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A Scandal in Hollywood

Hollywood. You see the glitz, you see the glamour, you see the celebrities faces on the glossy magazines...but do you see more than that? Do you see the truth? Do you see what happens behind the scenes? You see everything: the break-ups, the breakdowns, the hookups, the divorces...but do you see past that? Do you see the love, the hurt, the people behind the perfect hair and shiny teeth?

Look past all that and you'll discover Neil: the movie star who is greiving over the loss of his second wife, while Hollywood accuses him of killing her. Just wanting to stop the pain, he signs up to star in a new movie, much to the surprise of the Hollywood crowd, who scrutinizes his every move.

Look past all that and you'll discover Laura: the daughter of two lawyers who see their daughter as little more than a live-in babysitter. Desperate to go to college and make a life for herself she gets wrapped up in the fast-paced life of Brett, the son of Neil McKelvey.