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Everything Changes

The Beard

The simply sentence fell from Louis’ mouth quickly and without pause. The words were rushed and he was sure that his cheeks were burning more by the second. He certainly didn’t mean to say the words. It just fell from his mouth. Louis was nervous. He had been on edge since his first night with Harry. Something big had changed in the Styles-Tomlinson household.
The green-eyes, curly haired lad had been in his every thought. He was just always at the forefront of Louis’ mind. It never failed. Even when Louis was trying to have a nice outing with Eleanor, Harry was his main focus. It was slowly starting to eat away at Louis. He couldn’t focus on the girl for more than five minutes without his mind going off in Harry-Land. That’s what Louis decided to call it by the way; Harry Land. It was the part of his brain that had currently been filled with the boy.
Liam simply stared, gaping openly at Louis. He pulled together his caterpillar eyebrows. The most sensible member of the band didn’t say anything for a while. He just simply stared at Louis, something that made Louis more nervous as the minutes passed. The two were meant to have a “Lilo” day, but thus far it had been hard to just sit together and watch the football game.
The boy finally ran a hand through his course, perfectly styled, brown hair as he broke his stare from Louis. Louis let out a breath that he didn’t realize that he had been holding the entire time. Then Liam’s kind, puppy-like eyes made contact with his own blue. Louis wanted to disappear. Liam wasn’t judging him, no, but he was giving him that look. Louis was currently on the receiving end of one of Liam’s infamous stares. He just knew what was running through your head, and he would give the boys that look.
“Li, I just told you that I slept with my best friend in the entire world and all you say is ‘that’s nice’? Are you high?”
Liam chuckled at his friend.
“It’s a lot to take in, that’s all.”
“Yeah, no kidding,” Louis retorted. “Is this normal? To freak out over shagging someone?”
“It depends, mate.” Liam offered a kind smile. “It was Harry,”
“Girls are never this much trouble.” Louis mumbled under his breath, but Liam had caught what he said anything.
“I know that they aren’t. I had no idea what I was getting into with Zayn. I figured that being with a bloke would be easier than it actually is, ya know? But not Zayn. He’s crazy, and way into his hair and his looks.”
“But you wouldn’t trade him right?”
“Not for the world,” Liam admitted, a loving smile gracing his lips. It was silent for a few moments before the younger boy spoke. “Have you told El yet?”
Louis blushed again. He wanted to tell Eleanor, really, he did. He just couldn’t…not yet. She was his girlfriend of ten months, nearly eleven. He simply couldn’t break out the same ‘I slept with Harry’ card he had pulled with Liam. It wasn’t something that you just break to your girlfriend. He had to think of her when he so clearly didn’t when he was with his best mate.
Eleanor meant too much to him for him to treat her as he was. She deserved someone so much better than him. The girl deserved the world. She was sweet and funny. She was…nearly perfect for Louis in all aspect but one; Eleanor was not Harry Styles. The green-eyed charmer had an effect on him that no one else could. That scared him senseless. The younger boy shouldn’t have such a hold as he did, but Louis simply couldn’t deny him. It was impossible. All Harry had to do was connect his green eyes to Louis’ blue and the older would cave.
“No,” Louis sighed. “How can I? People made such big deals over her being a fake girlfriend. I can’t just spring that on her,”
“You’re going to have to tell her sometime, Lou.”
“I’d rather not.” He admitted.
Things had been so good between them. He was head-over-heels in love with Eleanor, and had been for a while. It freaked the boy out that he shagged his best mate four times so far, and suddenly everything wasn’t so perfect anymore. Louis wanted to laugh bitterly. Of course they wouldn’t be perfect. He had sex with Harry. He was bloody in him for crying out loud. Louis silently blamed tumblr for all of his problems. However, the twenty-year old knew that it wasn’t exactly right to do that. He just should have stayed away. It made him question his feelings for Eleanor, his friendship with Harry, and his sexuality. In all honesty, he was going mad.
Louis was never one to care what others thought about him. He simply acted the way that he wanted to without so much as a second glance to those who seemed to care too much. He knew that he was sassy; he didn’t care what others thought. Louis found it funny that he was deemed the “Sassasaurous” of the band. He laughed when he heard it, and couldn’t stop himself from thinking just how true it was.
Now he was questioning it all. He had been feeling things that a heterosexual male should not toward the curly-haired boy. This was all new to him. One Direction knew that Harry wasn’t exactly, one hundred percent into girls. He was okay with sexuality. People just assumed that he was straight, when in fact he wasn’t. Harry enjoyed bating for both teams. Louis wished that he could blame it all on someone else, but at the end of the day, it was his problem. It wasn’t Harry’s, it was Louis’. He had to figure out the next step, because it was his mess that he had made.
“Lou, how do you feel about Haz?” Liam asked lightly. He gripped Louis’ hand softly for a moment. Liam was seriously one of the most wonderful people to have walked into Louis’ life. He made sure to tell the taller man that often. Liam wasn’t insecure, but a little reassuring doesn’t hurt anyone. He was someone that Louis knew that he could trust. Sure, he could trust Zayn and Niall both, but Niall and Zayn were currently hanging out with Harry. Plus, as soon as Niall knows the whole world does to. Zayn was better at keeping things quite, but he could easily get it from his boyfriend.
Louis shrugged. He wasn’t all that sure. He just knew that something was there. Harry was his best mate, he did care. As far as caring went; Louis knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle it if something bad happened to the younger lad.
“I don’t know to be honest.” Louis answered, and he didn’t.


Louis had always been a good boyfriend. He made sure to share enough kisses to make anyone rightfully sick at the cute site. He made sure that the girl he was with felt loved. He made sure that he was listening to every word that they told him. He was sure to lose every row, if there ever was one. He pampered his girlfriends just to make them feel special. He wanted them to know that he was there for them and only them. Louis Tomlinson was the perfect gentleman. He held doors for the girl of his fancy, and he never let them pay. Even if they offered, he would happily decline because the date was about her. She was the main focus.
That’s why it was so unnerving to him while he spent more time with his current girlfriend. They had ordered a pizza back at his shared flat, but it felt too awkward from him. Louis kept squirming on the couch. He couldn’t pay attention to the film with the girl currently tucked up underneath his arm. He was far too focused on what really happened on that couch a week prior, and more than once he might add. The dirty thoughts were trying to set free in his mind, but the British man willed them back. He couldn’t think of such things while his girlfriend was curled up to his side watching some film that he had already forgotten the title of.
He sighed in a deep breath of relief the moment that Eleanor suggested that they made a quick run to Starbucks. Louis leapt up from the couch with such quickness that caused Eleanor to stare at him a minute. He just shrugged, leaving the girl in a cute giggle, giggles that no longer made Louis want to make her laugh. He just pulled a smile on his face, offered her his hand, and walked out of the front door as Harry was walking back in. Louis wanted to die at the smirk that was on Harry’s face as he lead some random into their home. Louis wanted to scold the younger man, and his very male friend, but he didn’t. He let his girlfriend lead him out of the flat, and toward the nearest Starbucks.
Eleanor chatted on about Uni, fashion, and some girlfriends of hers while Louis let little nods and sounds escape him, but he didn’t really have a reaction. He was tired, and wanted nothing more than to go back to his flat and sleep. Louis had been having some restless nights ever since the Harry fiasco happened. His mind wondered, and he felt a little more lost each day that past. If Louis was honest, he was drowning. He didn’t know his left from his right anymore than a baby knew right from wrong.
“Yeah?” Louis questioned when he felt the familiar tug of his girlfriend’s hand.
“You’re doing it again, love.” Eleanor stated, bringing up her hand to lightly cup Louis’ cheek. “Are you sure that you’re okay? Have the boys been working you too hard? Do you need a break? Lou, love, you look like you haven’t slept in a fortnight.” She lightly laughed, but her voice was laced with concern. Louis automatically frowned. Again, he didn’t mean to worry the brown-headed girl standing in front of him. She meant more to him, and he wanted to honestly make sure that she was always happy. Above all else, the girl was his friend first. She meant a ton to him.
“I’m sorry, El.” He apologized. “I’ve been doing that a lot, yeah?”
Eleanor nodded her head slowly.
“Louis, you could use some sleep.”
“I feel like I could,” He agreed with her.
“Since Harry brought a friend back, do you want to come over to mine? My bed is smaller, but it’s at least a place to rest.”
“I wouldn’t want to interrupt Harry and his…friend.”
“Yeah,” She laughed, looking at Louis. Louis wasn’t laughing with her, and she slowly stopped laughing. A small smile still graced her lips though, and she thought about the sentence more carefully than she had before. “Oh…oh! Oh my…I hope we didn’t…ya know…kill the mood.”
Louis rolled his eyes slightly.
“Harry is always in the mood.” The boy retorted bitterly.
The girl before him gave him another curious glance before nodding toward the exit. He smile and graciously followed his generous girlfriend. When they entered her small flat that she moved into for the small break she hand before returning in the fall. He practically passed out on her bed, making the girl giggle again. She slipped off her own shoes before slipping up onto the bed with him. The boy moved his head to her lap and sighed when she started to run her fingers through his hair. It wasn’t long before his eyes slipped closed.
Louis woke up with Eleanor’s gentle laughter resounded in the small space. His eyes slowly started to open, and he saw his girlfriend smiling at the teley, watching some program. He stretched his arms, and went in for a slow kiss. Eleanor laughed lightly, pushing him away. He wrinkled his nose before pressing more, slightly sloppy kisses all over her face. Finally the girl sighed, and let Louis kiss her properly. It was one of their nicest moments that they have had in a while. They were rather enjoying themselves.
It was when the kisses started to turn into a full-blown snog. Louis was getting ahead of himself, and he very much didn’t want to return back to the flat where Harry was a little busy at the moment. He was sure that the man that had walked into the flat would be staying for a few hours, knowing Harry. The thought itself made bile rise up in his throat so much so that he had to pull away from the slightly breathless girl underneath him. She looked confused when Louis turned toward her bathroom, just in case. The boy didn’t throw up instantaneously as he thought he would, but his limbs became shaky. The gross feeling washed over him, and he felt utterly defenseless.
Eleanor was at his side in a matter of seconds. She kept asking his questions as he hunched over the toilet. He kept taking in deep breaths in hopes of pushing the negative reaction his body seemed to be having from a simple thought. She rubbed his back softly, and tried to push his hair out of his face. Louis attempted a smile, but it came out more of a grimace than anything else. It was all he could muster her at the moment, because he knew that if he attempted to speak then something bad would happen. Then the thoughts of his and Harry’s adventures flashed through his mind, and his cheeks tinted pink. He suddenly felt sick again, and so he puked. Nothing but gross acidic fluids came from his body. It only took once for him to throw up. He moved to the sink to clean his mouth off, using the mouth wash.
Eleanor was mumbling questions at him again, but his focus was again on the boy that was his best mate. He cursed him over and over again in his head. He couldn’t focus on what his girlfriend was speaking to him at the moment. He just knew that she was talking. He knew that he should at least try to pay attention, but it was so hard to. He needed to make her listen to him, he was desperate. Louis needed to explain himself.
“El, calm down,” He stated, but his voice sounded weak. The girl, however, didn’t stop shooting questions at him. “Eleanor…babe…” Again, the girl kept asking him how long he had felt sick. She questioned if he had come down with a virus, or if it was a simple cold. She questioned him about what had suddenly brought it on, and in Louis fragile state, he could take anymore. “I fucked Harry,” He stated.
Eleanor stopped talking as quickly as she had begun. She started at him, mouth opening and closing much like Liam’s had. She looked like a fish in his opinion. She didn’t say anything else, but she stared at him, looking for another explanation. Louis couldn’t give her one so he just shrugged.
“I fucked Harry,” He repeated.
“I…what?” She breathed. “You did what?”
Louis struggled to stand, putting his weight on his hand to lean against the sink.
“Harry and I shagged, El.” He sighed.
“I heard you,” She stated, looking more broken than before. “When did this happen? How did this happen?”
Louis chewed on his lip. The words flooded from his mouth easier than he expected. They rushed up much like the puke that was now in the toilet. Louis reached over to flush it before he took his place back against the sink. Eleanor stayed perfectly still, staring at his every move. The girl let the hurt show all over her face. She didn’t expect that kind of confession to come from her boyfriend’s mouth. She genuinely thought that he had been sick and exhausted. She couldn’t fathom this would happen. Louis was straight. They would laugh at the Larry rumors together. So why was his just now springing this on her?
“This wasn’t how I wanted to tell you,” He admitted, barely above a whisper. “I just…I couldn’t keep it from coming up.” He paused but she didn’t say anything else. It took Louis a minute to realize that she was waiting for an explanation. He slowly moved toward her bed. Once he sat down, he made a patting motion for her to follow. Slowly, she agreed and sat down beside him but not too close. “I wish I could tell you what really brought it on, but it just sort of happened. One minute we were joking around and the next we were all over each other. I just…I couldn’t stop, El. I couldn’t tell Harry that things were going too far. It was weird.
“That’s why I’ve been distracted honestly. I can’t help but feel bad about what happened, but I’m not sure why. I’m confused, really. I don’t know why I even allowed us to kiss. I’m not sure why Harry has affected me so profusely. He’s been in the forefront of my mind since then, El. I can’t sleep. I can’t think, and I certainly can’t be in the same room with him for more than half an hour without wanting to snog him senseless.” Louis finished. Louis finally looked over at the girl who was chewing at her bottom lip. She wasn’t looking right at him, but she did left her face toward him. He just sucked in a breath, and patiently waited for the girl to speak. She didn’t say anything for a while. She just nodded slightly before speaking again.
“Do…you have feelings for him?” She spoke slowly. Louis squeezed his eyes shut, and let out a shaky breath. He didn’t say a word, but allowed his head to slowly move. He couldn’t bare to admit the words out-loud. Beside him, the girl simply reached over to grip his hand in her own. Louis let it happen. It was the very least that he owed her. They were in a relationship for a while. It was a good relationship, and a fun one at that. “I reckon I should have seen this coming.”
Louis’ eyes opened, and he turned to look at the girl oddly.
“What do you mean?”
“I have watched you two in interviews and the way that you move around each other. I thought that it was the fans just getting to me, but it wasn’t really. I got offended when fans called me a beard. I got angry that sometimes you would rather spend time with Harry than with myself. It’s obvious to anyone who is looking, Lou.” She paused, squeezing his hand again. “I was just selfish enough to want to keep you to myself.”
“I don’t want to break-up,” Louis spoke quickly.
It was true, the man didn’t want to let Eleanor go. He wanted to keep the girl around. He wanted to have her there for him. She was someone that he could definitely trust in a world where it was rather hard to trust anyone at all. She was someone that Louis let into his heart and his world. He couldn’t loose the girl. He just wanted Harry just as much as he wanted to keep the girl. It wasn’t fair to either of them, but if Louis was honest, could he and Harry really have a future? It seems impossible.
“I can’t be with you, Lou.” She sighed. “I thought that you would understand that.”
“I don’t want to loose you…” He trailed off. “Call me selfish, but I do love you Eleanor.”
Eleanor wrapped her arms around his neck, and nuzzled her head into his neck.
“I can’t be with you knowing that you have been with Harry,” She whispered softly.
“El…” He trailed off. “Maybe…we could be friends? You could be my beard.” Louis tried to joke.
The girl pulled back from him, and smiled softly. Louis felt his nerves come back. He didn’t really want to hear what the girl had to say. He didn’t want to let go of her. Sitting on the bed with her like that made him focus on her. He wanted to tug the girl closer, and take back every word that he spoke to her within the last ten minutes.
“I can’t Lou…just…please…go?” She questioned, pulling away and sure enough the girl was crying. Louis’ heart squeezed in his chest, and he knew that it was really over. He knew that he had made one of the biggest mistakes of his life as soon as he watched the girl get up. She attempted to wipe away her tears, and opened the door to her flat. Louis watched her slowly. “Please, Lou…I’m begging.”
Louis nodded, standing up and walking over toward the girl. He leaned in to kiss her wet cheek. He noticed her physically pull back, and he sighed. He grabbed her hand, and slowly let it fall to her side again. He walked to the arc-way, and turned back around to look at her. She wasn’t attempting to smile, and the tears were starting to come faster down her face. Louis couldn’t let her like that, but she wanted nothing more than to see him walk away from her.
“I loved you, El. I honestly did.”
Eleanor nodded.
“I think that you just loved Harry more,” She spoke.
Louis didn’t dare correct her. He just nodded and ducked into the hallway. The door shut softly behind him. He watched his feet as he walked where his car was currently at. He slipped behind the wheel, and the whole situation finally hit him head on. He and Eleanor had officially broken up. He no longer had a girlfriend. She wasn’t his. He didn’t have to feel guilty about Harry anymore. He was single, and he didn’t know what to do with himself. He was able to freely think about Harry whenever he would like to now. Granted that wasn’t exactly the best thing to be thinking, but his mind wondered.


Louis made it back to his flat in one piece. He tried to prolong the drive as much as possible, but alas he arrived. He dreaded the walk into the building where the curly-haired boy was at. Louis was silently hoping that Harry had left the flat. It would make everything much easier than walking in like he had the last time with that blonde girl. He didn’t want a repeat of that, much less with a bloke this time around. He couldn’t handle that. He had enough heartbreak for the day. Seeing Harry with someone else would be the icing on the shit cake.
But the flat was silent when he walked in. He assumed that Harry was either not there of he was in his bedroom. It didn’t matter either way, Louis decided. He just wanted to crash again, but his stomach had other ideas. Louis laughed again. He was feeling a bit like Niall. He had just eaten a little over two hours ago, but the pizza was no longer on the coffee table in the kitchen. He moved to the kitchen, and stared in the fridge. The man quickly found some slices of pizza stuck there. He got out two slices and shoved them into the microwave.
The Doncaster boy’s mind went crazy as he watched the cheese re-melt underneath the heat. He didn’t know what was going to happen now. Eleanor wasn’t there to really restrict him with Harry. Even if the boy had been doing what he wanted with the lad anyway, he would no longer feel guilty. Louis pursed his lips together in a tight line. Maybe letting his thoughts wander wasn’t the best decision he made. He almost forgot his pizza.
“You’re back?”
Louis jumped and turned around to see Harry standing there. He was leaning casually again the entry way. He had his arms crossed across his chest. Louis nodded and shrugged lightly while he pulled out his pizza. He turned to sit it down on the island in the middle of their kitchen. He turned around to look at Harry, whom was still standing there like if he moved then Louis would yell at him. The older lad laughed, and shook his head.
“You can come in here, Harry.” He stated. “You don’t have to stand there like a prat.”
“I suppose.” Harry nodded, moving to where he was sitting opposite side. Louis was finishing his first piece when Harry picked up the other to eat. Louis rolled his eyes, figuring as much would happen as soon as he saw the boy in the flat. Harry always stole his food no matter what. The two sat in silence for a few minutes until they finished the greasy dish. “I reckoned that you were staying with Eleanor.”
“No.” Louis sighed. “We…uh…broke up,” Louis admitted sheepishly.
Harry looked genuinely shocked at his best mate’s confession. He didn’t say anything before he lifted up over the small island. He was so close that Louis almost stopped breathing. He didn’t understand what his best mate was doing at the moment. Louis really wanted to press that minuscule distance between them until his lips touched his. Louis never wanted to kiss anyone as much as he wanted to kiss Harry in that moment. He wanted to tangle his hands in the other male’s hair, and to tug.
“Why is that, Louis?” Harry playfully smirked, slowly bringing his hand to cup the feather-haired boy’s cheek.
“You, you twat,”
And just like that Louis’ lips were tangled with Harry’s. He pressed forward as much as he could to get a better purchase on the lad across the island. Harry happily hummed into his mouth. He pulled away only long enough to get out of his seat. He somehow managed to keep their lips together as he made his way to Louis. Louis spun in his stool until Harry was pressed between his legs. The pizza was long gone from the table. Harry pressed his hands back against the older boy. He effortlessly lifted him until he was perched on the edge of the island. It wasn’t the widest area, but it would do for now, Harry assumed.


Harry left Louis panting onto of their sofa. The younger lad made his way out of the living room. Part of him expected the boy to follow him. He didn’t really know what to explain what brought the sudden sex act on. It just kind of happened. It made Harry flustered. Louis was just confused as he just stayed there, naked. He finally got the hint, and tugged up his boxers. Of course Harry didn’t top, he never did, but Louis was breathless. He needed to lie down, and sleep. He wanted to sleep for a million years if that would allow.
The two had been very busy since Louis confirmed the break-up to Harry two days prior. He didn’t have the heart to tell his fans or band-mates. He wanted to wait until Eleanor at least had some healing time before he admitted to the world that he and his girlfriend broke up. Harry was making that wait so much easier, of course. He never really had a boring moment. Harry always kept him guessing, and rather occupied. To say that Harry was ecstatic about the break up was an understatement.
Louis stumbled quickly to the boy’s bedroom. He entered and was slightly surprised to find Harry sitting in the middle of his king sized bed with his laptop pulled up. The older boy walked over to him, slowly climbing to sit next to him. How Harry had that much energy after sex was a mystery to him. He always wanted to take a nap instead. But here Harry was, with his computer in-between his legs, and staring intently at something.
“What do you want, Curly?”
Harry smirked lightly.
“I’m just searching tumblr…”
“I thought that we quit that?” Louis sighed, resting his head against Harry’s shoulder. Whether he realized it or not, Harry automatically scooted closer toward Louis. “Didn’t we say that we would stay out of our tag.”
Harry pouted.
“People are quite rude.”
“I’ve noticed,” Louis admitted, running his hand threw Harry’s curls.
“A lot of these fans are mean about the possible fact that we could be together and that El is a beard.”
“I know, Harry. I did slightly introduce you to this site, if I remember correctly.”
“You did,” Harry admitted. “Can we read some?”
Louis wouldn’t admit it, but he agreed eagerly. He was still attached to the nasty, filthy, and emotionally draining fiction written about him and his best mate. He wanted to read more, no matter what. Harry seemed more than okay with that as he and his recent lover started to read some work together.
That turned out to be a pretty bad idea. They only ended up attached by the mouth and panting again. Maybe that was what Harry wanted all along. Now that Louis thought about it, it made perfect sense. The younger lad wasn’t really subtle with his actions. Everything with Harry was clear. The boy wore his heart on his sleeve. Louis could read nearly every emotion that crossed those green eyes. He knew Harry better than anyone else. It had always been that way. Everything got sharper when they started to sleep together.
It was an un-spoken term, but the pair had been with no one else. Ever since Louis came back from breaking up with Eleanor, the boys had never seen anyone else. They were almost exclusive in a way. They would go out together, doing seemingly platonic things with each other, and come back home for an nice shag. They would go out shopping for condoms, they were forever running low. The pair even decided to get a little adventurous, trying different lubes as well. The two men had filled their little basket with numerous flavors, and different types of condoms. They were forever grateful for self-check outs.
It only got awkward when they bumped into Eleanor. The girl was buying some juice and tea when they walked right into her. Harry had been making some very sexual jokes toward his now-lover. They had just bought new lube the previous day, but decided that they wanted to try another flavor, thus coming back to the store to get the other kind. That was all that they had, leaving the basket behind. Eleanor happened to be walking by when Harry and Louis literally bumped right into her. She started apologizing quickly, but stopped short when she saw the two men giggling like fifteen-year olds. Harry had his arm casually wrapped around Louis’ shoulders, holding up the lube to him. The tall girl looked between Harry and Louis and then toward the bottle. She blushed before turning around to walk away. Louis should have expected as much; the break up was less than five days prior.
Needless to say, the two boys bolted toward the self checkouts and back to their shared flat. By the time that they got back, the excitement had died down a lot. Louis let his mind wonder to the girl. He had been coping wonderfully with the break-up. He never really stopped to think about how the girl was handling it. From the looks of it, Eleanor looked happy. She was smiling, and she didn’t look like she had been crying. It confused Louis a little bit. He was happy that the girl wasn’t crying herself to sleep, or all that upset about it. She just looked…like Eleanor. She was never mad for long, or depressed for that mater. She was a happy person, much like Louis.
He was shocked when he received the simple text message from the girl as soon as they got back to their flat. Harry was joking about taking a shower. He smiled and kissed the older, shorter, boy before disappearing toward the shower. Louis jokingly put the lube toward his stash in his beside table. The two had split the job of keeping their condoms and lube hidden. He added the new bottle, and sat down on his bed as his phone beeped. He furrowed his brows before pulling it out. He had an un-read message from Eleanor. He shook his head with a small laugh as he read what the girl had written. It was simple, funny, and rather surprising. He didn’t expect the message at all. He typed back a quick suggestion to get coffee the following morning before he left the phone on his bed to join his lover in the shower.
I’d love to be your beard. You look so happy together. xx
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