My Allstar Wish

Chapter 3 - Going on Tour!

Okay it's morning, I got up and put on my sleepers and then checked the bathroom to see if the boys were still there. Thankfully they're still asleep, but sleeping in the worst positions. "Awww aren't they adorable." I said while laughing to myself. Anyway there was no time for staring at them, I had to talk to my parents about the trip to Florida before they leave.

"Hey dad, hey mom!" I said as I meet them downstairs. "Well good morning to you too Rachel." my mom said. "Hey have I ever told how much I love you guys and mom I just wana say how much I appreciate all the things you do around the house. All the things you do mean so much to me!" I said. 'Haha, okay Rachel what do you want?" she replied.

"Well, I won the chance to go on tour with Allstar Weekend to Florida and I was wondering if I can go with them today to Florida?" I questioned. "Absolutely not, I'm not gonna let you go on tour with 3 boys alone on the bus to Florida." she said. "But mom, you know how much I love this band. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I won't be able to forgive you if I ever miss it!!" I begged. "Rhonda, you know how much this means to her just let her go, I mean she's eighteen, we raised her well enough to handle herself around boys." my dad defended. "Oh, ok, at leas your actually going out and we're not gonna have to see you on the computer all day anymore. if anything goes wrong be sure to call us and let us know when you arrive to each place." my mom said.

"Oh my gosh thank you so much mom I love you both!" I said while hugging both of them and giving them kisses. As I watched my parents leave for work I realized I needed to pack some clothes for the trip. I went upstairs and to my surprise the boys are still sleeping. At least that would give me some time to pack my clothes and maybe even make them breakfast.

*1 hour later*

Ok so I packed up all my stuff and I mad breakfast for the boys. Now, it's time for me to wake up the boys. As easy as it would seem, these boys are actually hard to wake up. It took me a long while of pushing and dragging to finally wake them up!

"Five more minutes mom." Cameron said. "Ugh come on you guys, we have to get you to the bus and I made you guys breakfast." Almost immediately they woke up and I directed them downstairs to the kitchen where they ate. "Nice house you have here." Zach said as he was eating.. "Thanks." I replied. "Oh and thanks for the hosiptality you have given us. We really appreciate it!" Michael said. "Anytime." I replied.

As soon as they were done eating we got a ride from one of my friends to the bus. I'm still in shock. I can't believe this is actually happening. One, I am going to see my friends from Florida and two, I;m going on tour with Allstar Weekend. I'm pretty sure not many people even get the chance to say that! It's definitely gonna be a big adventure for me!