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One of a Kind...?

The Other One

"Well Plotinus, was accidentally created when the elders had their annual discussion of the laws and regulations of the magical populations. That was one hundred years before you were created. All the elders were terrified he was just too strong. They tried to kill him every chance they got, they feared he would turn against them. Plotinus of course grew bitter over their hatred and his himself away from the magical races. He vowed he'd get his revenge. The races devised a plan after many many years. The plan was for each race to have a protector but you were the only one that turned out right and the other two aren't strong enough to overcome him." Emma explained

"Has Plotinus ever tried to invade one of the races?" Genesis asked.

"not yet but there have been rumors he's near the mermaids lair. He is said to be trying to ally with the lower level magical creatures!" Emma said

***a few Weeks later in Plotinus' lair***

"I see I'll have to work quickly to win her to my side or I'll lose her to the darkling." Plotinus pondered aloud. "Go and fetch her for me Frawling." He said to his underling.
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