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Everything Changes

Stella Won't You Take Me Home

Louis honestly didn’t know if this could work. Sure, he was an actor first, but faking ones feelings is harder than it looks. Could he really pull off dating Eleanor whilst he was with Harry in reality? It would not be easy. As far as anyone was concerned, Louis and Eleanor were still happily together. Even if Louis did spill everything to the daddy of the band, his relationship status was seemingly the same. Louis couldn’t just drop the breakup bomb on the world right after it happened. He felt like he should have waited the proper amount of time. But Louis never got to that point because Eleanor wanted to remain friends. She was going to help him and Harry. It was a little unexpected, seeing as he had treated her so poorly before.
A month and a bit passed quickly before their eyes. Louis and Harry were so caught up in their own little world that reality had slowly become easy to forget. They forgot that the world was watching them, as they stayed in most of the time. They forgot that soon enough they would have to go back to work and then on tour. The boys simply forgot. Harry no longer brought a no-name back to their shared flat. Since Louis’ breakup the two had been joined at the hip. Oddly enough, Harry was okay with that. He liked spending all of their free time with the older lad. He especially liked the new territory that they were exploring. It was nice; it was new. Harry felt needed by Louis. He liked to be the one to comfort him when he needed it. It was all too often that the boys would suggest going out for food or drinks. It was hard to deny the lads but it was even harder to deny this thing. Thus having Eleanor is the perfect escape.
Harry was happy, really happy, with how everything was turning out with him and Louis. He couldn’t explain it, but something about the older boy drove him crazy. Louis was already his best mate, this was just a step up. They got to pass all of the awkwardness of a new couple, if they were to call it that, by simply being together all of the time. Louis knew Harry inside out and vice versa. There was no past to be learnt. There was no bringing them back to your flat for the first time. There were no silent pauses that made everything awkward. Harry could simply be his full-self around Louis. Louis didn’t know if he felt so much freedom from one relationship before. It was definitely new; vastly different. It didn’t make them feel very compelled to make this thing official.
Louis and Harry weren’t boyfriends. Honestly the two weren’t exactly comfortable with the term. More importantly why did they have to have a certain term for it? Why would they label something that didn’t need one? They were having a bit of fun. They were so into each other that it didn’t matter. They were still very much Louis and Harry. They still were each other’s partners in crime. They still had little spats with each other, and nothing messed up the dynamic of the band. It a couple were to mess up the band, it would probably be Zayn and Liam. However, the established couple caused nothing of the sort. They were even months, if not weeks, away from going public.
Per Louis’ request, when Eleanor talked about Harry to Louis, Eleanor called Harry “your boy” or “your Harry”. The term boyfriend just didn’t fit with the pair. They weren’t boyfriends and they weren’t just best friends. Maybe the established “your” went a little far, but that’s how El saw it. Harry was Louis’ whether the two men acknowledged it or not. Louis and Eleanor broke up for a reason, which reason being the curly-haired boy that was sitting a little ways in front of her with a permanent scowl on his gorgeous face. Eleanor could sense why he was so uptight at the moment. If the girl had been paying attention sooner, she would have sensed it before her and Louis were even an official couple. Harry really cared about Louis. Eleanor could see it as clear as day as if it was tattooed on Harry’s face.
Harry wasn’t exactly open to the idea of Eleanor covering up for them. He saw what people thought, and this made them even more correct. They just assumed that it hurt Harry, but really it pissed him off. He wasn’t sad, wallowing in his pity. Harry was mad. He didn’t want the guy, his guy, to go out with someone else. Harry adored Eleanor as a person, but ever since the entire thing started happening, he came to like her less and less. Harry wasn’t her biggest fan currently, and really hasn’t been from the beginning. He didn’t like the fact that she knew so much. He didn’t like the fact that she used to date Louis. Harry damn sure didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t publically claim Louis as his. No matter how much Harry didn’t like the term boyfriend, he adored his guy. Harry Styles was straight-up, undeniable jealous of the pretty girl.
“Okay, I think that I’m ready,” Louis stated, walking into the sitting room where Eleanor and Harry were silently sitting. “How do I look, Haz? Casual? Too dressy? Oh God, please don’t tell me that I look tacky. Do these braces go with this shirt?
Harry rolled his eyes, standing up to walk toward his guy. He snapped a brace for fun.
“You look wonderful, Lou-bear.” He stated, smiling at him. He temporarily forgot about Eleanor sitting there, and placed his lips to the older boys. Louis happily accepted the kiss before pulling away when Harry deepened it a little more.
“Down tiger,” He joked. “I’ll see you in a bit, yeah? It will be like I was never gone,”
“Somehow I doubt that I’ll see it that way,” Harry laughed, kissing his Louis again for good measure. “Have a good date, make good choices, and hurry back so that I can fuck the life out of you.”
Louis just laughed.
“I believe that it’s the other way around, young Hazza. Although…no…never mind. I must go now.”
“Where are you crazy kids going?” Harry chuckled, turning toward Eleanor. She was now standing from her pervious position on the couch, and slipping on her coat.
“Just a restaurant,” She smiled. “Don’t worry Harry, I’ll return your Louis back in one piece.”
No matter how much he wanted to deny it, Harry’s small scowl lifted to a slight grin when she called Louis his. It wasn’t like the couple had really discussed that, but it felt nice the Eleanor understood that Louis was now his. Harry felt bad for her, he did, but he wouldn’t be able to deny that he was happier now that she was out of the picture. The situation was completely different yet all the same the last time they were all in this living room. The last time Louis was El’s, but now he was Harry’s. Before the curly-haired boy had no claim over him, not spoken of course, but instead Eleanor did. But like before, Louis was going off with Eleanor, leaving his best mate behind. That didn’t really sit well with Harry.
However, Harry was kind of, in a weird way, alright with Louis’ date with Eleanor. It made everything easier than having to hire some poor girl from the outside world to pay girlfriend for the press. Eleanor made this much easier; cleaner. They didn’t have to tell anyone really. It wasn’t anyone else’s secret to know. They were happy within their small confines of a flat. Their love didn’t need to be broadcasted across the world. It didn’t need to be shoved in certain people’s faces. And their relationship, if again it was called that, certainly didn’t need to be shared with the boys. They were wonderful mates, brothers even, but something about telling them didn’t make the boys comfortable.
Maybe that’s why it should have helped settle Harry’s stomach as Eleanor and Louis left. But maybe that’s also why it felt like it was ripping him apart instead.

was a worrying mess just a few hours after Louis had left their shared flat. He knew that he shouldn’t be, but he couldn’t help it. The possessive streak that he had in him kept him on his toes. He wanted his boy to return, and he wanted him that instant. He could no longer distract himself with pointless video games or with Niall munching happily on their sofa. The Irish lad and the curly-haired boy were taking a much needed break from Fifa. Niall was kicking Harry’s arse royally. Usually Harry was very into that video game, but he couldn’t seem to give it his all. Niall blamed it on the fact that Harry was probably hungry.
Harry definitely wasn’t hungry. As stated, he was worried. He didn’t know why. He just was. Suddenly, Harry couldn’t focus on the game, on Niall, or even on the bowl of crisps between the two of them. He was just focused on the clock, and the door. His eyes tore between the both of them, not knowing where to reside. After what felt like hours, which was really just a mere minute, Harry’s eyes went back to Niall. The boy was chatting randomly about something. Harry’s head spun as he tried to remember, or at least catch on, to what the blonde boy was saying. Niall’s lips moved, but Harry just couldn’t understand. His thoughts were honestly screaming way too loud for his liking.
Harry’s eyes snapped back to the boy, whom now noticed his distance. Niall looked seriously concerned for him. He didn’t know what was going on in Harry’s mind. They were close, and always have been. It’s not normal for Harry just to zone out like that. Normally Harry is insightful, and gives one his full attention whilst they were communicating. This time was vastly different. Niall couldn’t keep his attention for more like five minutes, if he was lucky. Harry wasn’t even looking at him whilst he was talking. Niall noticed something was wrong the second that he stepped into the flat. He just didn’t know what was wrong.
“Sorry…what did you say, Nialler?”
“Are you okay?” Niall spoke slowly, putting down the remaining crisps into the bowl. “You’ve been acting odd.”
“M’sorry,” Harry mumbled. “I haven’t meant to.”
“Well you have,” Niall stated, staring at Harry intently. “Is there something on your mind, Haz?”
More like someone
; Harry thought. His mind went right to Louis without trying. Let’s be honest though, Harry’s mind never left the feather-haired boy with the colorful trousers and braces since he left the room. It wasn’t easy to take his mind off of the pair that walked out of their shared flat chatting up like old times. It got to Harry more than he was willing to admit. Niall could see that clearly. He knew that something or someone was bothering his best mate. Niall trusted Harry to tell him the truth. Niall was the first person, except Anne, who knew that Harry was bisexual. He came out to Niall first.
“No… ‘course not, Nialler,” Harry easily lied.
“Are you sure?” Niall asked.
“Yes, you prat! Now let’s get back to Fifa.”
Niall shrugged.
“Actually…I have to go.” Niall announced.
“What? Why?” Harry quickly asked, not wanting to be alone in his misery.
“It’s getting pretty late, and M’ tired.” The Irish boy replied. “I’ll see you later though, alright? We have tour rehearsals.”
“Yeah,” Harry nodded although he had nearly forgotten.
Niall stood up along with Harry and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug before he grabbed the bowl of crisps. Harry just laughed as Niall found himself out of the nearly empty flat. Harry, however, turned around and went into the kitchen. He found Louis’ favorite tea, and started to brew it. He figured that he would want some after a long night of parading around as a straight boyfriend. Harry just wanted Louis home, and he was sure that Louis wanted the exact same thing.
Harry’s knee bounced up and down nervously as he waited for both the tea and for Louis. He couldn’t really explain why he was so nervous. It was barely ten at night, and he was acting like it was much later. It wasn’t all that late, and he should only be worried if Louis was out in London past mid-night with Eleanor. He didn’t know what the two of them had plans, but they should have been back by now. They weren’t, and that was killing Harry. It was simply driving him up the walls. It took him to sitting on his hands before he did something stupid. It wasn’t easy waiting. It was driving him mad.
It was a bit past eleven when Louis finally returned. He looked happy, tired; but happy all the same. Harry did his best not to tackle him or bombarded Louis with questions. Instead, the curly-haired boy sat down on his hands on the sofa, and waited for the older lad to join him. Louis took his time shedding off of his coat and his TOMS. Harry sat, patient as ever, while Louis offered a small excuse to go to his room. Harry sighed, going into the kitchen to grab the two mugs of now-cold Yorkshire Tea. He made it back to the living room just in time for Louis to reappear. It made Harry smile once he saw that Louis was wearing one of his t-shirts.
“You made tea?” Louis questioned, sitting down beside of the boy.
Harry smiled and nodded slowly.
“Figured that you would want some,”
“This is wonderful, Haz.” Louis smiled and tipped back his head happily.
“Thanks,” Harry mumbled. “So….uh…how…um…was your...d-date?” He sputtered out quickly before he lost his nerve.
Louis rolled his eyes.
“It was a public outing with a friend, Harold.” Louis retorted.
“Same difference.” The younger boy mumbled before looking back up at the worn-out lad. “What did you do?”
“We went to a dinner and a movie. Of course we got stopped a little more than I would have liked. Honestly, I don’t know why people insist on taking my fucking picture everywhere I go.”
“This is why you’re dating Eleanor.”
“Don’t be like that,” Louis quickly retorted before he sighed heavily. “She’s my friend.”
“A friend that you just dumped because you slept with another friend.” Harry snorted.
“Harry…” Louis trailed off, sitting his cup down to wrap his warms around the taller lad. “Don’t…please? Not tonight…I’m already stressed enough as it is. For the last time, you’re different than Eleanor. You always have been. You’re more than a friend, love. You know what,”
Harry sighed, resting his forehead against Louis’ shoulder.
“I was worried.” He stated.
“Haz, there is nothing to be worried about! Eleanor isn’t going to try anything.”
“I know…but…um….I…I care, Lou. I really fucking care. I was worried that you weren’t going to come back. I wanted you to come back more than anything.”
“Harry…” Louis trailed off, cupping the bottom of Harry’s face. “Look at me, please?”
Harry finally looked at Louis and sighed heavily.
“I’m sorry that I spent so much time with El. I honestly miss her. We were mates first, yeah? I’m sorry that I worried you, but I wanted to be here. You have to believe that I do want to be with you instead of her. There is a reason why El is helping us,” Louis tried to reason. It was nice to get out of the flat for a little while with Eleanor. She was just as lovely as ever. Now she just kind of felt irrelevant. “This isn’t going to be easy.”
“Maybe we should tell someone?” Harry offered up. “It’s kind of killing me, Lou. Niall was over earlier and I couldn’t even give him my full attention. I was too worried or concerned or whatever else you might call it, but he could tell that something was off. He could tell that my mind was somewhere else. At least if they knew then they would be able to understand where my head is,”
Louis tried to smile at Harry, he did. Instead it came out as kind of a grimace. He was trying to understand Harry’s point of view. He knew that he would be worried if the roles were reversed. He didn’t really want Harry out, parading with other males or females whilst he stayed behind. It had to hurt, or piss him off. It must have made it worse that Harry felt like he couldn’t tell anyone. That alone hurt Louis. He had taken it upon himself to share his dirty little secret with Liam, but that was when he was lost and hurting. That was before his break-up, although they were technically still dating, with Eleanor. That was before Harry was actually his.
Liam knew way too much about the couple, and Harry had no idea. It made Louis’ stomach churn to think that no one really did know that they were together. Technically speaking, Louis had no claim over Harry whatsoever. Even if the boy wanted him and they were together in private, their public lives were very different. They weren’t allowed to fully be together. Simon had power over that part of their lives. Liam and Zayn had to go, and get special permission from Simon just to be together. Louis didn’t want to go through the pain of that again. He was fine with keeping his relationship a secret.
“I’m sorry,” The words tumbled from Louis’ lips without him realizing what he had said. It only took the older lad a minute to realize that he meant those words. He was beyond sorry that their secret was a little dangerous, and heavy. He was sorry that he spent more time than he should have with his ex-girlfriend. He was sorry that he didn’t want to put a label on them, and he was sorry that he made Harry a worrying mess when he was gone.
“You’re sorry?”
Harry found it amusing now too.
“Yeah…” Louis trailed off with a sigh. “I don’t know what else to say, Harry. I honestly don’t. You and I both know that it’s a stumper when I of all people have not one off-color comment about a situation.”
Harry mumbled but nodded in agreement. He pressed his nose a little further into his boy’s neck before placing a soft kiss there. It was light enough to send goose bumps all up Louis’ arms.
“No need, Love.” Harry sighed before pulling away to stand up. “M’ tired. Let’s go to bed, yeah? It’s been a long night.”
“Sure,” Louis nodded in agreement, getting up to move on with his guy into his bedroom that was slowly, seemingly becoming their bedroom.

in America was a good thing for the lads. It was nice to get away from it all. They had tons of exposure in the US, but it wasn’t like it was back home. Back home their child-hood homes weren’t safe. Back home they were able to be some-what normal. That didn’t happen in America. Everyone wanted a piece of the British-Irish boy band. The thought alone made the lads buzz with excitement. All of the interviewers asked pretty much the same queries. They knew that same things. In different cities, people knew the general information. The interviewers knew all of their names, sans Louis whom was often referred to as Lewis on more than one occasion.
Louis and Harry didn’t like the queries about their relationship. They didn’t like the fact that people found it more-than-friendly. They used to play off of it, in fact, but since everything had changed, so did their reactions. Harry usually kept quieter than usual, playing with what bracelet his hand could get a hold of, while Louis answered the questions thrown their way. Louis talked about Eleanor, and that made Harry’s stomach flip uncomfortably. He tried over and over again to reassure himself that Louis was his now. But that didn’t really do any good.
By the end of the second week in America, Harry had had enough. He didn’t want to hear anymore about Eleanor, so he tired his best to tune her name out. She was due to fly out in a few days to be with Louis, but that isn’t really what made him jealous. What made him jealous was the fact that Eleanor, beautiful, perfect Eleanor was sharing a hotel with Louis while he was demoted to rooming with Liam. Neither Zayn or Liam were fond of their new-found arrangements. Zayn was no longer rooming with his boyfriend, but now with Niall instead. It was really mixed up, and no one was exactly happy.
That’s what left Harry in a drunken state, babbling over the phone to his best, and extremely close, incredibly gay friend, Nick Grimshaw. The boys decided that it would be best for them all to be settled when the brunette-haired girl arrived tomorrow night. Harry, however, wasn’t taking it too well. Again, he was rather pissed; drunk. He wasn’t one to drink too often, but tonight was an exception. He wanted to rant about his non-boyfriend and his not-girlfriend. It simply wasn’t fair that Eleanor could touch his Louis whenever she wanted.
“M’ just saying that it’s not right,” Harry slurred as he looked onto his laptop screen at one of his best friends. Nick just shook his head, laughing lightly at the man across the world. “She’s always there! Even when she’s not, she’s just…there.” He spat.
“Harry, mate, maybe you should be talking to Louis about this.” Nick slightly laughed.
“I can’t!” A very drunk Harry tossed his arms up in the air. One hand still clutched desperately to the bottle of vodka he was drinking straight. Nick grimaced at the nasty liquid before shaking his head. “He loves the fucking girl.”
“Not as much as he loves you, babes,” Nick retorted.
Harry rolled his eyes.
“’E doesn’t love me,” He slurred again. “He’s just looking for someone to fuck while he figures out his fucking sexuality. I mean, really does he not know by now that he’s not straight?!”
Nick sighed heavily.
“You need to go to bed, Harry.” He stated. “The situation will look better tomorrow. You just have to be sober before you can see that.”
“No it won’t.” He argued stubbornly. “That’s why ‘m drinking, mate.”
“You’re clearly smashed.” Nick sighed again. “Go on and go to bed, mate. It’s only fourteen days into the tour, right? It has to get better. You’ve been drunk for the last three nights. That’s not even legal there.”
“Shut up,” Harry muttered.
“Goodnight, tosser.” Nick playfully winked before disconnecting his video chat.
Harry haphazardly tossed his laptop onto the empty bed. He didn’t like thinking. He wanted his brain to just turn off for one night, that’s why he was drinking so much. He didn’t want to hear the second guessing, and the negativity. He just wanted to be with Louis and that was that. Harry took another, rather large, gulp of the bottle. He tipped it back until it was starting dry out. There was nothing left at the bottom of the bottle to drink, leaving Harry more irritated than he would have liked to admit.
Liam entered not long after that to a pissed Harry Styles drinking a beer and singing lazily in their bathroom floor of the hotel room. Liam furrowed his brows in worry as he watched Harry sing some old song that he didn’t recognize. He tried to shake Harry out of it, but instead Harry shook his head. Harry didn’t want to be brought back down to the world. He wanted to stay suspended. He wanted to remain weightless for as long as he could. He was content on not thinking, drinking, and singing loudly in the bathroom floor. Oddly enough, that made him happy.
“Harry, what in the world are you doing?” Liam asked him carefully, but Harry just smiled and continued to sing. “How did you get so smashed?”
Two…am, I’m on a blackout binge again,”
You know that I don’t need sleep and I lost my keys, but I’ve got so many friends!
Liam sighed, completely aggravated with his curly-haired friend.
“Dammit, Harry! It’s barely eleven at night, and you’re this drunk?”
And he keeps, keeps me coming back for more. Another night, another score…I’m fading, bottles breaking.
“For the love of God,” Liam shook his head sending a quick, irrated text message to Louis. “I don’t know what had gotten into you, but I don’t like it one bit.”
“Stella did,” Harry winked, holding up the bottle of Stella. “She’s really good too. Better than sex,”
“You’re a bloody idiot.” Liam huffed, hearing a knock on the door. He left Harry in the bathroom whilst he went to answer the door. Harry, tipped back the bottle again, resuming his singing that he was doing before.
You’re only happy when I’m wasted. I point my finger but I just can’t place it.” As Harry sang the line, Louis came into his blurred vision, and he tried his best to point at the man. “Feels like I’m falling in love when I’m falling to the bathroom floor! I remember how you tasted. I’ve had you so many times, lets face it. Feels like I’m falling in love alone, Stella won’t you take me home!
“Haz…” Louis trailed off with a disappointed sigh. “Come on, get off of the floor. You’re a proper mess.”
One more reason that I should have never have met you, just another reason that I could never forget you. Down we go, the room’s spinning out of control.”
“Harry, please stop.” Louis begged.
Liam crossed his arms tightly over his chest.
“I didn’t know what else to do with him.
Loose myself in a chemical moment. Night life is taking it’s toll, that’s just the way that it goes….Stella won’t you take me-
Harry’s words were cut short when he abruptly started laughing. He usually wasn’t this messy of a drunk. He was usually careful with what he drank, but that was thrown out of the window earlier that evening. One drink led to way more than he wanted in his system, except Harry slowly began not to care. It hurt Louis to see someone that he cared so much about to messed up right in front of him. It scared Louis that Liam didn’t know how to handle it. Louis surely couldn’t do anything different.
“Harry, please, get up. You need to get to bed.”
Harry laughed but stood up all of the same. He was only a little shaky, which was lucky considering the state that he was currently in.
“I’m fine,” Harry stated. “I’ve got Stella to sooth my broken heart.” He stated before giggling again.
“Broken heart?” Louis questioned. “What are you talking about?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know.” Harry spat back.
“I honestly don’t.” Louis admitted.
“The straight guy act!” Harry nearly yelled. “Eleanor, all of it!”
“Harry, that’s rude,” Louis interrupted.
“No, it’s not.” He shook his head slightly. “It’s not fair to me, Louis.”
“Harry…you know that this is-“
“Don’t even go there!” Harry interrupted his time. “You fucked me, Louis. You left Eleanor for me. You are mine! It’s not bloody, fucking fair to me that you’re flying in you’re fake girlfriend so that you can pretend to be straight for the public! It’s not right that I have to sit back and watch you be with someone that isn’t me. How do you think that makes me feel, Boo? It’s not fair, and it’s tearing me the hell apart.” Harry was breathing hard. He was crying, and the bottle of Stella was left, partly forgotten about on the counter.
“You think that this is easy for me too?” Louis questioned. He looked hurt, but no where near close as to what Harry looked like. “You honestly think that this isn’t hurting me?”
“You’re acting like it isn’t!”
“It is, Harry!” Louis shouted back. “It’s not easy being with Eleanor in public, or in general. She’s my friend still! We may have been together, but dammit, I left her for you! You know that I care about you, Harry! It’s not okay for you to bottle things up like that! It’s not healthy for two people in a relationship.”
Harry barked out a laugh.
“Oh, that’s rich,” He rolled his eyes. “So now we’re in a relationship are we?”
“You know that we have been,” Louis stated, looking confused and sad at the same time. “You’re my Harry.”
“You can’t even say the word,” The angry and drunken boy shook his head. He seemed surprisingly sober. “It’s not that hard,”
“Harry…” Louis warned.
“Come on, Louis just say it. All you have to do is say it once. For fucking once take some charge and tell me what I know you want to say. Stop beating around the bush. We’re more than friends. We always have been in some weird way. I need a label,”
“Since when do you care about labels?” Louis spoke, the shaking in his voice was very apparent.
“Since you started having a problem with them,” Harry snapped back. “It’s just one word, Lou. Just say it. We already know what we are to each other. I’m your bloody boyfriend. It’s not that hard to admit.”
“Because you’re too scared to admit how you really feel,”
“I’ve been fucking you, haven’t I?” Louis snapped back, getting some sass back into his voice. “Come on, babe. Let’s just go back to our hotel room, and sleep it off.”
Harry snorted and shook his head.
“Say it.”
“You’re my boyfriend.” Louis finally admitted with a low voice. He wasn’t as loud as Harry would have liked, but he said it all the same. “Come on now, love. Why are you being like this?”
“Because I’m jealous,” Harry admitted. “Eleanor is a girl. You can kiss her, hold her hand, and go on dates with her publically. We can’t do any of that stuff! We’ve been here for two weeks, and she’s already flying in via Modest Management. You can show her off to all of your friends and the world, but what can we do? We could just stare, or slightly tease. We can jokingly admit that we’re dating, but not admit the real thing. We can give each other hugs as long as we don’t hold on for too long. I don’t like feeling this way, Lou. I hate it.”
“It’s not a good feeling at all. I’ve tried to keep myself from getting jealous or protective, but I can’t help it anymore. Now she’s coming in, and I don’t know how to handle it. We’re not official, and you hate labels, but we’re still together. It’s confusing for me, Boo. It’s breaking me apart.” He stated.
“I’m so…so sorry, love.” Louis stepped forward.
“What can I do?”
“Nothing right now, ‘m too smashed.” Harry mumbled. “Oh and by the way, babe, Happy two month anniversary.”
Harry promptly turned toward the toilet in enough time to spew his contents into the bowl.
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Song used was Stella- All Time Low.

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