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Love Me Tender

Better Outlook

I felt like a zombie. traded. me. after all I did for the Stars organization! The harsh excuse of "Your just not in the plans of this team, boys, I'm sorry, Pittsburgh is ecstatic to have you however!" left a very bitter taste. I wanted to stay with the Stars for a long time, obviously that wasn't going to happen. Maybe Pittsburgh would be good for me, a change of scenery to a city that's actually noticed hockey, actually appreciated it. I didn't know what to except or where to even start.
"You two will head to the airport ASAP. Enjoy your time in Pittsburgh!"
I looked at James who just nodded tightly, he was as scared as I was that was evident. Unlike me, he had a pretty serious girlfriend. I sighed, knowing what it felt like having to leave someone you love to further your hockey career.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about Raychel, the night of the bonfire was pure torture and I still haven't completely healed. I know I sounded like a melodramatic teenage boy but it's how I felt. She was my best friend and I fucking lost her.
I turned on my heel and stalked out of the room, seeing some of my teammates faces on the way by, they all gave me somber faces and knowing nods. I returned all of it, just wanting to get the hell out of there and to the airport.
We finally took off and I had to spend almost all of the plane ride trying to calm James down, he was livid. He was mad about the trade, mad at himself for not having the balls to call Erin and tell her himself about the trade.
"James I can see the steam coming out of your ears." I joked, he just glared.
"At least your trade was a clean break, I have a relationship I have to deal with!" he spat, "You've just fucked half the girls in Dallas and that's it"
It was somewhat true, I was known to always have a different girl in my apartment every now and then, but I definitely have not fucked half the girls in Dallas.
"Have you even had relationship before?" James accused. I was taken back. I only told a couple of guys on the team about Raychel. it just wasn't something I wanted to share, and no one ever really asked. I sighed.
"There was one...but it kinda ended before it even started." I said looking down at the floor. James softened, giving me pity, then he laughed, "Look at us! Pro hockey players in the prime stages of our careers and we're worrying about our lady problems. It's just kind of surreal, all of this, ya know?" he questioned, I simply nodded, laughing. "It's a scary thing, growing up." I said. The rest of the plane ride was relative quiet. My stomach was in knots but I wasn't about to let it show. Thoughts ran through my mind about Pittsburgh. How where the people? Was the city a nice place to live? Only time would tell I suppose...
"Gentlemen! Welcome to Pittsburgh! I was sent to pick you up and straight to CONSOL. Follow me." A relatively old man ushered us to the sleek black Mustang. James and I shared a look that said 'Here goes nothing'
"You boys spend anytime in the city before?" The driver asked, "I'm Jim by the way." he smiled.
"I'm James and this is Matt" James motioned to us. Jim nodded. "and no, neither have us have spent much time in the city." he continued. He gave us a humble smiled. "Well I've lived in this here city my whole life..." that was evident in his heavy accent that wasn't close to the ones I've heard in the south. "...and boys, yinz better prepare yourself for the best skyline your young eyes have seen at the end of this tunnel." he beamed. You could see the pride in his face, Jim obviously took pride in living here. It gave me a sense of encouragement in being here.
'and so far.' I thought 'the people are pretty awesome.' I smiled to myself. "Alright boys, all eyes on deck." Jim beamed.
My mouth dropped. The city was breathtaking. The skyscrapers came toward you in a sort of triangle. Rivers to either side of you. Heinz field to the left of you, factories to the right. Something told me that I would never grow tired of the view. We heard Jim snort, " If I had a camera to snap your faces right now i would." We smiled and laughed. "Told you it was a beaut. We're about 15 minutes from the arena boys, don't hurt your neck trying to take in all the sights." he heckled. The generally fatherly type of Jim made my heart lighter then it had been for the first time today. Neal and I shared another look, this time both our attitudes were different. The sadness and anger we felt earlier that day was melted away maybe the second we emerged from Ft. Pitt Tunnel.
Pittsburgh was my new home now, and I was definitely okay with that.
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