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Love Me Tender

Burying the Hatchet and Digging New Holes

I felt three pairs of eyes watch me as I sat there, I felt like I was going to snap any minute. Nothing eventful happened except for the fact that Matt put two and two together between Ian and I. The way he stormed past everyone once the meeting dismissed made me sure of that. Maddie left me in the room with Ian just as quick; giving me a wink before she turned out the door.
Fuck me.
"Need any help?" I asked him as he was rolling up cords and equipment.
"Would this count as a second date?" He replied. I laughed.
"Was last night considered our first?" I countered. He dropped his cord and walked closer to me.
"Last night was whatever you wanted it to be" he whispered. I had to back track and my knees almost buckled in front of me. He smiled triumphantly. He took another step towards me, close enough to kiss, but he quickly turned around to finish his work, leaving me flushed and lightheaded.
"Has anyone told you that you're very forward?" I asked once I remembered how to speak.
"Yes." He shrugged off my question I shook my head and helped him finish.
I met this guy yesterday and I could see that he was the opposite of Matt. Ian was forward, hot, dashing, didn't care about intruding your personal space. Matt was timid, awkward, respectful. The only thing they have in common was my attraction to them. "So what's up with you and the new guy?" Ian asked.
I blinked at him, "Excuse me?"
"I'm not stupid. I saw the stares he was giving you and the glares he was giving me. So what is it? Ex-boyfriend? Lover? Protective brother?"
I didn't know what to reply. "Matt's...complicated,” I sighed, “Let’s just say we both want different things right now." I explained. Ian took the cord from my hands but quickly grabbed my arm.
"And what is it that you want, Raychel?" He said stroking my wrist. I tried my best to keep my breathing steady.
"I want to get back to work..." I trailed. Ian smirked and I knew he didn’t take my pathetic bait.
"Yes. So if you would" I answered, gesturing toward my wrist. He released his grip and I made my way towards the door.
"Raychel." Ian said as I gripped the door handle. I turned to him.
He gave me a wicked smile and wink. "You know this is alllll you want." He said gesturing to himself.
I rolled my eyes, "Goodbye Ian."
I couldn't shake the small smile on my face as I walked into my office.
"We'll isn't that lucky." I heard Maddie sneer at me when I walked in, my smile grew wider.
"Shut up." I mumbled.
"You've been bitten by the looooove buuuug" she coo'ed.
"Have not," I accused "I just met him yesterday, Mad." I protested. She sighed dramatically.
"So? Everyone starts somewhere. You just started in the middle."
"That makes no sense." I accused, she shrugged me off.
"All I'm saying is that you deserve him, take a chance. Be freeeee" she said while spreading out her arms and flapping them. I laughed at her and contemplated why she was my friend.
I was actually starting to enjoy myself until I heard a throat clear at the door.
"Uh...aren't you supposed to be practicing?" Maddie asked.
"Sick." was all Matt replied, "Can you give us a minute." He said to Maddie, but never taking his eyes off me. Maddie gave me a look and I just nodded. She left and I sat down at my desk.
"What do you want Matt?"
"We need to talk." He said sternly; he was biting his jaw; making it hard and defined.
"I thought you were going to ignore me." I countered.
"Look I came to apologize." He said. I was surprised.
"For what..." I trailed.
"I overreacted this morning. Ever since I got here all I've been doing is overreact. I'm just stressed right now so I'm sorry if I came on too strong the other night and I'm sorry I was acting so bitchy; I'm just not used to being with you again; to seeing you again. And I'd like to take you up on that offer of starting…friends? Again?"
I sit there speechless as the lanky Minnesota boy switched his weight from foot to foot and scratched his neck. I think I've seen more different emotions from Matt these past three days then I have all the years I knew him. He was genuine and still waiting for answer. I got up and practically tackled him into a hug.
"Apology accepted. Just promise me you'll stop being such a moody teenager okay?" I laughed. He smiled and my heart skipped a beat.
He wrapped me into a hug and I greeted his warmth. I was glad to finally have my best friend back. We let go of each other but I still couldn’t help the smile that stayed on my face. Matt beamed at me with a look in his eye that I haven’t seen before. It looked like he wanted to say something but was holding it in. I didn’t push it…for now. Matt gave me another quick hug and went to leave. When he opened the door he saw Ian standing there with a confused expression.
“Hi!” Ian said to Matt and I wanted to hide in a hole. I wanted to be anywhere but there that moment.
“uh, hi.” Matt said quickly and didn’t wait for Ian to answer before shuffling down the hall. I gave Ian a hard look.
“Don’t you have work to do?” I asked him, he shrugged.
“Maybe. I just came here to ask you a simple question, don’t get all defensive on my, love.” He responded and my thought process turned to mush.
“I am not getting defensive!” I said defensively. He just gave me a look and I sighed. “What is your question.” I asked more calmly.
“What time do you get off here?”
“What time do you get home?”
“That’s two questions.” I said.
“What time do you get home?” Ian repeated.
“Great! Pick you up at 6:30 no need to give me your address, Maddie covered that. Okay bye now.” Ian said quickly and winked at me and without another word he left and I was left to think about what in the fuck just happened.
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