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One of a Kind...?

what we are..

"I admit we aren't exactly the same, see I was born of all the dark creatures and none of the light, you however have dark and light in you. there were meant to be others but the ceremony went bad some how however three were born, well four if you count the still born.. But only one came out whole... You. There was meant to b be a.. Protector shallwe say for each tribe but somehow it went terribly wrong. I only have the powers of the night. Dawn powers of the day and you as it was meet to be have the powers of all."

I slowly drifted back to the ground. "So I am truly one of a kind? There are no others?" I said more to myself than to him."

"yes. .and I am your mate. Will you accept me?" He asked softly.

"give me time to think about it I say flying toward home
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