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Love Notes.. Not Just for Kids Anymore

What's really going on here?

Two months had passed since Zack had started preschool and Eva hadn't heard from any of Zeke's family. Didn't they care about their grandson? Eva thought as she'd thought a million times since Amy had been gone.
A week later her doorbell rang, she was shocked to see EzekieL's parents. "Hello Mr and Mrs Pinestone." she said politely wondering why they were here now after all this time.
"Hello Eva" Mr Pinestone replied. "I know you must be wondering what we're doing here."
"Actually, I assumed you came to see Zack. Didn't you?"
"Well yes and no." Mrs. Pinestone said softly. "we heard what happened and we're confused, we've been trying to find Zeke but..." She looked to her husband to help her finish.
"Nobody has seen him since Zack's party." He supplied.
"No, you're wrong. Ethan told Amy he and Zeke we're together that night and that he was leaving her for some younger woman in town." Eva said hating Zeke and Ethan all the more.
"Ethan told us he hadn't seen him since new years." Mrs. Pinestone said. Then she looked at her husband, "why would he lie to us? And moreover why wouldn't Zeke come to visit Zack? That boy it's what he lives for!"
"I don't know, but he hasn't been here." Eva said softly knowing she would've been angered and happy to see him. His son needed him and his bmother but
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