this goal meant to Fernando after going through a troublesome time. Suddenly she stopped clapping as she watched Fernando look up at the sky and then made eye contact with her from where she was sat. That's when she noticed his hands making a sign. His left index finger, his right index finger and middle finger created a letter, a initial. The letter 'A' stood out. He smiled and mouthed something to her that she couldn't quite understand.

"For you." Olivia told her breaking Ava from her gaze.

"Sorry?" confusion set on her face as she knitted her eyebrows.

"He said 'for you' as in the goal dedication. I can lip-read." Olivia replied. Ava smiled and looked down in embarrassment. Olivia chuckled at the girl.

"He likes you." The red head confessed. Ava looked up at the woman beside her and laughed.

"You're the second person to tell me that," she mentioned.

"Who was the first?" Olivia asked suspiciously.

"Nora." The two girls laughed together in unison. The pair continued to watch the match but what happened in the next 10 minutes totally changed everything. Torres had just been given a red card for a two footed tackle. The Spaniard was fierce as he stormed off the pitch.

"Oh my god!" Olivia muttered. Ava couldn't speak. She was horrified. Just as Fernando was about to go down the tunnel, his eyes connected with Ava's in the stand and then to his two children; he looked down in shame. As he disappeared from sight, the two girls looked to one another and they both nodded. Ava picked up Nora while Olivia held Leo and they left, making their way out of the stands. They both left to the front entrance where they stood waiting for Fernando to emerge.
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I should warn you, from here on out in the next few chapters, things are possibly going to heat up between Fernando and Ava. I have no intentions of making any of my followers uncomfortable within this story so if you feel uneasy at any point, just read the certain bits and skip the lovey dovey part but that's only if you need too :)