The Crazy Runaways

Chapter 9 - Four Words. Must. Find. That. Key.

Tyler's P. O. V.

"Next!" one of the security guards has said. One of the most unreal things that could have happened on the boat. "Hey guys!" Elisa and I both said together. We then handed them our posters for them to sign while Jess and Max where behind us.

"Thanks so much for the tickets we really enjoyed the concert!" Max came up to say to Zach. "No problem." he replied.

First person I went up to was Cameron. Oh god. It was Cameron. One of my several boy crushes. Remember Tyler, remember stay calm. Must not over fangirl, if that's even possible.

"Oh my gosh, Cameron I love you!" I yelled as I came closer to hug him. Woah! What the heck did I just say? Did I just say that out loud??? Jeeze, what's wrong with me.

"Hahaha, ignore her. She's just being her usual self. Can we have an autograph we're kind of in a hurry?" Elisa said.

"Sure!" he said as we handed in our posters. "How was the concert?" he questioned as he was signing our posters.

"You guys were awesome! You guys just keep getting better and better every time I see your concerts!” I said excitedly. “Yeah you guys were in-credible!” Elisa added.

After the short conversation we had, I quickly asked to take a photo and spontaneously Cameron kissed me on the cheek! Oh and he also said he liked my eyes.

Once we were done taking the picture I walked away slowly, in shock, while touching my right cheek.

He kissed me. Cameron Quiseng kissed me. On my cheek. Can I die now? Is this real?

“Elisa.” I said. “U-huh.” Elisa replied in a shocked state of mind. “Did you, did you see that?” I stuttered in a shaky voice. “Yeah. Yes I did.” She replied in a shaky voice. Three seconds later we begin to scream all at once “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can’t believe this happened! What just happened this is awesome! Ahhhhh!!!”

I don’t really remember who said what, but those were a few of the many words said while we were screaming and after a while of that, people started to look at us as if something was wrong with us and Jess and Max interrupt us and grab our hands.

“Come one guys! We have to go and find the key!” Max said. “For all we know it could be in the hands of someone that could get us kicked off the boat!” Jess added.

Jess and Max then pulled us towards the direction of the area in which we left the cleaning cart.

“Okay everyone you got to be quiet, one of the janitors are near the cart and we can’t attract any more attention. We’re just gonna have to wait until the janitor leaves.” Jess whispered as we all crouched behind a corner.

Surprisingly, the janitor hung onto the cart for quite a long time so we decided to play some games on our phone and stupid us, didn’t realize he left with the cart a few minutes ago.

“Um guys, where did the janitor go?!” I asked. “Wait what!? No one was looking at what the janitor was doing?” Max asked. “Apparently not, I guess we were too busy on our phones and weren’t paying attention!" Jess replied.

"Oh wait! I think thats him right there. C'mon lets go follow him!" Elisa said.

We then sneakly followed him to where he left the cleaning cart and ended up in a place full of about 20 cleaning carts.

Oh gosh. Really. I mean of all things how the hell are we gonna find the key. It's almost like finding a needle in a hay stack.


"We'll at least there's four of us we better start searching!" I said. "Oh hell no, why do I have to do this again!!" Elisa sighed. "Well we're getting off the boat tomorrow, we really need to find the key and get our stuff ready before we leave!" Jess replied. "Damn it man, we'll get started because we have a lot of cart's ahead of us. Let's get started." Max said.

Ugh, what the hell did we get in to!?