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Songs That Change People's Lives

Song #8

"Say I'm Sorry" by Theory of a Deadman

This song is just something that means to me because really it's about letting go. I live in a town that I can't stand. I just don't know where to start with it. I feel stuck here, and the longer I'm here the more stuck I feel.

"Maybe when I leave I'll lead a life less empty." That part just is always stuck on me. It's like when I leave the town I'm in and go to the town I want. Hopefully then I will get to have a life that is what I want. I know that it may not work out, but I am still going to keep my hopes up that it will work. I just can't live in a town that I'm not happy in. I can't stand the people here.

I guess I just like bigger cities where people don't exactly know me. I want to live somewhere that I can just be myself and be around people that really do care. In this town I don't have that. This song has just made my wait possible and bit more bearable. I think that my wait will be worth it. I'll be that much more happy that I can live somewhere else.
♠ ♠ ♠
This is a song that means a lot to me. I honestly want to get these lyrics tattooed on me somewhere. It's just something that has meaning to me.