If It Was Meant to Happen...

Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil "phan"fiction filled with angst, drama, love and all that stuff. xD

NOTE: The first chapter is not mine, all that was written by Danosaur (her mibba username) and i give all credit to her. That story of hers inspired me to make this story, and i had to put this in so it made sence. Yup.

This entire story will be of Dan's point of view, so i will change the first chapter a bit so instead of it saying "Dan" it will say "me" or "I"
  1. It all fell to pieces...
    This part is in third person due to the original writer of this chapter. The rest will be in Dan's POV
  2. I need to stay away...
  3. It was all out of pure heartbreak
  4. It finally happened
  5. Letting her know.
  6. Finally. Happiness.
  7. Nightmare.