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String Theory

naked and confused

I gasped as I realized I was completely nude... save for the sheets that is.. "Wha.. What DID we do last night?" I am suddenly terrified of the answer.

" shall I show you?" he asked climbing into the bed and drawing back the sheets.

"NO!!" I shouted " don't! we didn't!!.. did we? O no what about malcolm?! and Diana? what are we going to tell them!? how will we explain?!" I screeched appalled.

" Gigi come on, its ok we're married we can do these things.. and what about malcolm and Diana? why would we tell them what we did on our honeymoon? and why would we explain? we didn't even invite them to the wedding, we don't care what they think remember?" he asked.

" what do you mean were married!? I don't understand! you're with diana and I'm in love with Malcolm!" I said very confused and beginning to get upset. " you thought I was a joke when I liked you... and malcolm came along and I finally realized I never loved you.. I just wanted you.. I love malcolm!" I began to sob. " you don't love me.. you never cared about me you always used me and that's all you want now!" I cried subs racking my body he preached for me
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