Couldn't Be More Different



I hauled my suitcase down the stairs and placed it by the front door. Annabeth followed close behind, and stood next to me in a dress that I had lent her, seeing is how she hadn’t packed anything formal, which was what this dinner was going to be.

My mother wasn’t home, but she called to tell me a cab was coming to pick me up and take me to my new home. In the meantime I had changed into a dress; suitable for the fancy dinner setting, but now I was sweating in it from all the nerves.

“Deli, chill out, you’re psyching yourself out for nothing, just relax. I’ll be by your side the whole night,” she smiled, despite the fact that I was fanning my pits spastically, quite attractive, whilst deep breathing.

“Jesus, it looks as if you’re about to give birth… You know what you need?” She suddenly announced as if it was her best eureka moment yet, “A nice warm cup of tea, eh?” She smiled and pulled me into the kitchen. I sat down on one of the island benches and watched as she rummaged around through my kitchen cabinets. It was always the same with Anna; it was as if any problem could be solved with tea…damn Brit.

She put the kettle on and placed a tea bag in a mug, then sat down next to me to wait for it to boil. She looked at me, “I’m only staying for a week visiting family, and then I’m on a plane back to the U.K. I’ll spend as much time with you as possible before then. And after I’m gone I want you to e-mail me every day, if you’re still struggling with this marriage, or just need someone to talk to, I’m your girl,” she smiled reassuringly at me.

I couldn’t be more thankful for a friend like Annabeth. We met at the University I was attending in London, and we’d instantly become friends. She was exactly the kind of person I wanted to be; the kind of person my mother wouldn’t approve of. I was more myself around her than I ever was when I was around my mother.

I smiled gratefully at my best friend, and leaned in to hug her. The moment was cut short, though, at the shrill whistling sound of the kettle finished boiling. Anna got up and poured the scalding water into the mug, being careful not to spill as she carried it to me.

I raised a brow at her, “No tea for you? That’s unlike you,” I smiled and took a wary sip at my mug, only to pull back after practically burning my tongue off.

She shrugged, “I’m too nervous to drink,” she leaned against the island.

“What are you nervous about?” I asked incredulously, mostly because Anna wasn’t the type of person to be nervous. She could be waiting in line for jumping out off a plane, and be jumping up and down with excitement; whereas I’d be clinging to something solid so that I couldn’t be dragged into doing it.

“I’m nervous for you,” she smiled timidly and began to nibble at her finger nails, also unlike her.

I glanced out the window across me, at the blue sky with the tinged of pink it always has as the sun is setting. I took a tentative sip at my mug, playing over in my head the events that could possibly go wrong at the dinner. I’d most likely say something awkward, thus making me more nervous, to which I end up spilling wine over their white upholstery. Rich folk and their white, pristine furnishing.

“You alright, Deli?” Anna asked, looking at me oddly.

“Yeah, why?”

“The expression on your face looks like you sucked on a lemon, like this,” she squints her eyes, sucks in her cheeks and pouts her lips out like a fish, demonstrating.

I laughed, “Did I really look like that? I was just thinking over how the dinner would go over tonight.”

“Well, then it looks like it won’t go over well, judging by your face,” she laughed, and I shoved her, smiling along with her.

Just outside, the sound of a car beeping could be heard. Anna and I both looked in the direction of the front door.

“That must be the cab. Are you ready?” Anna asked, standing up.

I sighed, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

Together we walked towards the front door. We slipped on our shoes and coats, and I grabbed my bag. We walked down the cobblestone steps towards the awaiting cab idling at the curb. All I could concentrate on was my beating heart, and the fact that it had never beat this fast before. The driver got out and opened up the trunk, took my bag, and placed it inside. I mumbled thanks, and walked over to the opened back door, climbing in next to Anna.

Seconds later the driver climbed in the front, changed gears, and we were off.

I sat, stock still, my eyes unblinking. Driving away from the house I grew up in, out of the town I had lived my entire life…the realization hit me. Things from this point on were going to be different, very different.

“This is happening,” I said aloud, to no one in particular, but Anna glanced my way anyways. “I’m getting married.”

Anna rubbed my arm soothingly, but not enough comforting in the world could make me feel happy about this.
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