The Crazy Runaways

Chapter 8 - The Concert

Max's P.O.V

Okay. Let's get this straight. I do not like Zach Porter. He is cute and no, I do not have anything against him, Allstar Weekend is a very cool band. Though it's funny how these girls expect me to get into a relationship when they know me well enough that I refuse to be pushed into things and will not date someone who is like 5 years older than me!!

"Max you better come out with a boyfriend for all the crap you put me through!" Jess said as we were in the bathroom. "FIRST OF ALL I WAS FORCED TO WEAR MAKEUP AND GO THROUGH HELL FOR AN HOUR! IT'S NOT MY FAULT SO DO NOT BLAME THIS ON ME!"

"NO, WE CAN'T BLAME IT ON YOU, WE CAN ONLY BLAME IT... ON SEPTEMBER!" she said before she laughed. "You guys need to stop arguing 1, because we are at an Allstar Weekend concert and none of you, and I mean NONE of you are going to ruin it for me! 2 Because if Max doesn't want to get with Zach then thats fine. But for now SHUTUP AND LISTEN TO THE ALLSTAR WEEKEND!"

"Words of wisdom right there, words of wisdom!" Elisa said. "Yeah okay, I guess I was being too harsh. Sorry, Max." Jess said. "It okay, you know I still love you." I replied

We then all walked together into the concert. One of the best I have seen actually. It was a fun experience and I'm happy I shared it with my friends. ____________________________________________________________________
Jess's P.O.V

Finally we have a little peace. Great band actually, I'll listen to them more once we get back to our room. But, we can't leave as soon as I expected since Elisa and Tyler wanted to get their Allstar Weekend shirts signed.

"I'm not complaining but this line is seriously long. At least we're somewhat close." I said. "I know, I'm feeling really tired and drained I think we should head back to the room." Max replied. "Well ok guys, we'll go back after we get our shirts signed. Just be sure not to lose the key." Elisa said. "Wait, I thought you had the key Elisa?" Tyler replied

"How can I have the key, I gave it to Max after you guys were finished changing into the janitor." Elisa said. "Yeah but then I put it in my purse in the garbage when you were as we inside." Max said.

"Okay everyone just check your purses and pockets to see if anyone has the key." I said as we moved closer and closer to the line. "Uh-oh." Max said. "What, what uh-oh, no uh-oh's, we don't need and uh-on right now." I said startled. "I have a small hole inside my purse." she replied.

"Well the hole isn't big enough for the key to fall off of right?" Elisa questioned. "Ummm, well, it kinda is." Max replied. "Great just great, who knew we'd get into so many complications from going to the concert." I said. "Well you guys have to go back and find it, there's no way Elisa and I are missing this meet and greet, plus we have to take some really cool pictures with them!"

"But we need all the help we can get going back to find the garbage cart and going back to the closet." Max said. "Well, we'll help you after we finish getting autographs and taking a picture!" Elisa replied. "Ugh okay, well we gotta make it quick because who know who else will find it or where it could end up!"