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Stand And Be Strong


Dan's P.O.V.

For the next few weeks, I spent a lot of time with Riley. She had become as close to me as my mates in the band. I had taken her out on a date to the movies a few days back, but other than that we hadn’t really gotten anywhere beyond friends. I liked her a lot though and I was fairly certain she liked me as well, but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t want to mess it up, that’s what I was worried about most.

In about two weeks, it'll be Halloween. Originally, we were supposed to be on your September through November, but the headlining band had to drop out so we had a few months at home. I love being in the band, don't get me wrong, but time at home is nice. I like having my family nearby.

Every Halloween -well every one we're home for- I throw a costume party at my flat. It's usually pretty out of control by the end of the night, but it's a lot of fun. The guys end up passed out on floor or the couches but its well worth it for spending time with our mates.

Today was a shopping day. I dragged Josh with me to pick up some thing for the party and to find a costume to wear. To be honest, I was a little nervous. I know Casey and max would go together, but would Riley bring a date?

I planned on inviting her tonight. Max and I were going over theirs to watch movies tonight. It was weird. We did a lot of things like that. Things most people would call double dates but they weren't like that for us.

As much as I liked her, I enjoyed the fact that we jut hang out as friends, nothing awkward. That's what we did. Max and Casey were standing in the living room arguing about what to watch. I was in the kitchen, helping Riley figure out how to cook frozen pizza. We finally got two of them in the oven and were able to relax for about 20 minutes.

"let's watch season 2 of Gossip Girl!" I shouted at them. They both just turned towards me and yelled "no!"

Riley started to laugh as she jumped up on the counter. I leaned back next to where she was sitting. "so Halloweens coming up soon... Are you busy?" I started.

She shook her head. "nope"

"every year I usually have this party at my flat. You and Casey should come. We'll have good time, yeah?"

"yeah sure. We'll be there" she smiled and moved her hair out of her face.

"oh, and there's one more thing..."

Riley's P.O.V.

Dan was rubbing the back of his neck and it almost made me think he was nervous about something. "I need a date"

"you want me to help you find a date?" I was confused. He could take anyone he wanted and I'm sure he'd have no problem asking someone on his own. What did he need me for?

"no you numpty" he laughed, "I want you to be my date" oh. Me? Why me? He could take anybody, so the fact that he chose me was utterly confusing. I mean, he just thinks of us as friends.

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