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One of a Kind...?

home again

I arrived home to the village of the fairies of light in the wee hours of the night. Emma (my sister) was asleep on the couch she had deep worry lines beneath her eyes. "poor Emma" I said softly.

I'll just let her sleep. I thought as I walked toward my room.
***the next day***

"Gen!! You're back!! I thought I'd never see you again!!" Emma said throwing her arms around me.

"Of course I'm back you silly thing you! I couldn't wait to see you're smiling face again!" I told her with a laugh.

"so where were you anyway?" She asked.

I told her about my kidnapping and the werewolf darkfairy creature.. And how he'd said he was my mate...

"I was afraid that's what had happened.. At least it wasn't the other one." She said softly

"what other one?" I asked.

"Well.." She pause stalling" mother said when she was a little girl not ten years old, the elders from all the tribes met in the mystical woods only one creature was absent.. There was an accident.. They never meant to... They didn't know what powers they had tapped into..they created a life much like yourself.. They were scared.. They tried to kill him but didn't know how.. That's why you were created."
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