Status: In the works :)

Harder Than You Know

M. Shadow's little sister tags along on tour with him and ends up having a one night stand with one of the opening bands bass player. Nearly five years later and she still hasn't told him about the beautiful result of that night, or her brother who the father of his now 4 year old niece is.

(Yes I know the dates are off ETF didn't tour with A7X until last year, but this is fiction right)
  1. Sneaking Around
    “You know I originally thought you were like little Miss play by the rule, but clearly I was wrong."
  2. Surprise!
    “Johnny ***ing Christ on a mother ***ing cracker…”
  3. Blackmail
    “Well he likes Halloween so much he dresses like this every day.”
  4. The Truth Hurts ... Literally
    “Max Green turned my sister into a druggie!”
  5. Handprints
    “You lie! I’m sexy and you know it!”
  6. Speaker Phone
    "Please don’t tell me you’re doing my makeup like hers. I don’t want to look like a raccoon."