Couldn't Be More Different



“So what is this plan of yours?” Anna inquires as I’m placing the clothes I have on hangers. I examine the dress; straightening it out and getting rid of the crinkles, before placing it on the rack in my closet.

I turn around to face her and bite my lip, “I have no idea as far as getting out of this marriage goes…but I’ve decided to try to get along with Ethan.” Anna makes a face followed by a gaging sound. I smile and throw my balled up socks at her. She deflects before regaining seriousness. “Besides, he has a girlfriend, and I don’t want to get in the way of that; it wouldn’t be fair. I mean, how would you like being forced to marry some random when you’re already in love with someone else? I understand why he rebels so much.” I place the last of the hanger on the rack, and then shut the door behind me.

“It’s still no reason for him to act like a complete dick towards you.” Anna collapses against the bed, crinkling empty junk wrappers as she crushes them. I walk towards the bed and hold on to the post.

“I know, but at least I understand why. I’ll have to talk to him later today… if I can get him to listen to me for more than 5 seconds before shrugging me off.”

Anna scoffs, “Good luck with that.”

“Thanks, I’ll definitely need it,” I smile. “Oh! I almost forgot,” I sit down next to her on the bed, “so I went on my own little adventure today. I discovered something pretty cool, you’ll love it.” I’m all of a sudden giddy with excitement.

Anna sits up and smiles softly, “Sure, lead the way, Columbus.”


I lead Anna down the path I had ventured down earlier today. I’m not wearing my shoes, so my feet slap against the cold stones; it feels refreshing. At first the path swerves through tamed, flowering brushes, but it’s not until we’re farther along the path that the surrounding greenery becomes wild and overgrown, as if it’s about to consume us. It is like whoever tends to the garden got lazy half way through, and gave up.

I hear Anna huffing behind me as she struggles to push away the branches and leaves that swing her way after I’ve pushed through them. “Honestly, Deli, where are you taking me?” I shake my head knowingly at her impatience.

“Calm down, we’re almost there. Enjoy the beauty of nature,” I stick out my arm and gesture to the surrounding greens.

“My ass…”

I push through the last set of the curtain of leaves to stand in front of the largest Willow tree I’ve ever seen. I’ve always fancied them and the cliché of sitting beneath one as I looked up through the overhanging leaves. “Ta da!” I throw my arms out.

“A tree? This is your magical place?” Anna isn’t the type to be fascinated in the natural beauties of the world.

“Precisely. Now, let us go inside and discover its mysteries.” I smile and then twirl my way towards the curtain of leaves encasing the large trunk.

“You’re whack, you know that!”

“I know! Isn’t it wonderful?” I giggle as I collapse on the soft grass. I sigh contently, and close my eyes. Although I don’t see her, I can hear her as she pulls aside a few hanging leaves, and sit next to me.

“If I didn’t have this place, then I would mind much more of my marrying Ethan. But this place is the perfect escape.”

“If four years of friendship has taught me anything, it’s that you are a strong girl. You can make it through anything.”
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