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Love Notes.. Not Just for Kids Anymore


Amy and Zeke were walking around the park holding hands and talking. They looked so much in love even to Eva as she cuddled their 6 month old baby boy so that her sister and brother-in-law could have a few minutes alone, it was their anniversary after all.

Eva kissed little Zack on the forehead "I love you little one" she said softly.

*** 6months later***

"Zeke??!!"Any called waking to find him gone.

No answer. Where could he be she silently asked her son. She picked up the phone and called his dad. "Hey, Smith...Have you seen Zeke??"

"No why?" He asked.

"Well he was gone when I woke up this morning."

"Did you call him?"

"No his cell is on the charger. But his truck and all his pocket stuff is gone." Amy gasped "All his clothes and stuff see gone to!!!!"

"Did you two have a fight?" He asked

"No. We were getting along great after Zack's birthday party, we cleaned up Input little Zack to bed, sat up and talked. Then well...We went to bed. We were both happy. I don't understand."

"Call Ethan he may know something. I don't."

"Ok thanks anyway." Amy said hanging up wanting to cry. What was Ethan up to now?

The phone rang 10 times before Ethan picked up. He was drunk. Surprise, surprise!! "Hewo"" he slurred.

"Ethan! Have you seen Ezekiel?" I all but shouted.

"Hey! Hey! Lower the volume. Yeah we've been out together." He grumbled.

Amy sighed calming down some. "Well where is he? Why'd he run off like that?"

Ethan laughed "As if you don't already know." Amy doesn't say anything just stares at the phone confused."Amy you know he doesn't love you no more.. It's been over between you'nez for a long time.. He's been seeing a younger woman here in town. He's leaving you for her. Don't pretend you didn't see this coming." He sneered and hung up.

Amy sat down and cried for hours and that's how I found her..

"Amy, Amy it's Eva" I called at her door. I could her Zacharia crying and a small voice saying "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry please don't cry.." I unlocked the door and rushed in Amy was holding Zach rocking him gently back and forth.

"What's wrong with him" I shouted over his wails.

"I..I..I don't know" Amy sobbed "I've fed him, changed him, I don't know!" She cried.

I looked at her incredulously "He wants down! What's wrong with you!" She put him down and told me what happened.

"You need to take him Eva," she told me.."I gotta get help...Or...or I'm gonna hurt myself or something."
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