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Falling for You

Bill is in love with his best friend, Mina, but after her abusive father sends her to military school, their worlds change.
  1. I don't Like Her!
    Just an opening chapter to get a feel for the characters
  2. Unexpectedly
    Just a chapter to get into the actaul story,
  3. Changes.
    Bill and Mina's relationships changes
  4. Going Home
    Mina and the guys get to go back home
  5. Things Change
    Bill nad Mina are together again, oh wait there's something different
  6. A lot of Drama and a happy ending
    They finallyy get back together
  7. In all Honesty
    Bill and Mina have a little chat
  8. Jealousy, rage, and waffles
    Kiro and Mina's dad have a disscussion about their relationship, and Kiro finally adresses an important issue.
  9. Happy
    Another filler chapter
  10. A bad situation turned worse
    Bill and Mina have another moment and things turn out in a different way.
  11. The End of Bill and Mina
    This is the end for them(or is it?)....but the story is not over yet :D
  12. Hurt feelings and a hotel room in Munich
    Mina wanders around the city and finds herself in a weird hotel, but no fear Tom to the rescue.
  13. Tom to the rescue
    Well there it is...
  14. Reality
    Mina and Tom get caught and she goes to Bill
  15. Jealousy
    Bill is a little jealous
  16. Welcome Back
    Kiro pays a visit
  17. The roots of forgiveness
    A glance is all the apology she needs
  18. Falling all over again
    I love happy middles