‹ Prequel: Hurricane Heart
Sequel: Storms in Utopia

Martyr's Run

‘America isn’t free. There’s nothing free about it. It’s just as trapped as the rest of this godforsaken planet. And the worst part of all is that most of the world doesn’t even seem to care. Let’s face it; the dream is dead.’

It is 37 years after the Revolution. 37 years ago, imagination was made illegal, dreams were banned and creativity was forbidden.
Simeon has been a Dreamer for a long, glorious five years, but now his time is up. Caught unawares and taken straight to the Institution, he is imprisoned for six months, tortured and drugged and made to forget everything about his old life. But he can survive that. Many Dreamers have done.

He could survive it, that is, until the US Dictator is taken ill, and a new one is brought in; a new one who declares that, from now on, all citizens found to be official rebels are to undergo the Operation, with immediate effect. No exceptions.

There is nothing for it. From now on, the Dreamers must fight for their very rights to survive. And they certainly aren’t planning on going down easily.

Sequel to Hurricane Heart