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Meet Me on Thames Street?

What happens when two people that are destined to be together break up and one moves the other side of the world? You move on. Move on, get married. Have kids. They move on. Well. Or so you thought. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

Jack was distraught when his boyfriend left him after they finished college. He just left. He didn’t return his phone calls. He didn’t leave an address. And he was completely broken, torn apart by the loss of his significant other. However after five years of being apart and isolated from the world, he learnt to love again, anything to fill the empty void the boy left behind. He met a girl; they fell in love and got married after a year of romance. Two kids came later. But he never forgot the brown eyed boy that left him behind.

So when Alex moves back to Baltimore after six years of heartbreak from being away from the person he loves, what will he do when he finds out the boy he was in love with is married, and has two children? He needs to come up with answers, and quick.

Affairs are the coward’s way out. But they suppose it’ll have to do. Anything to keep the people you love happy, right?