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One of a Kind...?

the Big bad wolf

'no man will control me' I thought to my wolf

With that I flicked the chains off and shifted to my wolf form funnily enough my wolf was bigger by far than her mate.

"Bow before your Alpha" he told her.

"Oh no we won't" I spoke up for her "We now to no man" we told him.

"You will do as you're told!"he growled at me.

We turned toward the cave exit and ran easily avoiding all the lowly wolves in my path.

Twenty miles down the road I stopped at a lake. 'some wonderful mate you got there Cynthia.' I grumbled shifting to my fairy form.

'we didn't give him a chance' she complained

I started to fly up to find my way home, but as I flew I heard a voice. 'come now Genesis you don't think you can run from your fate do you "asked a voice very near me. I looked over to see a darkly handsome fairy flying over to me.

'It can't be!' Cynthia and I exclaimed in our head.

'he smells the same tho!'Cynthia said wonderingly

'yes I noticed' I growled

'what if he is the same as us?'she asked

'no we are the only one!' I insisted.

"Having a nice chat?" He asked flying closer to me.

"Back off" I screamed in my banshee voice.

"No. You are my mate." He said simply.

" I have no mate! I am one of a kind"I snapped at him.
but I am different to. Give me a chance.."
"I'm the closest you'll ever find. I'll admit we aren't the same