Status: This is not a fan fiction anymore. It is drama.

Total Drama Couch


Amidst the charcoal of the sky there formed a fiercely bright, orange smear, and it spread without boundary, sending the chill air of night sizzling toward the stars. Nearby homes were beginning to become shrouded in the grey smog of the accident, but the harsh lick of flame remained exclusive to the girls' modest house, and it slowly burned away what was left of their personal treasures, including their own bodies.

Not long after were the five most important men in their lives sending their ashes off of a sky diving plane--an activity they planned to do after the tour.

David's voice was a low murmur as he paid a last farewell to his best friend, conservatively allowing her remains to spill into the open air. "You finally learned to fly, Charlie. I am so sorry about the way I treated you... I... Glide in eternal peace, sweetheart, and may you never tire of it."

Once the last of her was given to the wind, he stepped back in line with the rest of the boys, unaware of the tears that cascaded along his prominent cheekbones--the ones Charlie so gently trailed her fingers across. As he watched both Thomas and Jayk give their goodbyes to Devin, his chest tightened. She had been such a large part of his life, and it still did not feel like she was permanently teared away from him, but he knew he should be nearly depressed. For reasons unbeknownst to him, that empty feeling had escaped him, in the same manner that Charlie got away.
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