The Crazy Runaways

Chapter 7 - ¿Quieres empezar?

Elisa's P. O. V

So all of us are now getting ready and swiftly forcing Max to look SOMEWHAT like an actual girl! I'm telling you this girl needs to stop being so insecure...

~5 Minutes Later~

"After all the screaming and fighting we've all been through, Max you finally look acceptable to take out."

"Hey why don't you shut up isn't it enough you guys got me to do this crap - I'm just surprised at myself that I haven't killed all of you right now!" Max complained.

"Max, you look good, now stop complaining! We don't have time we are probably gonna be 10 minutes late if we're lucky and I will murder someone if I find out we missed Blame it on September!" Tyler said in a satirical tone.

"Oh my gosh can we just go!" I yelled.

"Hey, have you heard that there's some stowaway's here?" one man said.

"Yeah, I did, I heard they were four girls without parents. Possibly even runaways." Another man replied.

"Way to ruin my week - now our shifts have been changed jus so we make sure that there aren't any crazies here sneaking into the boat."

"Yeah we better start searching around quick so we can end this stupid charade."

" You know what maybe we can even get a reward of we find those girls!" The man replied. "Hahaha, better be cute too!"

"Oh my gosh we're gonna get into so much trouble!" Jess yelled.

"Hey, who's there?" No one had replied as we were frozen in fear.

No one else was supposed to actually be in the area we were in.

"No one is supposed to be here!" one of the guys yelled.

"Hey maybe it's those girls we heard about?" one of the men said to the other.

"Yeah it must be." So by now you guys can tell that we were panicking and had no idea what to do, by now we were halfway there to the concert so there's no turning back now.

"Oh my gosh, there's a supply closet right there come on let's just quickly get in." Max whispered.

We all then had swiftly walked into the room full of supplies and janitor clothes. BAM!

"Nice going genius, why'd you shut the door so hard, now they're gonna find us!!" I yelled at Tyler.

"Well sorry, it's not like I did it on purpose!" Tyler replied.

"Oh my gosh we're going to get raped! Did you guys just not hear what they said?" Max said. "Oh I hope the girls are cute." Max mocked in a deep voice.

"Okay okay everyone just calm down." I said. "We need to find a way to get out of here without any trouble."

"Well whatever it is, it needs to be done fast. They're probably trailing where they heard the sound." Tyler nervously said. "

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Hey, we know your in there!" the man said. "Yeah, you guys better get out of here soon or else we'll call security!"

"Oh my gosh what are we gonna do!? I'm like freaking out right now!" I said.

"Wait I think I got an idea! You guys see those janitor clothes right there, well wear them. They will be our key to getting us out of here!" Jess said.

"This better work Jess!" Tyler replied.

"Well do you have a better idea?!" Max said and without hesitation everyone quickly put on the janitor clothes.

"Wait, there's only 3 of them? How am I going to get out?" I said.

"I know, I know. I'll think of something just wait and let me get Tyler and Max looking somewhat like janitor ladies." Jess said.

She pulled out her emergency makeup kit from her purse and made Tyler and Max older than they really are - enough to be unrecognizable. I, however, was just siting, waiting for what Jess had planned for me. Five minutes never felt so long before.

"You know what come and bring security, these are probably the girls we're looking for." We overheard as we they were putting the janitor outfit over their clothes.

"Well we need to hurry guys, we are already 20 minutes late for the concert and I don't even know how I am gonna make it out of here without getting caught!" I said.

"Ok, after thinking I finally got the idea on how you can get out of here without getting caught." Jess said. "Well what is it, we don't have all day you know?!" I commanded.

"You're gonna have to get into the cleaning cart and hide inside the garbage pile."

"Are you freaking kidding me? Do you want me to smell like shit throughout the whole concert? Yeah because smelling like shit is very attractive?!" I said in a sassy tone.

"Look Elisa, there's no time for complaining just get in the freaking cart - like you said, it's not like we have all day." Tyler snapped.

"Ok, whatever but you guys SO, owe me BIG TIME!" Yeah I actually went through with the plan... Don't ask why because I can't even explain what went through my mind at the time. The next time I ask them to do a big favor for me, they better remember the time I got my ass into a cleaning cart.

Max, Tyler and Jess had all left the closet with the cleaning cart as I was in it and the security guards had approached us.

"Wait who are you guys? I have never seen you guys on the crew before? And what were you guys doing in there?" they questioned. Then hilariously - Jess started to talk in a Spanish accent and Tyler and Max followed along.

"Ehh, we no speak Eng-e-lish very well? Whata you want?" Jess snapped.

"Jou know what, we need no waste time. We need go clean bathroom."

"Oh guys its just some stupid spanish cleaning people!" one of the guys said.

"Hahaha, yeah! I wonder the hell Tyler continued.

"¿Que? (What?) Are jou making fun of us?" Jess said.

"Mira a estos pendejos - Creo que quieren empezar algo! (Look at these assholes - I think they want to start something!)" Tyler said loudly.

"Que se queden un día en el país, cuando se van, su culo será golpeado con tanta fuerza que no van a ser capaces de sentarse durante semanas!(Let them stay a day in the country, when they leave, their ass will be beaten so hard that they will not be able to sit for weeks!)" Max said.

"Sí, vamos a empezar algo. Vamos a ver quién es realmente el estúpido! (Yes, let's start something. Let's see who really is the stupid one!)" Max replied.

After that, a roll of Spanish words I didn't even know but we're hilariously said with their fake Spanish accent.

*Even though I'm not hispanic like them - I can understand some of their spanish. I mean if you live in Miami long enough, you'll start to understand some Spanish. And I'm pretty sure they took this to offense, I mean I definitely wouldn't want anyone making fun of my heritage.*

"Okay, okay, okay calm down don't need to get too mad!" one of them said.

Through all the smelly garbage I lay on top of, I managed to laugh and SOMEHOW, they managed to hear me.

"Hey what was that? Did you hear that? It sounded like it can from the cart!" one security guy had mentioned.

" hombre! estos tipos no se detendrán! (Man these guys will not stop!)" Tyler snapped. "Fine, fine we're leaving!" the guards said through all the confusion.

I'm pretty sure they had absolutely no idea what the hell they we're saying, but that's what they get for messing with us crazy runaways!