Status: story I thought I'd try out.. comment if you want more or I may let it die

One of a Kind...?

who would dare!?

I wake up and look around wondering how I feel asleep standing and why my wrists and arms hurt so much. Its then that I see I'm chained to the ceiling by my wrists.. WHO WOULD DARE KIDNAP GENESIS!? I roared in my head. I will find out I calmed myself. Suddenly a horrible banshee scream filled the cave. I smiled inwardly at my scream, and kept it going.

A young werewolf came running out holding his ears "STOP!" He yelled.

"who dares tell Genesis what to do?" I growl at him my werewolf making her dominance known.

I could feel his inner wolf cower before me I laughed internally. "you are our captive you must obey" he said little shakily.

"Am I?"I ask him knowing how easy I can escape.

"of course you are look you are chained."he said easily.

"I am no one's captive" I told him confidently "I can be free anytime I like."

Just then a large wolf walked in commanding my attention..or that of my wolf.

'i must go to him' she told me


'he is our mate' she said.

'fine change go but he's YOUR mate not MINE' I told her.