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Stand And Be Strong


I woke up someone banging on my door. I rolled over to look at the clock – it was only 8:00 in the morning. I groaned and climbed out of bed to open the door. Why the fuck was Casey up at the hour? “What?!” I said, swinging open the door. It wasn’t Casey; it was Josh standing there with a smirk on his face.

“Well, good morning to you too, sunshine” he said.

“I thought you were Casey. What do you want?” needless to say, I’m not a morning person.

“Come play fifa with us!” he said excitedly. I guess I must have had a pretty pissed off look on my face because his smile fell and he stuck out his bottom lip, “please?”

“It is 8 in the morning! Why are you even here?” I asked him. Why was he here? Or even awake at this ungodly hour? Then I remembered, Max had stayed the night.

“Casey called us. Her and Max were bored I guess”

“Us?” who else was here?

“yepp. The rest of the guys are here as well.” I didn’t even answer him; I just shut the door and went back into my room. As Josh walked away, I heard him announce that I’d be out in a minute. I groaned to myself and opened the door to my closet. I guess I should get dressed and see what’s going on. I brushed through my hair quickly and pulled on a hoodie and skinny jeans before dragging myself out into the living room. I was greeted with six hello’s. Chris and Casey were locked into a game of fifa while the others were cheering them on.

I shook my head at them. This is what I was woken up for? I made myself some coffee and sat down on the couch between Dan and Matt. “tired?” Matt laughed and I just nodded.

“why for fuck’s sake are you all awake now?” I yawned.

“we had a meeting early this morning” Matt said.


“yeah for our-“ Max had started to give me answer but Dan covered his mouth with his hand to cut him off. “job” said, finishing Max’s sentence.

“you all work at the same job..?” Casey wondered. Judging by the looks on everyone else’s faces, we weren’t the only ones confused.

“uh.. I guess so..” Max covered up. We all kind of let it go after that. Once Chris and Casey were done with their game, they wanted to go get some breakfast. We walked down the street to the little diner Casey and I had gone to when we first came here. The same one where we met Max.

Dan’s P.OV.

Casey and Riley were two of the coolest girls I’ve met. Mostly, because they didn’t care that I was in a band. Everyone else just liked me because I was in a band. I’ve ever had good luck with girls who knew who I was, and I was starting to really like Riley. Max had taken a liking to Casey too. I didn’t want Riley to know we were in a band because I didn’t want her to treat me differently. She was awesome so far, the two of them were down to do pretty much anything. We had gone out for drinks and we had seen a show. They were different and I liked that.

My last girlfriend and I didn’t work out. I had met her while on tour. Halfway through the tour we had a show back home in Surrey. We were unloading the truck and a girl came up to us, asking for directions to the nearest gas station. She was proper fit. I gave her directions and asked if she would be at the show. I saw her later, after the show. We went out to sign things for our fans, and she was waiting off to the side. When I was finished with the people waiting for me, I asked her if she wanted to go out for drinks. Things escalated from there. We dated for a year before I found she cheated on me. She just liked the title of a drummer’s girlfriend.

That’s how a lot of my relationships had gone. Ever since the band had gotten more popular, I couldn’t have anything serious. Riley was different, because she didn’t know.

I’m not sure if we’d ever be able to amount to anything, seeing as we just met, but I’d like to at least have my chance.
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