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Meet Me on Thames Street?

Chapter Three – I Saw You Across The Room And I Knew.

Jack sighed as he looked at the massive pile of paperwork stacked up high on his desk in his office. Trying to procrastinate a little longer than the ten minutes he’d already sat staring at it, he started daydreaming. He was floating above the city; his vision zoomed in, homing in to the park by his work. Taking the route through the playground, his mind was taking him anywhere. His subconscious mind took him towards the lake, and his imaginary body sat down next to it, looking up to the sky. He could see his thoughts. Chaotic and random words dancing across the sky about his head.

He lay his body back as he imagined the breeze sweeping over him, sighing contently he reclined in his office chair, making himself comfortable. Slowly and lightly wandering of into a light sleep. Where in his dreams he could be anything he wanted. However seeing as he had the brain of a six year old boy still those dreams of him and his wife on holiday slowly turned into Jack becoming superman and a giant octopus monster was taking over Baltimore. Obviously Jack saves the day, winning a triumphant victory. Hey it’s my dream, and if I want to be super man, then god damn it so I shall.

After realizing he was arguing with a non existent person questioning his dreams he flopped his head over to the other side and continued his daydream. Breathing slowing down, mouth slightly ajar.

Drifting his thoughts away from his work, all his deadlines seemed insignificant.

The phone rang violently jolting Jack up from his slumber, sitting up straight and wiping away the slight bit of drool that had escaped the confines of his mouth. Glancing at the chair and seeing a damp patch on the surface he pulled the sleeve of his black suit blazer over his hand and dabbing the smudge with it. The phone rang again and he remembered he was at work, so he must have fallen asleep. The phone rang it’s loud shrill ringing tone once more and Jack realized he had to answer it. Jack pressed the ‘accept call’ button on the phone stand and put the voice on loudspeaker, having just woken up he didn’t really want to do any strenuous activities.. You know, like holding a phone up. The voice of his secretary filled the room.

‘Hello, Sir?’ His secretaries voice bounced off the walls vibrating in his hears, he finally got the hang of this phone thing and answered, clearing his throat.

‘Hello, Debbie. What’s up you sound distressed?’ hearing the obvious anxiety in her voice he spoke calmly.

‘Yes, there’s someone in Reception waiting for you, Sir.’ Jack thought that was odd as he hadn’t made any appointments today given the stack of paperwork in front of him, he didn’t really have time for that. Who could it be?

‘Well who is it? I don’t have any appointments today.’ Jack answered confusion lacing his voice.

‘They refused to give me their name… They’re also refusing to leave until they see you…’ Debbie said. That was peculiar. It’s like a dramatic soap opera, where there’s a drug dealer waiting to take away the innocent victim as a constellation prize or a payoff. Quickly checking through his list of friends and relatives mentally he came to the conclusion that no, it wasn’t a dealer. This just heightened his interest.

‘Well where are they? They can’t come up here, there’s no visitors aloud in without appointments. Tell them to stay there.’ Jack spoke back quickly.

‘Yes, he’s sitting down here.’ She stated, nervousness back in her voice. What had this person said to her? She was new here, she didn’t need any trouble. And she was nice, although he must admit, slightly slutty. It could be some pervert.

‘Okay, well then tell him I’ll be down in a bit, I just need to finish off this paperwork. And I’ll come see what’s going on. Keep him there.’ Jack tried to reassure her that everything would be okay. There was security everywhere in this building.

‘Okay. Yes.’ Debbie replied unsurely. This guy seemed like he was becoming a hassle.

‘Well then if there’s any problems just let one of the security guys know and they’ll come restrain the problem. And take care of everything if I’m not down. I won’t be too long.’ Jack’s strong point was not making people feel better he had to admit, but he did think he defused the issue quite well then.

‘Okay. Bye.’ She answered, breathing slowing down. Poor girl, Jack thought. He didn’t want any stress today and this is what he ends up with? Some people.

Jack looked at the stack of paperwork and sighed once more.

Fuck this, Jack thought. His curiosity getting the better of him he picked up two of the files from the top of the pile and placed them in front of them. Edges straight against the edge of the desk, he opened the top one a couple of pages in and tilted it sideways slightly. Making it look at least half read. Picking up a pencil he placed it carefully by the right hand side of the papers at a jaunty angle. Taking care and precision in his laziness. Jack hoisted himself up out of his leather chair and made his way to the left hand side of the room, picking up his keys and phone of off the filing cabinet. He adjusted his blazer collar and fixed his tie briefly before checking his hair in the mirror above it, flicking and swishing his hair in different directions until he got the perfect ‘just-reasonable-for-work-but-I-still-look-good-enough-to-fuck’ style he was going for.

Not like he was trying to impress anyone, but his laid-back style put people at ease when they see him, so Jack hoped his impromptu visitor would calm the hell down.

He quickened his pace and headed for his big wooden office door, pushing it open he strode through the centre of the bustling network of people trying to file paperwork, refill printers and photocopy important documents. Making his way towards the big silver elevator he pressed the down arrow and waited not-so-patiently for the lift to arrive, the doors slid open and he took a step inside the little metal prison. It’s times like these where Jack hates being on one of the top floors, pressing the ground level button he hummed a tune that had been stuck in his head all day. The doors closed and he was alone with the posh British voice of the elevator lady saying, ‘Going down.’ And his thoughts soon turned to who was waiting for him in the lobby. He hoped that the man hadn’t kicked off at Debbie. His thoughts were interrupted by the elevator lady telling him he’d reached his destination.
Stepping out of the confines of the elevator and mentally saying goodbye to the voice over lady like he did every day, he strolled forwards into the lobby area glancing at Debbie to check if she was alright. She nodded at Jack and turned her head to look at the corner of the room where the sofas were. And there he was, sitting right there with his legs outstretched in front of him, making himself home in the lobby of his building.

Him. He came back. Jack’s heart stopped.

Jacks breath hitched in his throat causing him to emit a loud gasp, as he slowly treaded towards the blonde haired boy who was imposing on his business.

He thought he’d never see him again, but he recognized that hair and those skinny jean clad legs anywhere.

Jack managed to stutter out, ‘L-lex? Is that you?’
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