Couldn't Be More Different



I tossed back and forth before my eyes opened groggily, greeted by the bright sunlight that filtered in through the window positioned in direct view of the bed. For a moment I had completely forgotten where I was, and what had taken place the previous night. But I soon pulled my lethargic thoughts together and groaned sleepily, grabbing the pillow beside me and buried my face in it. So that wasn’t just a nightmare...

I didn’t want to leave this room, and face a house hold of strangers by myself. But hunger would soon protest against my will, and I’d eventually have to leave. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t stall first...

I sat up and reached for my bag I left on the floor beside the bed. Placing it in front of me as I sat crossed legged; I rummaged around for an outfit. After successfully putting one together, I flipped my legs over the side of the bed and carried the clothes with me towards the bathroom. The tub had looked quite relaxing when I was in here the other night, but was too tired to test it out. I placed the clothes on the toilet seat, stripped down to my toes and squeaked the tap on. Water began to fill the tub while I opened up a few cabinets looking for bubble bath. These people were stocked up. They had two rows of a plethora of scented body wash, shampoos, and bubble bath…aha! Brandishing a soft purple looking bottle with a victorious grin, I popped the lid open, pouring a bit into an almost full tub.

As the water churned, lathering up the bubbles, I closed the tap and eased myself into the tub. I closed my eyes as I leaned my head back, finally relaxing. The hot water turned my muscles into jelly, and I suddenly felt really giddy, and it felt great, considering the circumstances. But how the hell was I going to make this work? Taking what Ester had suggested into consideration, I’d just have to give him a chance. I could try, but I doubt, no, I know Ethan won’t bother. He has a girlfriend; there’s no way I’d get in the way of that.

“Ugh...” I moaned sliding down until my head was under water. I held my breath for as long as my lungs could take, and broke the surface, sputtering out bubbled water and wiping it out of my eyes. I grabbed the shampoo I had placed on the side of the tub, the same lavender scent as the bubble bath, and squirted a bit into my opened palm. I lathered it into my hair, and worked delicately at forming it into a Mohawk. Amused by my child like behaviour, I started giggling. I was starting to get the feeling there was something in the soaps that was making me act like such a happy fool; or maybe it had something to do with the fact that I've never bathed ini a luxurious bath tub before. Either way.

After rinsing myself off, I got out of the tub, drained the water, and dried myself off. I pulled on my jean shorts, and loose knit white long sleeve. I rubbed the towel over my hair until it wasn’t dripping wet anymore. I rubbed the steam away from the mirror and glanced at my reflection. I touched the bags under my eyes, my big bug eyes; and combed through my long dark hair, trying to untangle all the curls from each other. I sighed and left the bathroom. I never bothered doing anything special with my hair, or put make-up on. I was just too impatient for it. The hair styling always dried my hair out, and the make-up made my face feel itchy anyways.

I glanced around the room, taking it in more so than I had yesterday. There was a wooden desk under the window that was in front of my bed, and another door to the left of it. I walked towards it and opened it, revealing an empty closet to my expectations. It was pretty big, bigger than the one I had at home, for sure. I guess if I had nothing to do later on, which I’m sure I would, I could organize my clothes in here.

I glanced towards the door, hesitating whether or not I should head out, or stay hidden inside the four walls of my new bedroom. But my grumbling stomach protested against the later, so sighing I walked toward the door and headed down the long hallway.
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