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Silver Confetti

It was shortly ten after seven on a brisk November morning in Manchester, England. The grey skies threatened the city below with a white gleam that would have many guessing later in the day whether a winter wonderland would be arriving early before the holiday season. However, even if the flakes wouldn’t yet grace the land with their presence, the sharp wind and bitter air was enough to keep families either relaxed at home or nestled in one of the many coffee shops downtown. Somehow the warm promise from a gingerbread mocha still attracted teenagers and adults alike out of their cozy bedrooms and into the shops for their Christmas shopping. Even on piercingly drizzy and cold mornings such as this.
Though many of the apartment buildings around the city were already insulated by their experienced residents (most used to the merciless winters England tends to bring), young tenants still left a spot, either here or there, open to the chill. Usually just being rushed in the end of the year spirit.
Apartment 4D on the 12th floor of this particular building, home to two such young people, appeared to be no different.