Status: story I thought I'd try out.. comment if you want more or I may let it die

One of a Kind...?

Genesis is a creature like no other, she want born the normal way with one mother and one father thus becoming half her mom and half her dad, the details of her birth have been lost over the years but we do know this...

Twenty-three years ago an elder from all the fable creatures went to a meeting deep in the mysterious wood one and one alone returned. She carried with her an infant sostrange our tribe thought to kill her, our glorious elder forbade us though with her dying breath she extracted a promise to protect the child.

We now believe that child is a mix breed between all fable creatures.. However she isn't half anything she had all the strengths and powers from all the tribes we have never seen such a thing. Some of us are afraid of her, have even tried to kill her, but nothing harms her.

I however believe she will save us all.. That or murder us... I guess you could say I am her sister, you see it was my mother who brought her back... I was the one who raised her, who was her best friend, but now someone has taken her.. There is a smell in the air much like her own..but different. We are the fairies..
  1. who would dare!?
    who would dare to kidnap Genesis?
  2. the Big bad wolf
    'fine but he's your mate not mine'i said back
  3. what we are..
    the dark fairy, Genesis' possible mate explains what she is and what he is as well..
  4. home again
    what happens when Genesis returns home?
  5. The Other One
    the other version of Genesis enters the story.