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Everything Changes

ZaynandLiam and HarryandLouis Then there is Niall.

“I never really apologized for that night,” Harry admitted out-loud as he cuddled up to Louis on one of their beds within their hotel room.
Louis simply laughed and tightened his hold he has on the younger lad. He loved when Harry is a bit slow in realizing something. It’s endearing, well to Louis. Everyone else found it annoying from time to time. It’s not that Harry’s dumb…he can just be quite the blond when he wants to be. Louis has gotten used to it though. It’s been nearly three years since One Direction have been a band. It’s been six and a bit months since Louis and Harry started this thing, only four of them actually being a couple. It’s been three months since Harry’s very drunken, very ridiculous break-down in front of Liam. To this day, four and a bit months later, Liam Payne is still the only human being that knows Eleanor is a beard and the boys are dating.
It’s hard to keep up the act, but the boys don’t want what they have to ruin. This is for certain. Harry was all torn to bits the last time that he broke down. But Louis was there, as always, to help. The older man was there to pick up the pieces that made Harry Styles who he was. He really was nothing without Louis, as Harry was convinced. Louis thought the world of his boyfriend no matter what happened between them. They have always been comfortable around each other enough to show their insecurities.
“You don’t have to apologize anymore, Hazhead. You had every right to be upset with me,”
“Not really,” Harry sighed, curling further into him.
“Shut up,” Louis playfully snapped. “I love you, yeah? That’s all that matters,” He stated, running a hand through the wild curls.
“I love you too, Boo Bear,” Harry muttered softly. “I can’t believe that we’ve already been together for half a year.”
“Don’t sound so shocked,”
“I kinda am,” Harry admitted, picking his head up to look at Louis. Even though Harry was taller than Louis, he loved being cuddled and feeling small in his boyfriend’s arms. “I didn’t know what to think of everything that was happening with us, but I like it. I like…love you.”
“I know,” Louis smiled softly before pressing a slow kiss into Harry’s lips.
“When do you reckon that we tell the lads?” He questioned.
“Whenever we feel like we’re not going to crumble anymore.”
“I’m being serious, babe.” Louis sighed. “I don’t want this to be temporary. We’re going to have to last, if not for us, but for the band and our fans as well.”
“No matter what happens between the two of us, I’ll always love you.”
“You sap.”
“Maybe,” Harry smiled, letting a small smirk play on his lips as a hand started to trail dangerously close to Louis’ crotch.
“You cheeky basterd!”
“Don’t pretend like you don’t want it.”
“True.” He shrugged, cupping Harry’s face to bring him in for a proper kiss. “Just not when we’re talking,”
“I don’t think you’re opposing,” Harry stayed, wiggling his fingers right under the waistband of Louis’ trousers.
“Harold,” Louis sighed, grabbing his boyfriends hand up and lacing his hand with it. “This isn’t the time for you to try to seduce me,”
“But Louis,” He whined. “I haven’t been properly fucked in three days. I’m a little upset.”
“You boy,” Louis rolled his eyes again, pecking Harry’s nose softly. “Can’t you just enjoy this moment with me?”
“I can, but I don’t think that you realize how fucking fit you are,” Harry began. “Like…those trousers….dammit Louis, I’m practically salivating just lying next to you,”
“Okay, okay,” Louis laughed, pressing his lips to Harry’s slowly. “I love you, you git.”
And Harry’s green eyes sparkled, freaking sparkled, when Louis said those words. It scared Louis. It scared the hell out of him that Harry would even think about looking at him like that. Louis could honestly go on, and on about how Harry looks at him. He certainly had gotten more aware of the green eyes following his every move since they have been together. It scared the hell out of Louis that Harry looked at him like he could do anything in the world. He looked at him like he was his favorite person in the world.
“I love you, Lou…so much,” Harry whispered before promptly curling into his chest. Harry nuzzled into his favorite spot, and made Louis’ chest swell with love. Kitty Harry was his personal favorite. He just cuddle, and Louis swore that the boy even tended to purr. It really wouldn’t have surprised him if he did.
“Soon, Harry,” Louis whispered back a promise that he wasn’t sure he could actually be able to keep.


“Onward my Irish Kumquat!” Louis yelled as he wrapped his legs tighter around Niall’s waist. Niall was running around the corridors after another successful show on the Take Me Home Tour. Beside them, Harry ran laughing too. He was also enjoying them just being ridiculous. However, he was more so enjoying the fact that Louis just had so much energy. He rather enjoyed when he acts like a child. Even if Louis is the oldest, he’s definitely not the most mature. Niall just laughed, being hyped up on post-concert high. It was worth it, honestly. It was moments like these, no matter the hectic schedule may be, that are worth it all.
The trio rounded the corner, and headed toward their green room. They were completely ready to go out, get pissed, and just enjoy each other’s company. They have had this night out planned for quite some time. They just needed to get out just for a little bit. Louis and Harry have practically been spending all of their time together, leaving the other three to hang out. This is how it has always been, but now they are very much aware of it. It almost seems like they’ve always blown off the other band mates without realizing that they were actually blowing them off. Sure, it made them realize this, but it didn’t stop them from spending so much time together.
They didn’t think anything of it. Honestly, Niall, Louis, and Harry didn’t really expect what they saw when they got to the green room. The three boys stood frozen inside of the green room, not far from the couch at all, but not far from the door either. It was like in a span of ten seconds, Niall dropped Louis from his back. Harry helped his boyfriend back up, keeping a hold of his hand. They just all gaped at what was going on in front of them. They didn’t know how else to react. They really didn’t know how to react because just mere ten feet in front of them were Liam and Zayn.
They walked in right as Liam was coming. In Zayn’s mouth. As Zayn deep throated Liam. Liam’s sinfully tight skinny jeans and pants were around his calves. His shirt was off, showing his perfectly toned body. He was sitting on the couch, one hand gripped Zayn’s hair tightly and the other thrown over his eyes. Liam was moaning like a porn star. Zayn was acting rather similar to one in return. One of his hands was gripping Liam’s thigh tightly. Zayn in return was only in his pants, his own hand down them tugging at his own member. They were like that when the other three lads walked in. They stood there while Liam went from making noises to cursing like a sailor. It was a different sight.
It felt like ages, but everything actually only happened within a minute or less: Liam coming undone, Zayn working on himself until he came right after him, Niall dropping Louis and just staring. Harry gripping Louis up off of the floor, and then Zayn and Liam realized that they weren’t alone. It was a breaking point for the five members of One Direction. Everything flashed before their eyes. Liam rushed as fast as he could to pull up his pants and skinny jeans. Zayn mimicked his boyfriend’s direction. Liam looked different. He was all star-y eyed, and sweat building on his chest and toned torso.
Zayn stood up beside Liam, gripping his hand right hand tightly in both of his hands. He knew that Liam was beyond embarrassed about what the other lads just saw. Liam is quite the sex addict, but he would prefer if the other lads didn’t know that about him. Zayn really liked that about his boyfriend, so he knew what was probably going through Liam’s mind at the moment.
Niall was the first to speak.
“I…uh….sorry,” He mumbled, turning around quickly. “Sorry,” he called over his shoulder, only to walk into the door frame. The Irish lad turned red before properly making it out of the door. He closed it behind him, which kind of made Harry laugh. Did Niall really expect them to all stand around and talk about it.
“I’m a little…” Liam covered his face with his hand. “Fuck, I’m sorry,”
“Liam Payne, you little minx,” Louis laughed. “You’re a proper bed whore,”
“Lou…” Harry warned, lacing his hand with is boyfriends.
“Shut up, Louis.” Liam sighed, sitting back down on the couch with his hand still in both of Zayn’s.
“He’s great,” Zayn smiled with fondness all over his face. “Absolutely brilliant,”
Zayn,” Liam warned.
“It’s Harry and Louis,”
“We’re dudes and we like sex. I’m sure they can tell us about their sex live,”
Liam’s eyes went wide, staring at Zayn.
“What?” Louis asked. “Liam…”
“Shit,” Zayn sighed. “You didn’t know that I knew,” He added, and it wasn’t a question. Zayn knew in that moment that he wasn’t supposed to know that Harry and Louis were suddenly HarryandLouis.
“We didn’t,” Harry comment, gripping Louis’ hand tighter. “We were going to tell you guys soon.”
“Yeah,” Louis barely agreed.
“I’m sorry, Lou,” Liam stated, looking at no one else but him. “He’s…he’s my boyfriend.”
“So you had to tell him just because you’re fucking?” Louis snapped.
“It’s not like that, Louis.” Zayn stated. “We don’t have secrets. I’ve known for months now. I’m sorry, but you don’t get to be mad at Liam. You can’t expect him to carry a secret like that,”
Louis looked between the two of them, took a glance at Harry and then promptly turned around and walked around from the three other lads standing there. Once Louis was gone, Harry looked after him, and then back to Zayn and Liam. His face was red with embarrassment.
“I’m so sorry,” He stated before turning around and walking away from the two boys who just looked a little too happy given the situation.


“It was weird seeing Liam and Zayn in that situation, don’t you think?” Harry asked Louis as they got dressed for the night out inside of their hotel room. Harry was putting on those stupidly, tight jeans with the leather knee pads in them. He pulled a black v-neck of his tattooed body, and sprayed whatever the hell it is that makes him smell so delicious. Louis, however, pulled on a band t-shirt, tight jeans and some vans. He was feeling like dressing down.
“Yeah,” Louis stated, looking down at his jeans. “Do these jeans make my arse look huge?”
“Your arse is huge,” Harry broke off the conversation. “Seriously though, Lou,”
“I’m trying not to think about it, to be honest.”
“Jesus, Harry,” Louis whipped around. “It’s not every day that we see two of our best mates like that. It was like watching porn.”
And suddenly Harry was just mere inches from Louis face, bending down to whisper in his ear.
“Did you like it?”
“Harry,” Louis warned.
“Did you, Lou?” He whispered. “Did you imagine that it was me on my knees, making you scream like that?”
“Harry,” Louis warned again, taking a step back from Harry. “We can talk about this later,”
Harry smirked as he walked into their bathroom. Harry was right, Louis was totally hot and bothered by earlier. He was hot and bothered by ZaynandLiam. That’s…that was something completely different, yet Harry was totally okay with it. He didn’t mind, his mates were hot. Harry was also a little bit more shameless than Louis was. Harry was okay admitting that seeing his friends like that did a little more for him than just shock him.
By the time they got to the club, Zayn, Liam and Niall were already there. Of course the Irish fucker already had a pint in hand, drinking it all up. Zayn was laughing loudly, and Liam had his arm draped around the older lad. It was weird that Liam was the dominate one in their relationship. Louis could tell that it was Liam who topped. Hell, Harry agreed. Zayn was the bad boy of the band, but one smolder from Liam made him an fourteen-year old girl. There was no way that the older male was the top. Liam was just built for it, unlike Zayn. But those aside, it doesn’t really look all that right with Liam being the puppy. He had huge, puppy eyes, and couldn’t hurt someone’s feelings without feeling bad.
“Hello boys,” Louis stated, sliding in beside Niall. Harry sat down on the edge, really close to Louis. “Have you lot ordered?”
“Zayn put in our order, yeah,”
“Harry….” Louis trailed off, looking up at his gorgeous boyfriend.
Harry smiled widely, bending down to press a light kiss on Louis lips.
“Be right back, babe.” He stated before walking toward the bar a little sexier than needed.
His whole existence was to kill Louis, as Louis was convinced.
“Are you fucking kidding me!”
Louis practically jumped turning toward Niall.
“What the actual fuck, mate?” Niall asked. “Since when have you and Harry been LouisandHarry?”
“For a while now,” Louis sighed. “There’s no point in denying it now,”
“What about El?” Niall furrowed his brows. “Fuck, Lou…you can’t treat her like that. She’s a proper charmer. She doesn’t deserve that.”
“She knows, Niall. We broke up six months ago,”
“What the fu-.”
Harry chose that moment to return with a Sex On The Beach for Louis and a rum and Coke for him.
“Miss me?” Harry playfully stated, winking at the other lads before wrapping his arm tightly around Louis.”
“Course, babe,” Louis commented, pulling Harry in for a kiss that lasted way longer than he intended. “I love you,”
“I think I’m going to be sick,” Niall mumbled. “Oi! Get off of ‘im.” He stated, elbowing Louis.
“What, Ni?” Louis sighed, looking over at him.
“We’re in public, dumbarse.”
“People do recognize us these days.”
“Right.” Louis sighed, looking back over at Harry. “Want to dance?”
Harry laughed, shaking his head.
“I don’t dance, baby. You know that,”
“Then move the fuck over and lemme out there,”
“Me too,” Niall stated.
“Okay,” Harry stated, reluctantly moving away from Louis to let them both out. Louis sent him a flirty wink before following Niall, drink in hand, out on the dance floor with crowded bodies.
“He seems happy,” Zayn commented.
The curly-haired boy blushed.
“He’s really relaxed. I don’t know why, because he’s paranoid as fuck usually.”
“He kissed you in public, Harry,” Liam smiled. “I think he’s coming around,”
“I know,” Harry’s smile widened. “Do you think that if we ask Simon, we could come out?”
“I wouldn’t push him,” Zayn added. “We all know how Louis is. From what Liam has told me, he was a little cautious on actually making you his boyfriend.”
“Yeah,” Harry nodded, drinking down way more than he probably should in one go. “He was,”
“At least he’s growing some balls,”
“Yeah,” He laughed again.
“I need another drink,” Liam stated. “Zayn…”
“Fine,” Zayn stated, pressing his mouth hard to Liam’s. “I love you,”
“I love you. Now go,” He stated, and as Zayn got out of the booth, he smack his arse playfully. ZAyn turned around and gave a pseudo-glare at him. Liam just winked and blew a kiss in return.
“I never thought I’d see you this shameless,” Harry admitted. “But, Cheers mate,”
“Thanks,” Liam almost blushed, almost. He was getting so much better than he used to be. Zayn has really worked at bringing him out of his shell. “I love him a hell of a lot.”
“Good,” Harry smiled.
It wasn’t long before Niall returned for another pint. However, he wasn’t dragging a caramel haired boy behind him.
“Where’s Lou?”
“Dancing with some bird,” Niall shrugged.
“Okay… and why did you leave him?”
“He wanted to dance? Gees, Haz.”
“I think…that I’m not drunk enough for this,” He stated before downing another drink that was just sitting there for when he was done. He got down all in one go, and then Harry was on his feet.
“What do you think he’s going to do?”
“This may end badly,” Zayn sighed. “Let’s go dance, Lee.”
“Okay,” Liam nodded, getting up and following his boyfriend close behind.
They left Niall at the table, alone, with a pint. He playfully cheered himself before moving toward the bar to chat up whichever fit girl he would find. Niall found himself a brunette that he was quickly fond over. He cracked out his best jokes, and his best smile. She laughed at him, and told him a few of her own. Honestly, it was one of the best nights that he and the lads have had out thus far.
Harry found Louis pressed up against some slaggy-looking blonde. He felt his temper rage as he moved toward them. On his way there, he picked up a dyed-red head that was pretty fucking fit if he was honest. He grinding with her, but kept his eyes on his boyfriend whom was just feet away. Louis was now very aware of Harry and just what Harry was doing. Him and his girl moved closer to his boyfriend and the slag he was grinding on. Somewhere out of the corner of his eye, he could see Liam and Zayn stop dancing and start watching them.
Louis’ hands gripped the blonde’s hips. Harry dipped his fingers right under the redhead’s shirt. Louis, being the possessive prick, gripped her tighter and grinded slower just like how Harry liked him to. Harry, bent down and whispered into the redhead ear. She smiled, turning around to face him. Harry gripped her arse and pulled her closer to him. She was so close to him that Harry couldn’t be seen from Louis’ angle, and that was enough to piss him off even more. He gripped the blonde tighter and Harry saw. All of the sudden the redhead was out of the way, and Harry was walking toward Louis and the girl.
“Excuse me,” The blonde asked, looking at Harry.
“I said, move.” Harry demanded. “Get the fuck away from my boyfriend.”
The blondes face turned red from embarrassment and Louis’ hands dropped from her waist. As quickly as she could, she got out of the way to stand next to the redhead.
“Don’t you ever fucking do that again,” Harry growled, gripping Louis’ face so tight that it almost hurt. He pressed his mouth tightly to his boyfriends. His hands left Louis’ face, and gripped his arse to bring them tighter together. Louis moan at the contact. The fact that mad Harry made him so hot and bothered so fast probably should have been a warning. Louis wanted nothing more than to fuck the boy up against any surface that he could. His jeans were suddenly getting way too tight. They were kissing and they were grinding, and well, Harry was pretty sure someone was videoing them. It wouldn’t come as a shock if they did.
“Let’s get the fuck out of here,” Louis panted, tugging on one of Harry’s curls. Harry nodded in agreement, lacing his fingers through Louis’ free hand. On their way out, they nodded toward Zayn and Liam. The other couple smiled, and gave them the okay. They waved to Niall before leaving the other three there. Oddly enough, there weren’t any paps yet. They made it almost all of the way to their hotel before they realized that they had been followed. They also realized that Harry hadn’t let go of Louis’ hand the entire time. Somehow they were able to call Paul, whom was very angry because he thought the band was in their hotel room. He got them into the back door, and lead them back up to their room. Paul didn’t leave until he commented on their PDA.
“I hope for both of your sakes that you know what in the hell you’re doing,” He hugged them both before walking away to leave the young couple in privacy.
Harry and Louis made it into their hotel room, and then all of their clothes just magically fell off their bodies. Everything was rushed. They enjoyed it, but that wasn’t making love. They were truly fucking each other for the first time they were together. It was fast and hard, and Harry came without him or Louis even touching him. He didn’t have time to be embarrassed before Louis came a minute, if not seconds, after him. They cleaned themselves up and cuddled for the rest of the night. It wasn’t spoken, but they both were incredibly happy. It was a far cry from where they were just a few short months ago. They didn’t care anymore, and that was probably what took so much pressure off of them from.


When Harry and Louis woke up, they were trending on twitter. Of course, Harry broke out tumblr and saw that someone had started spreading the fact that Harry and Louis were out together the previous night. They knew that it was only going to be a matter of days, if not hours, that the rumors were going to be spread. With their management, they wouldn’t try as hard to stop it. They finally got to the point where they barely tried anymore. They weren’t the best at covering things up, especially the obvious things.
They were right, though. It only took days before the news spread, and articles were printed. Then more articles were printed the second week with more “sources” than before. It only took two full weeks before pictures surfaces that weren’t crap quality of Harry and Louis snogging each other on the dance floor, kissing in the booth, and holding hands as they walked back to the hotel. It was rather obvious now. Eleanor was asked for comments, and her comment was;
“I’m obviously very happy for them. I’m aware that they haven’t chosen to comment yet, but on my behalf, I congradulate them. They’re perfect together, honest.”
“You aren’t upset that your boyfriend was publically cheating on you?” The interviewer asked.
“Louis wasn’t been my boyfriend for a long time. We just stayed close after the break up. It was really healthy,”

Simon didn’t have much to say, considering he already knew about the pair. And well, the boys were going to get permission to come out anyway. It was only a matter of time before it happened. It just didn’t happen how they really wanted it to.
Neither Harry or Louis made a statement release about them dating. Simon, for once, left it up to them to determine how they handled the situation. Louis let it go, he was too happy to care. This simply made Harry that much happier. Pride swelled up in him because Louis wasn’t ashamed of him anymore. He was happy, and he didn’t care who knew. It really did surprise him when Louis retweeted a photo of them snogging at the club. He added a heart with it.

HarryStyles: So incredibly happy. I loveeeeeee @LouisTomlinson

LouisTomlinson: @HarryStyles don’t get so mushy….I love you too. <3

And if anyone doubted anything after that, Louis posting ridiculous pictures of Harry asleep, him getting a tattoo with Harry, and kissing Harry…well that was their problem, not theirs.
♠ ♠ ♠
The end....I think.