Couldn't Be More Different



Ethan honey, where have you been?” Ester hissed under her breath, her face growing pink again.

“Just getting a head start on the bachelor party. I’m getting married in what, a week right?” He asked sarcastically, clearly he wasn’t happy about the news. But I’m pretty sure his mother didn’t call him just as he was boarding a plane, that he needed to pack for a weeks’ worth because he was being shipped off to get married once he got home.

He glanced up, and our eyes met. He smiled coyly, striding towards me, fumbling a bit as he went. He stopped in front of my chair, and I froze, petrified. He lifted my chin with his finger, and we were face to face. I could smell the alcohol on his breath; I had to wrinkle my nose from the stench.

“Well, you must be Delilah, my looovely bride to be. You look just as I was described; long brown hair,” he made a point at running his fingers through the length of my hair, and dropping it, “and you’ve got those big, blue bug eyes,” he smirked.

Then something unexpected happened. His lips were suddenly forced on to mine own. My eyes popped open as wide as they could possibly go. I abruptly sat up, pushing him away from me as I wiped my mouth from the sloppy kiss.

I glared at him, but could feel a twitch starting to develop, so I stopped. I was so aghast, I was rendered speechless.

“Ethan, stop this instant! This is no way to treat a lady, especially to whom you’ll be married to,” Ester’s voice began to pitch. She looked at me, her eyes softening along with her voice, “I really do apologise for my son’s behaviour, I honestly don’t understand what has gotten in to him,” she gave her son a pointed look.

“I’m just getting comfortable with the woman I’m forced to be with for the rest of my life, mother. Even though it has obviously slipped your mind that I already have a girlfriend,” he stood his ground, glaring coldly at both of his parents. “What I want to know is why? Why are you doing this?” He crossed his arms over his chest.

Both of his parents looked equally shocked at his behaviour, but weren't suprised. The atmosphere was suddenly suffocating; I couldn't be in that room for another second. I quickly exited the room, Anna bolting from her chair and following after me.

“This is such a disaster! I knew this wasn’t going to go well. And my mother just sat there, just sat there!” I continued to storm farther away from the dining area.

“Delilah! Where are you going?” Anna called, following in step beside me, out of breath.

“I need air,” I answered, and opened the doors leading to the front. A burst of cool summer breeze greeted me, and I automatically relaxed. I sat at the front step, putting my head in my hands.
Anna sat next to me, and patted my back, but said nothing.

I breathed in deeply, and blew out a lot of air. I glanced towards the dark velvet sky. We were as far from civilization that you could see the stars clearly. All I could do was just concentrate on the stars, because when I was concentrating on one thing it took my mind off another. My thoughts drifted of my father, wondering what he would think of all this, then I shook my head. No matter what I thought about, it would lead me back to my current situation.

The thought of marrying that boy made my stomach lurch, and I suddenly felt very home sick. I was dreading this whole marriage.

The sound of the door from behind us could be heard, and the light from inside poured on us. “Delilah?” At the sound of Ester’s voice, I turned around and glanced up at her. She smiled apologetically at me, her eyes sad. “Could I speak to you for a moment?” She asked, glancing at Anna, then back to me. Clearly she wanted a private talk.

Anna stood up, and smiled as she passed by her and into the house.
Once we were alone, she stood there for a moment, and then finally took a seat next to me, rubbing knees.

“I just want you to know I truly am sorry for the way Ethan acted….he… hasn’t quite taken well to the news. He’s just upset, since we sprung it at him last minute. He’s not typically like this. He can be difficult, but not like this. If you could just give him some time to adapt to this, I would really appreciate it.” From the desperate look on her face, you could really tell she cared about her son. I sighed, I couldn’t just say no to her. She was so genuinely nice…how on Earth she landed a son the opposite was beyond me.

“I will,” the expression on her face quickly morphed into gratitude, and she leaned across to hug me tightly.

“Oh thank you sweet heart. Trust me, he will really grow on you,” she pulled away and smiled at me.

“What about his girlfriend?” I’m pretty certain there will be no growing happening when there was girlfriend in the middle.

“Oh well…This was why Matthew and I agreed to arranging his marriage. The friends he’s been hanging around hasn’t been influencing him well. And you’re such a sweet girl, your mother has told me wonderful things about you, I thought this would steer him in the right direction.” So I guess Ester was like the nicer, sweeter version of my mother. She wanted to have a control over his life, but she did it in such a way that made you not hate her for it.

“I talked to Ethan, before coming out here. He’s simmered down now. How about we go back inside? The two of you should really get to know each other more.” She said after a moment of silence passed between us. To be honest, all I really wanted was to just hit the sack. I had enough for one day. And frankly, I didn’t want to go back in there and face Ethan. I was about to tell her all this, when I saw the desperate pleading in her eyes. I looked away and closed my eyes. Ugh, fine, this woman really knew how to pull on your heart strings.

I looked back at her, my smile fake, “Alright,” I resigned. The two of us got up and headed back inside, and into the dining room where everything had turned to shit.


As we entered all eyes were on us, and I hid my face with the curtain of my long hair. Matthew stood from his seat and pulled out Ester’s chair as she kissed his cheek and sat down. I kept my face hidden as I walked back to my seat, right in between Anna and none other than the drunkard himself. From across the table Ester gave him a look, and he sighed, standing up. He pulled out my chair, not even bothering to make eye contact, and I didn’t bother to thank him, or acknowledge the ‘gesture’. Ester gave her husband a look, and he answered with a curt head shake.

To say things were awkward was an understatement as the meal was brought in by kitchen staff; and it stayed that way through the entire meal. My mother and Ester tried to make light conversation, but it died out quickly. Matthew asked more about my schooling, but that didn’t last very long either. Ethan just sat there, unspoken, picking at his dinner.

Finally, the dinner had come to an end. We all got up and exited to dining area to the main lobby. Anna was taking a cab back to her parents place, and my mother was driving back to her own mansion house, in which her rich husband would be waiting.

Hugs and kisses were exchanged, and they said their goodbyes. Anna promised to get in touch with me tomorrow, and I gave her a desperate look as she stepped through the door.

“Your things are waiting for you in one of the guest rooms. I’m sure Ethan would love to show you where it is, right Ethan?” Matthew you asked his son, who didn’t look quite thrilled by the idea.

“Whatever,” he huffed, starting up the stairs. He turned around and looked down at me, “Well, are you just going to stand there?” He asked as I just stared up at him. With a slight eye twitch, I followed him up. I made sure to keep my distance behind him. I was too drained to bother taking in my surroundings, all I wanted was so climb into bed and sleep away the memory of the events of today. Coming to an abrupt halt in front of one of the multiple doors that aligned the hallway, I crashed into Ethan’s side with a ‘Hmph.’ He glared back at me, but didn’t bother to say anything. He opened the door and I walked in.

I flipped the switch and glanced around at the room. It was tasteful, but in a simple way. No over the top, expensive furnishing. It had earth tone colour schemes, which was really relaxing. I turned toward Ethan, but only to find the door way absent of his presence, which didn’t bother me.
The suitcase on the bed carried all my necessities for the time being. I unzipped it and was greeted with the smiling photo of my father. I picked it up, looking at it for a moment, a piece of my heart aching. I placed it on the night stand next to the bed, and started rummaging through the bag for pyjamas and toiletries. Bringing it to the bathroom, I changed, took care of my dental, and was sliding under the soft covers.

I started thinking again. About how I was sleeping in a strange bed, in a strange house, only to be married to a strange man in a week. I thought about how my father wouldn’t stand for this; would have thought it was ridiculous, and believed that I could find someone to spend the rest of my life with on my own time.

But I didn’t want to think anymore, because all it ever did was bring me back to thoughts of my father. I wiped away at a tear threatening to fall, and rolled over in bed to turn out the light.