The Crazy Runaways

Chapter 3 -BYE!!!


So I'm alone right now but I'm okay. Everything is going great!! That is everything started going completely fine until we heard loud music coming from across the hallway!!

I mean really this is a cruise, what type of management would allow music to be played around the rooms!!! I honestly can't take the noise. This needs to stop now...

"Oh my Dillion, what the hell is going on! Okay so this is the room with all the freaking noise!!!


"Damn, what time is it anyway?" I said while looking at my phone. Me having butterfingers, dropped my phone and... *WHAM!!!* My head being hit by the door left me on the ground, unconsious.

ELISA'S P. O. V. (Elsewhere)

"Yes! Finally we get to go out and have some fun!", Jess said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, just calm down and don't get yourself into trouble," Max said. "Okay whatever, let's just quickly go to that mini mall and go shopping before it decides to close," replied Jess. "Okay then let's go," Max said.

Then this seemingly familiar guy that I'm sure I've seen before bumps into Max.

"Hey, what the hell is your problem man, you can't say excuse me."Max yelled in pain. "Oh my gosh, I'm soooooo sorry. It was a total accident, i never meant for it to happen." he said. "Well - she paused as she looked at his face and got a better look but, we coudn't hear anything they were saying soon after that because JESS decided to let me know right then, in that very interesting moment who that guy and two his friends next to him were!

"DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?" Jess whispered. "That is ALLSTAR WEEKEND, AND THE HUNK MAX IS TALKING TO IS ZACH PORTER!!" she said as she giggled and blushed in excitement.

"Oh so that's where I know him from!?" I said. "Like really where the HECK IS TYLER!? THIS IS LIKE HER FAVORITE BAND! Ima call her."


"Crap this girl won't pick up! Oh my gosh, it's times like this that she will definitely regret being tired and staying inside!!!

Max later approaches us with blushing with a smile and paper in her hand. "SOOO... GIVE ME DETAILS GIRL!!" Jess said.

Max replied "We talked it over, introduced ourselves, he apologized and he made it me by giving me 4 TICKETS TO AN ALLSTAR WEEKEND concert. But guys calm down though, I don't really like him in that way..."

"What?! Are you like okay Max?! You guys are PERFECT together!?"Jess said. "Well, whatever let's just go to the mini mall and get back to check on Tyler." she said to both of us.

"Just to let you know Max, you need to get out of that shell, like that egg shell has been broken for a while, you just don't want to come out, its freakishly annoying annd irritating you SHY, SHY, girl."I said.

"Guys I'm not shy, I just don't want to express my awesomeness so I don't intimidate you." Max said.

"Yeah yeah whatever." I said as we left to the mall. But i thought to myself, what the heck is Tyler doing thst she missed out on this IN-CRE-DI-BLE event!!