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Love Bites

Welcome to Eternal Hell

This battle between the hunters and the werewolves will never be resolved. Somehow, someway I was in the back of my dad’s black escalade he only used for hunting purposes. Outside sounded like a complete war zone.

“Give her to me!” Someone demanded loudly.

“Not in a million years, Peter.” My dad shot back. The trunk flew open revealing a disoriented Aiden.

“Get up right now! Peter is coming and he’ll kill you!” Aiden shouted, trying to pull me up. I was in too much pain to lift a muscle. My body ached. I was torn apart and I was starting to feel it. This pain, this fear, I knew who would win and it was definitely not the hunters. Aiden threw me over his shoulder and started to run away from the battle zone. “If you can hear me, move a piece of my hair.” Aiden whispered as he ran deeper and deeper into the woods. Slowly, I picked up a piece of his golden lock, remembering all the good days we had as a couple.
My fingers ran through Aiden’s soft, golden hair as we stared deep into each other’s eyes. The sun was rising and my bed never felt more comfy.

“I love you, Aiden.” I whispered, caressing his soft cheek. Aiden grinned, grabbing my hand.

“I love you, Scarlett. I promise to always love you.” Aiden leaned in and gave me a sweet, sincere kiss. Full of passion and complete love, I believe him. I believed every single moment of this.

“Aiden…” I whispered out. “Where… where are we going?”

“Away.” He stated coldly. “Peter made it clear that he wants you. And we don’t know what he’s going to do with you, but whatever it is, I won’t let him. I lost you once to a crazy bitch, I won’t lose you to another one.” Aiden stopped and put me back down onto my two feet. I wobbled, like a doe fresh out of a deer’s womb. I felt weak and lifeless, something I was used to feeling by now.

“Just let Peter get to me. It’s for the best, Aiden.” I cupped his cheeks, staring straight into his blue eyes.

“Then I’m going down with you, Scarlett. I don’t want you to be in pain anymore. I did too much to hurt you this year. I’m the one that deserves all this, not you.” Aiden’s eyes began to well up with tears, as he gripped onto my hands.

“Get a room, kids.” Peter flashed his dazzling smile. “Oh wait, you can’t get one because of me, right?” Aiden wrapped his arms protectively around me.

“You have to get through me before you get to her.” Aiden stood his ground, even if he didn’t know what he was up against.

“Get back here, Peter!” My dad roared, running down with all his other hunters. Peter took note of them drawing their weapons and glared directly at me.

“Give Scarlett to me, Aiden. Be a good boy about it and nobody will get hurt. If you give her to me now and she’ll live.” Peter reasoned, or at least tried.

“Like I’ll ever believe a word that comes out of your mouth, you crazy bastard.” Aiden snarled. “I don’t trust you, one bit.” Tazers started to fly everywhere as well as arrows. In less than a blink of an eye, Aiden was pushed to the ground, knocked out, and I was in a chokehold from Peter.

“LET. HER. GO.” My dad demanded, finally reaching to the point where Peter was standing.

“Tell your men to stop their fire.” Peter ordered. My dad was reluctant, but eventually ordered his men to stop their fire. “Now, please tell me what happened to your believed wife, son.” My dad balled up his fists, suddenly hearing them crack.

“What’s it to you, Hale?” My dad spat. Peter’s grip on me suddenly got tighter, restricting my breath. My eyes popped out of their sockets as I latched onto his hands, trying to tear them away from me.

“Bad choice, Adams.” Peter smirked, choking me tighter and tighter by the second.

“Mu-reeeder,” I choked out. “S-h-he w-ass murdered.” Peter let go of his tight grip, allowing me to breath, but still kept the hold.

“Your daughter has more guts than you, Adams.” Peter chuckled evilly. “Now, if you tell me why she was murdered your daughter will be free.”

“You.” My dad said quickly. “You turned her into our mortal enemy and Gerard killed her. ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.” My dad tried to grab Peter, but in a millisecond my dad and his men were all down on the floor, unconscious, while I was tossed into a pile of leaves and water.

“Finally, you’re mine.” Peter’s eyes started to glow red as his canines started to show. “Welcome to the wolf life, sweetheart.” An ear piercing shriek was escaped from my mouth before I finally slipped into a welcoming blackness.
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