Since When?

The entire thing.

The lights on the stage burned images into Josh's vision. He couldn't see the crowd, but he could certainly hear them screaming his lyrics right back at him. His throat threatened to constrict, and he was ashamed to feel tears sting at the corners of his eyes; he fought it back. It was always overwhelming to hear thousands of people singing his own lyrics back to him, but right now he had to give them a show.

The show went as quickly and energetically as it always did. Josh jumped, danced, shuffled, kicked, punched and swept his way across the stage. He spent most of the show draping his arm over Chris' shoulder or rubbing his arse against Matt, but they were all too high on the atmosphere of the show to care. Every so often, Josh would get up on Dan's drum rise and bash the cymbal with the microphone or brush his fingertips over Dan's bare shoulders, just dicking around like he normally did. Once when Dan had a short break in the drums, he pinched Josh's arse, earning himself a look from Josh which was slightly less alarmed and more suggestive than he'd intended.

As Josh breathed out the last lines of No One Does It Better, their last song, he held his arms up to the crowd and sighed as they screamed at him. He grinned like a maniac: he really did love his job. He said his goodbyes and thankyous, then ran off backstage and pulled Max into a one-armed hug, still beaming wildly.

"Guys, that was amazing", he panted, still more than a little out of breath.

The boys nodded in agreement, Max letting out an enthusiastic "YEAAAHHH!" They huddled up, not caring about their sweaty clothes and heaving breath and general messiness, and congratulated each other on the show.

As they broke apart, Josh could swear he felt Dan's hand brush down along his back and over his arse, but he figured he was just imagining it. He was still a bit delirious, after all. He flicked his hair out of his eyes and wiped a few stray beads of sweat off his forehead, then shuffled to wherever he’d dumped his bag, meaning to find some clean clothes and jump under a cold shower.

Arms full of fresh clothes, Josh dragged his heavy feet to the bathroom while trying to hold his clothes as far from his sweaty body as he could. Various backstage crew members patted him on the back and offered a few “Great show, mate”s and “Brilliant as always”s. Josh smiled weakly at each one – Jesus Christ, he was tired. The door to the bathroom was closed and Josh could hear running water, so he flopped down onto the couch opposite the bathroom and closed his eyes, taking the chance to finally rest a bit.

Behind his eyelids, he could still see the laser lights from the show and the screaming crowds. He replayed parts of the show in his mind, smiling as he remembered them singing at the tops of their lungs. That was always his favourite part, listening to people singing lyrics he’d written as though their lives depended on it. As though they meant the world to them. Which, Josh realised, may be the case for some people.

A few minutes later, Josh heard the water stop running and opened his eyes. He hadn’t meant to have them closed for so long, but it had felt so good. He was going to enjoy sleeping tonight. He heaved himself off the couch with much effort and perched himself on the armrest, trying to look at least a little bit awake. The bathroom door swung open, and Josh was greeted by a sight that wasn’t rare, but that didn’t make it any less breathtaking: Dan’s body, almost naked except for a towel around the waist, his skin shimmering with the steam from the bathroom, tattoos glistening softly in the dimming light, clavicles looking anything but human. Josh, as usual, was trying not to stare enviously. Dan grinned at him, clearly still a bit high from the show.

“Y’alright, mate? You look a bit knackered.”

“Yeah, so should you be. How’re you so chirpy?”

Dan grinned widely. “We just played a show, mate. Crowd singin’ back to us, everyone jumping ‘cause they’re so excited to see us, the energy buzzin’ like crazy around the room; how could I not be chirpy?”

Josh had do concede that he had a point.

“Still, I’m buggered,” stated Josh, pushing himself off the couch towards the bathroom.

“I wish.”

Josh turned and frowned at Dan, wondering if he’d heard correctly. Dan’s eyes widened slightly, and he smiled uncomfortably before rushing away. Too tired to bother, Josh shrugged it off, quickly shutting the door and stripping out of his sweaty, gross stage clothes. Glancing in the mirror, he made a face and promised himself he’d go on an insanely long run next chance he got. Sighing and running his hands through his still slightly damp hair, he turned the water on.

Josh scrubbed and lathered and washed, trying to get the gross sweaty feeling off. When he was satisfied, he flicked the hot water off and stood under the cold water as it stung his face. It was absolutely freezing, and he had to fight to breathe for the first few moments, but the cold made his skin feel so tight and it woke him up immediately, and he always felt great afterwards.

Shutting off the icy water, he went straight for his towel and rubbed his arms hard, trying to get some warmth again. Drying off, he found himself wondering about Dan. What was going on? He was starting to think that he hadn’t imagined Dan’s little brush over his arse, and that kind of confused him. Well, he couldn’t deny he found Dan hot as hell, but despite the jokes they made he’d never thought Dan was … so inclined. But now that he thought about it, he could see Dan with a guy. Preferably a guy with dark hair. Blue eyes, a bit of scruff, maybe a little more chub that he was happy with…

Woah. Josh caught himself. Where the fuck did that come from?

He shook his head, accidentally sending droplets of water all over the small bathroom. Sighing, he rubbed the towel over his hair, then set about getting dressed. It felt so good to finally be wearing some clean stuff, even if it was just trackies and a ratty old shirt (he was about to go to bed, after all).

Bunching up the gross stuff in his arms after hanging his towel up, Josh shuffled out of the bathroom and dropped the bundle into his bag. He didn’t even really care about getting his clean stuff all skanky, he just wanted to get to the hotel room and veg out. He wasn’t really tired anymore after his refreshing shower, but his limbs were still heavy. He went to find the guys, and discovered that they’d all been waiting for him in the backstage area. He muttered an apology, then dashed back to get his bag and made his way to the bus with the boys. He was somehow the first on the bus, and he celebrated this by laying across three seats. Max and Chris scoffed at him, hardly surprised, and Matt thumped him on his exposed stomach but otherwise left him alone. The three band mates headed to the back of the bus to play a bit of Fifa, leaving Josh to lay down and Dan to leave him in peace too.

Dan, apparently, had something else in mind entirely.

Seeing Josh sprawled over the seats, Dan decided he needed to be taught a lesson. As Josh let his eyes drift closed, Dan sat himself firmly on Josh’s stomach, making his eyes open wide and a loud “guh!” escape him. Josh tried to push Dan off, but the seats gave him no leverage whatsoever, and the bus chose that moment to lurch forward, so all he succeeded in doing was shifting Dan a little further down his body until he was perched on Josh’s hips. And, subsequently, his crotch.

Josh groaned, partly from lack of air and partly because he knew Dan was definitely going to taunt him now. A mischievous grin spread across Dan’s face, which caused Josh to gulp rather loudly and rather obviously. Dan shifted his weight ever so slightly, and Josh let out an entirely different groan. He hadn’t meant to, and he clenched his fist as soon as it slipped out, but there was no denying the noise he’d made and Dan was certainly not pretending he hadn’t heard. He raised an eyebrow, feigning innocence, and Josh immediately knew that Dan was indeed so inclined.

Dan’s eyes suddenly lidded, and he smiled wickedly as he began gyrating his hips into Josh. Josh’s mouth opened involuntarily in a silent moan, and he clenched his fists even tighter as he felt that familiar, yet wholly unwelcome, feeling near the base of his stomach. He glared at Dan, trying to figure out what his angle was, but when Dan pressed himself even harder into his hips, Josh got a pretty clear idea.

“Dan”, he muttered, his voice coming out breathier than he’d intended. Dan just purred in response. “Dan, seriously. At least wait until we’re indoors or something.”

“Why?” Dan’s voice was dangerously low and dangerously sexy. “It feels so much dirtier when there are people around.”

His words were accompanied by fingertips brushing up Josh’s side, and Josh sighed heavily to keep from moaning. He didn’t even know what was going on right now. What the fuck was actually happening?

“Dan, what’s …. I don’t get what’s … happening right now. Since when did … what?” Josh cursed himself for his incoherence, but he could hardly be blamed when he had possibly the world’s most gorgeous man grinding his arse right into his crotch.

“Well, what’s happening right now is I’m horny as fuck and so are you.”

“And whose fault is that?” Josh muttered sarcastically, earning himself a pinch in the side. Josh’s hips bucked in reaction, sending him right into Dan and nearly making him cry out. Dan’s eyes closed for a moment, as he sighed long and heavy.

“And as for the ‘since when’, are you asking since when was I into guys, or since when was I into you?”

“Uhh.” It came out as more of a moan, but Josh was far beyond caring. “Both, I suppose.”

Dan smiled, once again putting a little more pressure on Josh. Josh let out a quiet groan this time, his head falling back the tiniest bit.

“Well, I suppose I’ve always been bi. Like, I’m mostly into girls, but every so often I’ll see a guy who just makes me want to rip off his clothes and make him wear me instead…”

Josh was experiencing too much pleasure to even try to understand what Dan had just said.

“…and I’ve kind of been into you ever since I met you.”

Josh lifted his head back up, giving Dan a disbelieving look.

“What?” asked Dan.

“It’s just … I never really though anyone was ever into me, and here you go saying you were even when I had terrible hair and a dress sense that would’ve made my grandma laugh.”

Dan chuckled, nodding slowly.

“Yeah, your clothing was pretty tragic back then, eh? But still, you were always sexy as hell.”

Josh blushed – he actually blushed! – and gazed up at Dan, still hardly daring to believe him. Dan looked back down at him, a playful smile on his lips and his blue eyes looking scarily seductive. Josh felt that tug at the base of his stomach again, and he had to summon all his strength – both physical and mental – to push Dan off him. He sat up, rubbing the back of his neck while still staring at Dan, who was now standing in from of him.

“So, uh, how do we go about this?”

Dan looked confused for a second.

“What, you mean … like … this?” he asked, gesturing crudely to the two of them. Josh nodded sheepishly, and Dan puffed out a breath.

“To be honest, I didn’t think you were gonna be down for it. I was just trying to give myself something to wank to.”

Josh laughed softly, still gazing at the blonde in front of him.

“Well, maybe you’re not the only one with an adventurous side.”

Dan nodded slowly, licking his lips unconsciously. Josh’s eyes followed his tongue, and his mouth hung open just a tiny bit.

“Tell you what,” Dan muttered quietly, suddenly aware of their band mates at the other end of the bus. “When we get back to the hotel, we’ll see just how adventurous you can get.”

Josh smirked and nodded. “Just make sure you’re ready for it.”

Dan bent down and took Josh’s chin in his hand, locking eyes with the gorgeous younger boy. He leaned in to Josh’s ear, letting his lips brush against the skin. “I’ve been ready for it since the day I met you.” Josh let out a shaky breath which was dangerously close to a whine.

Then, without another word, Dan straightened back up and joined the boys in the back. Josh huffed out a breath, still trying to ignore the feeling in his groin, and lay back down, sitting on his hands to avoid any embarrassing incidents. This time, however, he really wasn’t tired at all. All he could think about was Dan, and kissing him, and feeling his chest, and groping his arse, and rubbing his…

Josh had high hopes for the evening.


The bus took less than ten minutes to get to the hotel, but Josh found every second torturous. He hadn’t trusted himself to join the guys, so he’d instead just lay down and tried to keep himself from imagining just how wild Dan could get.

He didn’t do a very good job.

When Josh finally heard the brakes squeal slightly and felt the bus shudder to a stop, he jumped up so fast he gave himself a head rush and bolted to the pavement. He was already grabbing bags out of the side of the bus when the rest of the band was clambering down the steps, and Max looked at him in confusion.

“Jeez mate, what’ve you been taking?”

Josh made a face at him. “I just really want to get to bed, and you dickheads are taking too much time.”

Dan smirked at Josh from behind Matt’s shoulder, earning himself a frustrated glare. “Alright guys, the diva clearly needs her beauty sleep. I’ll go check us in, yeah?”

Dan sauntered away, swaying his hips slightly to give Josh something to stare at. The other guys pulled their bags out tiredly, yawning and scuffing their heels as they followed after Dan. The receptionist gave them the customary look that they’d christened the ‘oh my god it’s you’ before telling them they’d have to divide themselves between two rooms: one with a double bed and the other with a double and a single. Josh immediately shotgunned the double bed room.

“So, who’s going with little Joshie?” Dan asked, winking almost unnoticeably at Josh. The other three shrugged tiredly, not really caring. They just wanted to sleep. Dan sighed exaggeratedly, throwing his hands up.

“Fine, fine, I suppose I’ll have to take one for the team.” He handed Max the key to the three-person room, and they all walked over to the elevator and up to their floor. Dan and Josh were the first in the lift, meaning they were at the back. Dan used the opportunity to give Josh’s arse a quick feel, and Josh found himself bending forward slightly to give Dan more to grab onto.

The doors opened, and the five men strolled down the corridor to find their rooms. Josh and Dan were in room 13, while Matt, Max and Chris were in 20, down the other end of the hall. Josh and Dan reached their room first, and said their goodnights as the others traipsed to theirs. Josh didn’t think he’d ever opened a door so quickly in his life, and as soon as it was shut behind Dan their bags lay forgotten in the corner as Dan pressed Josh against the wall and kissed him hard.

Josh moaned, and he found his fingers working their way up Dan’s back and into his soft blonde hair. He’d never really noticed just how soft it was, but Jesus Christ it was amazing. Dan flicked his tongue across Josh’s bottom lip, and Josh opened his mouth for him with no hesitation. Josh still hadn’t the slightest idea what was going on or why, but at the first taste of Dan’s tongue he realised he couldn’t care less.

Dan was a really, really good kisser. Josh could honestly say he’d never thought about Dan’s kissing skills, or those of any of his band mates, but right now he was kind of having his groggy mind blown. Dan was doing all the right things to turn him on in a big way – flicking Josh’s tongue with his own, nibbling on his lower lip, pulling it into his own mouth, running his tongue over it gently – he was driving Josh mad.

Josh’s hands had left Dan’s hair and were roaming all over Dan’s body. They dragged down Dan’s front, feeling the definition of his chest and stomach, and Josh brushed his palms over Dan’s hips before bringing them to rest on his arse. He squeezed firmly, coaxing a groan from Dan, and he smiled naughtily before pulling their hips together roughly.

Both men groaned loudly, their mouths breaking apart. Their eyes locked as Josh started grinding against Dan, and he smiled when Dan’s eyelids fluttered shut and his head rolled back. He felt Dan respond in kind, and the feeling sent tendrils of pleasure straight to Josh’s groin. He was already a little hard from the intensity of the kiss, and having Dan grind up against him was only making matters worse. Especially when Josh shifted a bit and become aware of a definite bulge in the front of Dan’s jeans.

“Dan”, Josh muttered, his lips still lightly resting against the blonde’s. Dan breathed out a soft “uh-huh”, still rocking his hips gently against Josh’s. “Dan, why now? Why is this happening now?”

Dan sighed, stepping back a bit. Josh nearly whined at the sudden loss of contact, but managed to catch himself by biting his lip.

“I can’t really tell you.”

Josh’s eyes raked over Dan’s face, settling on his now-red, swollen lips. Fuck, why had he said anything? He was wasting time that could be spent making them even redder.

“Sort of reached my breaking point, I suppose.”

Josh’s hands were still resting on Dan’s hips, and he started rubbing gentle circles over Dan’s hips with his thumbs. Dan sighed softly, smiling.

“Just couldn’t resist me any longer, eh?” Josh joked.

“Not for another second”, replied Dan, completely serious.

Josh pushed himself off the wall, grabbing Dan’s wrist a little more roughly than he’d meant to and dragging him over to the surprisingly luxurious bed. He sat down in the centre, feel dangling over the edge as he toed his shoes off. Dan caught on, clambering onto the bed and positioning himself over Josh, straddling him.

He locked their lips together again, his hands on the small of Josh’s back as he guided him to lay down. Josh complied right away, his hands running under Dan’s shirt and up his back as his own sank into the mattress. Josh tugged at the hem of Dan’s shirt and pulled it up to his neck. Their lips came apart with a slight click as Dan sat up and pulled his shirt the rest of the way off, but they were soon brought together again.

Josh still couldn’t completely comprehend how any of this was happening, and he couldn’t get over what a great kisser Dan was. His lips were even softer than they looked and his taste was something Josh just couldn’t get enough of – it was intoxicating. Dan’s tongue was exploring Josh’s mouth thoroughly, and Josh had to remind himself to actually respond, rather than sinking into an overwhelmed stupor.

Dan had started grinding into Josh again, and the added pressure of having Dan’s body lay on top of him was driving Josh crazy. He rocked back against Dan as best he could, groaning as their growing erections rubbed together. Dan broke away and pulled Josh’s shirt off roughly, latching onto his neck immediately and doing his best to leave a reminder. Josh moaned loudly, his hands finding Dan’s arse to pull their hips closer together still.

His eyes rolled back a bit as Dan kept working at his neck. Dan sucked, bit, kissed and licked in a careful routine, and Josh knew he’d have an angry mark in the morning – just one more thing to look forward to. His hands had wound their way into Dan’s hair again and he pulled a bit, making the older boy moan against his neck and jerk his hips down.

Dan kept moving lower down Josh’s body, kissing and licking until Josh was a writhing mess in from of him. As he reached the waistline of Josh’s pants, Dan locked eyes with the brunette without lifting his lips off his waist. Josh stared back down at him, his chest heaving.

“Dan”, he said thickly. Dan traced his hand up the sensitive skin of Josh’s thigh and ghosted it over the painfully obvious lump in his pants (Josh hadn’t bothered with underwear) with a devilish grin. “Dan”, Josh said again, voice whiny with need, “you have to be sure about this”.

“Where’s that adventurous side I was promised, then?” Dan’s voice was practically a purr, sending a wave of hot breath over Josh’s cock. Josh’s voice cracked slightly as he answered.

“I just don’t want things to get weird”.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself completely”.

And without giving Josh time to utter another word, Dan pulled the waistband of Josh’s pants halfway down his thighs with his teeth. Josh sucked in a breath as his cock bounced – literally bounced, how embarrassing – free of its confines. Dan’s eyes widened noticeably, and Josh turned an even deeper shade of red.

“Shit”, Dan breathed, and he took another second to appreciate Josh’s gorgeous, rock-hard cock before he leaned in and licked right up the underside. Josh grit his teeth and clenched his fists in the bed sheets, breath catching in his throat. He was already oozing precum, but before he could even consider being embarrassed, Dan’s smooth tongue was licking his head clean again.

“Fuuuuck”, Josh sighed, and Dan took his cue to take Josh whole in his mouth. He felt Josh’s head nudge the back of his throat, and he moaned against it, knowing it would drive the younger boy up the wall. Josh had to wonder how many times Dan had done this before – he hadn’t even gagged. Dan started up a rhythm, enjoying the fact that Josh was turning into an absolute mess. He’d take Josh as far down his throat as he could a few times, then pull off to suck at his head, flicking his tongue and filling his mouth with Josh’s taste.

Josh was moaning freely now, his knuckles turning white in their death grip on the sheets. Already he could feel his climax building, but he decided that if this was going to happen, it was going to happen properly.

He grabbed Dan’s hair, pulling him off his cock with a wet pop. Dan looked up at him, a string of drool hanging from his open mouth. Josh pulled Dan towards him, catching the string with his tongue before kissing Dan hungrily. Dan moaned against the younger boy’s lips – he hadn’t realised Josh could be so dirty.

Dan was so focused on the kiss he hardly even noticed Josh rolling him over. Only when Dan felt needy fingers at the button of his jeans did he realise what was going on. Josh pulled the zip down, and Dan gasped as a soft hand gripped the base of his stupidly erect cock. Josh lowered himself down slowly, always keeping eye contact with the gorgeous man in front of him. When he stopped just centimetres above Dan’s literally throbbing erection, the blonde let out a strangled groan. Josh smiled mischievously, and he dipped his head lower to lap hungrily at Dan’s balls before he licked the head of his dick like a kid with a lollipop.

Dan swore under his breath, and Josh grinned even more widely before slowly lowering his head onto Dan. He snaked his tongue all over the place, making Dan squirm like nothing else. Josh sped up a bit, loving the feeling of Dan’s dick in his mouth. He was kind of massive – it was actually starting to hurt his jaw –but that just made him love the feeling even more.

Josh got so into it he accidentally choked on Dan’s cock, but when he went to pull away he felt Dan’s hand press against his neck. He realised Dan had been holding himself back from keeping him in place – so Dan liked it when he choked, eh? He felt himself smile a tiny bit, then he shoved himself straight back down ‘til he felt Dan’s head sliding down his throat. He let out another choking noise, and Dan’s hand held his head firmly in place this time, his hips rutting gently. Josh held it for as long as he could, and Dan’s moans became more and more urgent.

Dan suddenly pulled Josh’s head off and reached around for his trackpants which were still around his thighs. He yanked them off haphazardly as Josh knelt in front of him. Dan was a bit surprised – he’d kind of expected a bit of a debate about who’d bottom, but this made it far easier. He found his jeans on the floor, rummaging through the pockets until he found that familiar little tube. He uncapped it hastily, squeezing the lube onto his fingers to warm it up before smoothing it over his already spit-slick cock. Josh was looking at Dan over his shoulder, his eyes wide and his mouth partly open. He sighed appreciatively when Dan reached out and rubbed his slick finger over Josh’s tight hole, working it slowly and lovingly. As his finger slid in, Josh moaned and pushed back against him, and soon enough Dan was three fingers deep.

As Dan brushed rough fingertips over his spot, Josh let out a quiet “please”, his eyes closed and his voice barely more than a breath. Dan pulled his fingers out slowly, wrapping them instead around his cock and wanking himself slowly.

“How much do you want it?” Dan asked teasingly, his eyebrow raised.


“I asked you a question”, said Dan forcefully. Josh’s eyes flicked up to his, and they widened slightly in anticipation. “How. Much. Do. You. Want. It?” Dan strung his words out, enjoying teasing Josh.

“I don’t want it.”

Dan raised his eyebrows.

“I need it”. Josh’s voice was just about the sexiest thing Dan had ever heard in his entire fucking life. He only took a moment to grab Josh’s hip roughly with one hand before he guided his cock fully into Josh’s arse with the other. Both men exhaled noisily.

“Oh my fucking god.”

Josh nodded – Dan had taken the words right out of his mouth. Dan was still for a second or two, just enjoying Josh’s tightness, before pulling out almost completely and slamming right back in. Josh’s head snapped back, his mouth hanging open in a silent cry. Dan’s fingers were digging bruises into Josh’s hips, he was trying so hard not to just fuck Josh senseless. But then all his prayers were answered.

“Fucking go, Dan. Fuck me into this fucking mattress.”

Dan was only too happy to oblige.

The room filled with moans and groans, the sound of Dan’s hips and balls snapping into Josh’s arse like a drumbeat, and Josh cried out in pleasure. Dan was filling him up more than he’d ever been in his life, ramming into his spot over and over and making his cock even harder – he hadn’t thought it possible. His arms were shaking from the effort of holding himself up, and he finally let his face fall into the bed. This new angle was just so that Dan was actually hitting his spot dead-on, and both men moaned loudly.

Once again, Josh felt himself getting close, but he knew from Dan’s breathing that they were in the same boat. Dan suddenly smacked Josh hard on the arse, and Josh let out a needy, whore-ish whine. Dan took the hint and smacked the other cheek a little harder, reaching up to grab Josh’s hair and yank his head up. Josh cried out, not even trying to form proper words anymore. Dan was fucking him into oblivion and he couldn’t even think straight, but with the feeling of his stinging arse cheeks and Dan’s slamming into him and his hair being pulled he didn’t even want to think.

When Dan’s free hand closed over his aching cock and started pumping him in time with his thrusts, Josh nearly lost it. He realised how close he was to his orgasm, but he was still intent on doing things properly, which for him meant getting Dan off first. It took all his remaining coordination (which, admittedly, wasn’t much) to clench around Dan, dragging a loud groan from the blonde and making him tighten his grip. Josh kept tightening every moment or so, until he felt Dan’s hips stutter and the hand still in his hair grip even harder. He whimpered softly as he felt Dan’s hot cum filling him up, but he was soon lost in the wave of his own orgasm when Dan’s thumb flicked over his head and sent him spilling over the edge and onto the clean bed sheets. Well, they had been clean, anyway.

Dan’s fingers unwrapped from Josh’s hair and he slumped to the side, sliding out of the younger boy. Josh’s head fell back into the sheets, his arse still in the air to avoid getting his own cum all over his stomach.

“Holy shit”. Dan’s voice was breathy, and he was panting just as hard as Josh. Josh just sighed, not even able to get out an ‘uh-huh’. He rolled onto his side, avoiding the surprisingly large amount of cum in the middle of the bed.

“Well”, Josh muttered, wiping the thin sheen of sweat from his forehead.

“Yeah”, Dan replied, and they both chuckled weakly.

“Uh, maybe it’s best if we junk the quilt for the night, eh?”

Dan nodded tiredly, lifting his arse a bit so Josh could pull the quilt out from under him. Josh then crawled up the bed and nuzzled into Dan’s shoulder, purring contentedly. Dan wrapped his arm around him, leaning over slightly to give Josh a quick kiss on the forehead.

“So where does this leave us?” Dan asked. Josh shrugged against him.

“It’ll certainly please the fans.”

Dan laughed softly, nodding in agreement. “But I guess now we’re just…” Josh paused, searching for the right description, “…band mates who fuck, I suppose.”

Dan nodded slowly. He could deal with that. Quite happily, as a matter of fact.

He got up lazily, ignoring Josh’s whine, and threw Josh’s trackies onto his face before padding to the door to get his own from his bag. When he got back, no longer totally naked, he saw Josh huddled up under the covers with his eyes closed and his pants dumped unceremoniously on the floor next to the bed. Dan shook his head, a smile playing on his lips. He climbed under the covers beside Josh, snaking his arm across his body and pulling him in close. Josh hummed contentedly, turning his head to give Dan a quick kiss before getting more comfortable and laying still. Dan smiled against his hair.
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