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Love Me Tender

Seeing Ghosts

"Alright boys, welcome to your new playground" Jim said as he turned into the parking lot of CONSOL. James and I took in the sight of our new barn, the outside was gorgeous, the inside must be just as amazing.
"Well this is where our journey ends, we sure are glad you’re here. See you again in June?" he asked. James and I both smiled.
“Hopefully” James beamed, we laughed like old friends for a few moments before stepping out of the taxi. We started walking, trying to find our way around when James broke the silence, “Holy shit it’s cold,” he whined, pulling his jacket closer to him.
“Well, the faster we find our way inside this place, the faster you’ll get warmed,” I teased. James gave me a hard glare in return.
“Whatever,” he mumbled, shoving me.
“Hello boys!” We jumped at the sudden new voice; we looked up to see two girls standing by the door to what I assumed to be the back of the arena.
“Um…hi there,” James started, the girl stuck out your hand, James shook it.
“I’m Maddie, and this is-ow!” the girl, er…Maddie, suddenly yelped in pain, glaring at the girl who was a significant amount of steps behind her. James and I shared a puzzling look. “Excuse her, she’s feeling a bit under the weather today…now as I was saying we’re here to give you a mini tour of the place and then hand you over to our boss, Sam, to discuss a few things. Sound good?” she clarified. We both agreed, “Great! follow me!” We started to walk into the arena, but the other girl who was with us waited until we were all in and followed still a fair amount behind us.
What was her deal? Was she bitter about us coming here, because trust me, I wasn’t up to coming here either. I also noticed that her long hair was covering up her face. ‘What the fuck is she hiding?’ I thought, trying to focus my attention on the tour so I didn’t get lost in this massive place, I couldn’t help but trying to sneak a peek at mystery girl. I needed to know why she was being so secretive. Suddenly, as we were approaching the main media office a voice boomed to us.
“Oh good you four are here, now I need one of you to stay here to help me, and I nominate Raychel! Now I’ll be back so….” I wasn’t able to catch the rest of what he was saying, me head started spinning. Surely he didn’t mean my Ray-, I mean, the Raychel I was friends with way back when. I looked back at her, she looked like a deer caught in the headlights, she tried to turn every which way and look anywhere but where I was, but now I got a glimpse of her full face.
It was her. It was Raychel.
She looked like a deer caught in the headlights and she started rambling, “Sam…I-I’m not feeling-g too well, can’t Maddie stay, I nee-eed rest.” She pleaded, her voice fading in and out, the man, who I assumed was Sam, looked at her in agreement.
“You’re right, you don’t look good…fine go home and rest, Maddie, is that all right with you?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good, goodbye Raychel I hope you feel better,” Sam said, “Now come on in you three and have a seat, I’ll be back in a few,” Same said, passing by all of us into a different room, I waited until Maddie and James went inside to grab Raychel by the arms. She looked petrified.
“Raychel?” I said, she didn’t look me in the eyes.
“Please, Matt. Not here. Not now. Please.” She said.
“Then when?” I asked lamely. She shook her head.
“I don’t know. I need to go. Now.” She pleaded, her voice sounded so small. It wasn't a good enough answer for me, but I could see she was on the brink of tears, and her skin was pale and cold, she wasn’t in any state to talk. Before I let go of her are, I gently kissed her head and gave her shoulder a squeeze, something I used to do all the time when she was stressed over one thing or another growing up. This time, it just made her more tense, and I felt like I was about to break a porcelain doll, I quickly let go of her and headed into the room, my head spinning even more. I sat down with a sigh.
James nudged me on the side, “Dude you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.”
“I-I’m fine. Just a bit of a headache, that’s all.” I answered putting my fingers through my hair. He let the subject drop and I was thankfully for that.
“What a fucking day…” I mumbled, hoping the optimism I held coming to Pittsburgh, didn't wavier with my latest discovery.
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