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Love Me Tender

Hello Stranger

"What are you doing here?" I asked, attempting to keep my voice steady. At first he looked happy to see me, but that quickly turned sour.
I could tell he didn’t know exactly why I was just getting to my apartment, but he’s a smart guy, he’ll figure it out.
“I thought we could carpool into CONSOL together…” he trailed. I could hear him desperately trying to keep his voice upbeat and genuine, but the underlying confusion was obvious.
I decided to keep up my act. “Sure! That sounds good, I just need to change and we can head out,” I replied with just as much pep. He nodded stiffly as I unlocked my apartment door.
“How long were you waiting?” I ask.
“Not long.” He replies sharply, his voice unreadable.
I quickly shuffled into my room and locked the door. He knows. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. I quickly grabbed my work clothes and changed. The last thing I needed was Matt alone in my living room to further analyze my recent outing.
“Ready?” I smiled. He nodded and made his way to the door without waiting. He was trying everything possible to make as little interaction with me, making it hard for me to find out if he’s angry, confused, hurt, or all three. I took a heavy sigh and followed him to the car.
The ride was fairly silent until he spoke up. “Remember that Christmas party way back during freshmen year at Duluth?”
I rattled my brain for the memory. “Kind of why…” I asked turning down the radio to hear him better.
“Remember Julie.” He asked flatly. My blood ran cold.
“Of course.” I said unevenly, trying to hide my venom. A half smile slowly crept onto his face but was gone as fast as it appeared.
“You didn’t talk to me for a week after you found out I slept with her.” He reminisced.
“Matt what does this have to do with anything?” I demanded. He glanced over at me expecting me to catch on.
I did.
“Oh, so what Matt, you aren’t going to talk to me for a week because I slept with someone?” I yelled. He scoffed.
“Maybe.” He snapped, crossing his arms. I pulled into the parking garage and Matt leaned over me and shut my door when I tried to leave.
“What the hell?”
“Why.” He stated. I looked into his eyes for the first time all morning and saw the hurt. I felt like the scum of the earth, but I wasn’t about to let him see that.
“Because I was having fun,” I answered. He tensed up and the hurt was washed away by anger and confusion.
“So you sleep with random strangers just to ‘have fun’?” he mocked. I glared at the steering wheel.
“NO!” I shouted. He laughed in spite. I was getting angrier.
“Look Matt do you want an apology or what? I’m sorry for sleeping with a random stranger, dad it won-“
“Raychel this isn’t about last night! Stop treating it like such a joke! Just ask yourself how you felt after I slept with Julie, and then maybe try to remember a couple nights ago when you kissed me back.” He spouted angrily before quickly exiting the car and rushing into the building, giving me no time to counter. I sat there frozen for a minute.
That night he slept with Julie I was a wreck; I was so angry at him and hurt and angry at myself for loving such an idiot! I didn’t want to see his face for a long time after it. Now the roles are reversed and I feel like complete shit. I told him a couple nights ago that I wanted to take things slow, just become friends again. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want that and if this was a year or two ago, I would gladly accept that, hell, if this was two weeks ago I would’ve, but now the situation is complicated. I can’t date any of the athletes I work with; it’s the first rule of the job.
And then there’s Ian.
I can’t deny that last night sparked something and it’s a feeling that I’m hoping will go away with the hangover, but for now I think it’s best if Matt and I do the whole ignoring each other thing. I checked my appearance in the mirror and entered the office. I was welcomed by a smiling Maddie.
“So your night was pretty…eventful.” She said wiggling her eyebrows. I could see Matt and a couple of other players turn their attention towards us.
Bunch of eavesdroppers.
“We can talk about it later,” I pleaded, fixing my eyes on Matt who had his back towards me. I saw the shoulders of a few of the guys drop and I rolled my eyes.
“Ah good Raychel you’re here, feeling better I presume?” Sam beamed as he walked into the room. I smiled at him and nodded.
“Never better!”
“Good. Because you two will be accompanying me on a field trip to the press room!” He beamed excitedly. Maddie clapped her hands in mock celebration and I plastered on a smile.
“Matt where’s your buddy?” Sam asked referring to Neal.
“Right here.” James said walking into the room.
“Ah good good. Matt, James don’t get too comfortable before your first practice with the boys I promised a special interview with the crew at KDKA. They will be in shortly!” He said going back into his office. My eyes bugged out of my head and I needed to get out of the room before I puked. I rushed to the end of the hall into the bathroom sat in the stall shaking. This is not happening right now. My luck cannot get this bad. I refuse. Ian is a cameraman for KDKA but he can’t be coming here for the interview. No. KDKA has a ton of cameramen, not just him. I’m fine. I have nothing to worry about. I finally calmed down enough to see all cords and cameras going into the press room. I straightened out my skirt and walked in slowly. I saw the cameras, but no men. I was just about to relax when I heard a familiar voice.
“Hello stranger.” He said from behind I shut my eyes and internally told the world to go fuck itself. I turned around to see a very well put together Ian who had a wicked smile on his face. I didn’t have the chance to answer him before his boss ordered him into place and the press conference. I sat next to Maddie and she gave me a look. I shut my eyes and hopped that this was all just a nightmare.
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