Couldn't Be More Different



A plate of steaming eggs presents itself in front of me. I look up to see the plump chef smiling at me; his dimples accentuated, and gestures for me to eat. Not wanting to be rude, although I’m not all too hungry anymore, I pick up the fork anyways.

After forcing down the last forkful of egg, I step out of the room, surveying my surroundings. I stretch, and then place my hands on my hips. Where to start, where to start… I decide I’d rather not spend the day in the immense and empty mansion on my own, so I pull out my cell and text the one person I know will come to my rescue.

Delilah: my ‘fiancé’ left me all by my lonesome, and this place gives me the creeps…would you like to keep your best friend company? (:
Not a moment later my cell buzzes in my hands. Annabel: Of course hon! Be there in a gif ;) BTW, what an ass face.

I laugh and shake my head, shoving my phone back into my pocket. I shuffle through the hallway, my socked feet sliding on the slippery floor; giving off the impression that I was gliding on ice. Just for kicks I twirl on one leg with my arms stretched out for balance, pretending for a moment I am a graceful figure skater, even though I am far from graceful.

I halt in front of a big glass siding door, the bright sun shining through. The warmth it offers looks inviting, so I slide it open and step outside. I breathe in deeply, the fresh air flowing throughout my body, feeling at ease finally. I survey the scene in front of me. A sparkling pool with a smooth surface is encased within lovely bushels of rose bushes. There is a cobblestone path on the left that leads to some unknown destination. Considering I am in the mood for an adventure, I start toward the path, giddy with excitement at where it will take me.

About an hour and a half of adventuring later, there is a knock at the door. The butler beats me to it, opening it to present none other than my glorious saviour. She drops the bags she is carrying as I squeal and jump into her arms, giggling as we almost topple over. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I squeeze out one last hug before letting her go.

Anna smiles and picks up the bags, “I brought the goods, now let us gossip and do each other’s nails while we stuff ourselves silly,” she wears an evil smile, and then cackles evilly as I lead her up the stairs. I look over my shoulder at the butler, who looks up at us with a frightened expression just before we turn the corner.

I poke her in her side, “Turn down your crazy, you’re scaring the housekeepers,” I giggle. Anna feels absolute no shame whatsoever. Going to school, people considered her an odd one. But she has this liveliness in her that attracted me to her like a magnet. She has no fear in living, an attribute I admire.

I push open the door and watch as her jaw drops significantly. I smirk, “This isn’t even the best part. Wait until you see the bathroom…it’s like a day trip to the spa.” I say this as I lead her outside the bathroom door, and with a flourish I push it open.

Her eyes are wide, taking in every nook and cranny; opening anything with a nob to discover what wonderful surprise lies inside. It reminds me of the Easter Egg Hunts I used to have as a kid. It was always such a delight looking under pillows and behind cupboards trying to find candies, and that once I had discovered a hiding place I felt such accomplishment. I could tell this is exactly how Anna is feeling now just by the look on her face.

She turns to me with the biggest smile, “I am totally sleeping over tonight.” She turns and catches sight of my queen sized bed, and just like my first night here, she’s running towards it and flinging herself atop its silky surface. “It’s like I’m floating on a cloud!” And then she starts making silk angels.

I laugh and pick up her bags, placing them on the bed beside her. “Oooh, what did you bring?” I skim through the first bag and start pulling out a box of Oreos, a spray can of cheese, a box of crackers, a package of M&Ms, and a box of popcorn. I look up at her with disbelief, “Are you trying to fatten me up, or clog my arteries?”

She rolls her eyes, “This is a girls’ night, and as girls it is our duty to stuff ourselves with junk. It’s the perfect cure for breakups, and engagements to total ass holes that ditch you to do God knows what. And…I brought our favourite movies.” She winks at me as I scoff, but grab the bag she holds out to me. There’s 50 First Dates, Ferris Bueller, and The Vow.

I look up at her, “The Vow? Usually we watch comedies…I heard this was like, tear inducing.” I toss the movie into her lap.

“Hey, we’re entitled to one sappy romance; every girl needs a good cry…”

I give her a look, “Right, because this has absolutely nothing to do with you Channing Tatum obsession.” I roll my eyes at her as she blushes. To hell, Anna isn’t the sappy romantic type.

“C’mon, it’s Channing freaking Tatum.”

“Then you should have brought over 21 Jump Street; combination of Tatum and comedy,” sometimes I wonder if Anna is secretly a romantic…

“Whatever, let’s get this party started, girl!”
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Sorry for the delay, grade 12 is suffocating me with homework D:
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