Status: Messy hair, sleepless nights, & craft beer - cheers to that for helping me write again for the first time since April.

Too Dead for Dreaming

“It’s all okay, it’s all beautiful; but ah fear that this internal sea is gaunnae subside soon, leaving this poisonous shite washed up, stranded up in ma body.”

AU Danny Worsnop fanfiction very much inspired by Irvine Welsh.
  1. prologue
    neon altars shine bright.
  2. i.
  3. ii.
  4. iii.
    “This is what being alive's all about, all those ***ed up feelings. You've got to have them; when you stop, watch out.”
  5. iv.
  6. v.
  7. vi.
  8. vii.
  9. viii.
    Cold, cold heart / Hard done by you / Some things look better, baby / Just passing through