The Crazy Runaways

Chapter 2 - Setting In

5:00 - "Okay, great everyone is here," Max said. "Its time for all of us to get in with our tickets into our 4 bed suite."

"Ma'am do you have your tickets," the maintenance guy said. "Yes we do it's for the four of us." Max replied with a strong tone.

We all lined up allowing him to see our faces.

"Girls, aren't you a little too young to be going on a cruise by yourselves?" he said. "No we're not actually because our parents just went it. You see if you had payed a second of your undivided attention to whats around you then you would have seen them." Max said in a smart tone.

"You guys may pass through." he replied with an attitude."Thank you." we all replied in a sarcastic tone.

So later through all the checking in and trouble, we finally got into our assigned rooms.

Basically our assigned rooms were horrible! It was completely trashed and they owed us a new room. So instead of heading to the authority we decided to take our own charge and get ourselves a new room...

"Holy Shit! Now THIS room is freaking awesome." said Tyler as she jumped onto the bed.

I mean seriously this isn't just any cheap, crappy room on a ship. This room has free food, marble floor and marble kitchen, beds with the sea blue color, windows with a view of the ocean and the beautiful outside, alltogether as big as a groundfloor of a house!!

"Oh my gosh, I'm setting up all my things to get ready to roam around the ship," Jess said. I suggest you guys do the same because there's gonna be a whole lot of fun on this boat!"

"Yeah, I'm gonna set up my things and get what I'm gonna wear," I said.

"WE DEFINITELY HAVE TO HAVE FUN!! I can't wait to go partying and clubbing." Tyler said.

"Tyler, we're like 15 to 16 years old, we can't just go clubbing, especially when we are breaking all the rules and are bound to get in trouble if we are not careful." Max said

"Okay, well all i know is that we are going out at 9 and we are going to have crazy fun!" Jess said.

"Sorry guys but I think I'm gonna cancel because I'm extremely tired and just want to stay in bed." Tyler responded.

"Suit, yourself, maybe later you can come." Jess replied.

"You sure you're gonna be okay?" Max said.

"Yeah I will, I'll just text you and catch up with you guys later." Tyler said.

"Okay, well feel better and energetic soon - Girls get ready to go out and have some fun!" Jess exclaimed.